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  1. Cool, this gave me some ideas for my Dodge grand caravan, something equal, but more like a handy man car, eith a trailer behind with a stump grinder on
  2. The little green one is an ford escort mk2
  3. Cool kit, which brand is it? Is this kit dor sale anywhere?
  4. Thanks, one of my model collegue has created them, so we easily can make our own licence plates with the letters from the area you want, it is quite a job to make them, yuo put the white background first, then the letters and the numbers, after that you can put other details like Norwegian flag and at the end a top blank layer to protect all
  5. Noce model, I wonder where you got this workshop background, I would like to have something equal
  6. This is the latest builds, completed over the last few days 635CSI Is a monogram kit I8 is a Revell kit
  7. Thanks, the idea behind this is a 1957 Karmann Ghia who my friend own, I built this as a gift to him, since he did some favour for me, he got tears in his eyes when I gave it to him
  8. Thanks, I have a couple unstarted, I have not decided which style I will have on them yet, one of the ideas is to make one of them to an "pickup"
  9. Hi I decided to take all in one, this is a selection of my work over the last couple of years. Enjoy Brgds Oddvar
  10. Lovely modell, this give me inspiration to start on my 2015 mustangs, one std and one delivery
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