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  1. JHDrew added a post in a topic Three (3) Yamaha YZR-M1's at the same time   

    Well I finally got them all done but wanted to share a quick snapshot of each before I do a full photo shoot and post in the under glass forum.

    Thanks for following.

    Here's the 09' bike:

    The 2010 bike:

    and the 2011 bike:

    I am working on a three bike display base for them and will include that in the full photo shoot.
    Thanks again for following.
  2. JHDrew added a post in a topic Three (3) Yamaha YZR-M1's at the same time   

    All the decal work is finished and the body work has all been polished. I have a few details to clean up on the chassis but otherwise I’m down to final assembly for all three bikes.

    I should be able to get these under glass in a couple of weeks.

    Here’s the finished decal work on the 2011 bike. So glad I painted the red. It's much better than the decals could have been.

  3. JHDrew added a post in a topic Three (3) Yamaha YZR-M1's at the same time   

    Thanks Marcos.

    No, I gave up the perfectionist builds when I turned 50. Not enough time to build those anymore. Now it's just a LOT of detail. I have a ton of stuff not "finished" on these three that will be concealed by bodywork and the rest just cost more money to add.
  4. JHDrew added a post in a topic Ferrari F430 Challenge "Shark Mouth"   

    Wouldn't want that in my rear view mirrors.
    Nice work.
  5. JHDrew added a post in a topic Three (3) Yamaha YZR-M1's at the same time   

    Last night I polished out the pearl white paint on the 2011 bike and decided that it would look nicer if I painted the red portions of the body parts instead of using the decals. Plus all the red would match. It turned out that it took less time to paint and looks way nicer. I still have to clean up the small errors and polish the red but I'm happy with the results.

    Thanks again for looking.

  6. JHDrew added a post in a topic Three (3) Yamaha YZR-M1's at the same time   

    OK, things are moving right along.

    Just finished the decal placements for the 2010 bike. These seemed to go on a lot easier than the 2009. Still need to gloss coat and polish them but the hard part is over.

    I also shot the paint for the 2011 bike last night so I should be able to do those decals this coming weekend.

    Stay tuned and thanks for looking or following.

  7. JHDrew added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/20 Scale Tyrrell p34   

    Very nice clean build. First one I've seen in the First National livery.
    Like it a lot.
  8. JHDrew added a post in a topic Three (3) Yamaha YZR-M1's at the same time   

    Finished the decal job on the 09' bike last night. This should be the hardest of the three to do. Studio 27 decals take a lot of work to get them to lay down.
    I will probably do the final assembly on all three at once as there a quite a few metal fasteners to add to the body parts.
    Well, on to the 2010 machine decals.
    I know it's not a car but thanks for looking in anyway.

  9. JHDrew added a post in a topic Whats you pride and joy model?   

    This one is too easy for me.
    Probably never going to make anything this detailed again in my life.
    Corvette Grand Sport 1/12th scale mostly scratch built.

  10. JHDrew added a post in a topic An old build from my showcase - The PT Coupe   

    It was a combination of Testors Turn Signal Amber and Stop Light Red. Both enamel paints. Can't remember what I used for a candy coat.
    Never going to use enamels again for a car body.
  11. JHDrew added a topic in Under Glass   

    An old build from my showcase - The PT Coupe
    Thought I'd share an old build since there are probably enough people here that have never seen this one.
    I put this little guy together back when the new beetle and the PT first came out. I saw a VW and a PT parked next to each other and was hit with some inspiration.
    The grill was modified to look a bit like a Cord using Evergreen half rounds. I also added four scale inches to the bottom of the body all the way around and frenched everything in. The back window is from the PT. This is the last enamel paint job I have done. I mixed the color myself and coated it with candy orange. The tires and wheels are aftermarket and I don't recall who made them.

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  12. JHDrew added a post in a topic Three (3) Yamaha YZR-M1's at the same time   

    I ran into a bit of an issue this weekend.
    The Studio 27 decals for the 09' bike are mostly OK. Studio 27 is notorious for not getting things accurate but sometimes they really screw up.
    I was about to just dunk the No. 11 decal for the front cowling into the warm water when I realized something was just not right. After measuring it for placement it turns out that is should be 80% smaller.
    So I took the measurements and figured out how much it needed to be reduced in each direction. Then I used a new blade and scored the decal so that after a trip to the water I could slide the excess pieces away and put the remaining pieces on the model. It came out to be eight pieces of decal per number but I managed to get the puzzle assembled on the cowling after a bit of muttering, fidgeting and Micro-Sol. A little paint touch-up and they look nice. When I get a coat of gloss on later and polished out it should be perfect.

    Notice the size difference and you may also be able to see some of the scoring I did on the decal sheet.

    So if you do this bike with the Studio 27 decals you have been warned.

  13. JHDrew added a post in a topic Jerobee McLaren M8B   

    My hat is off to anyone who builds one of these with the vinyl lines.
    Looking forward to the finished beast.
  14. JHDrew added a post in a topic how much research do you do?   

    It's actually my favorite part of my builds.

    Here's the funny part. When you have the finised vehicle on a display table and joe-know-it-all dude (judge or interested onlooker) decides to pick apart what he feels is wrong. Even after you spent countless time in months or years making sure you had everything covered in your build. "no way that car ever had that widget on it!" or "That's for sure the wrong color"
    Cheap entertainment. Just cracks me up.
  15. JHDrew added a post in a topic abandoning the airbrush and going back to the can? anyone?   

    You misunderstand
    I use Tamiya only for detail work.
    For a paint job on a body I only use automotive type paint already thinned in a jar