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  1. Hi Anton, After further research, I can identify the Revell kit engine as the Mitsubishi DOHC 4G63-T which was in the Eclipse GS-T The AMT kit engine is the 420A DOHC 2.0L 16valve which was in the original Eclipse GS (Brian’s Hero Car). With some modifications, I was able to do a engine swap between the two kits and also replace the strut towers. See photo below. TCB, Adam
  2. Nice & clean so far. Can't wait for the finished work ! TCB, Adam
  3. Trunk Hinges.. ???? This has been very challenging. I have gone through 4 different variations on custom hinges for this car. The trunk lid is not flat and is shaped to the back contours of the 67' Mustang. Finally figured on a mount that allows you to slide it out and then flip it up. Have to get this thing working so I could display all the work and details that will be inside. Adam
  4. Well, I’m very happy with the results on this roof scoop. It molded in nicely. Not sure if I should prime the rest of the body with the grey primer, or if I should give it a coat of flat white. Or do both, before I spray the primary colour Kawasaki Lime Green on the body? Suggestions ? Thanks, Adam
  5. That's a lot of work so far. Great Stuff. Will be watching. TCB, Adam
  6. Wow, lots of great work here so far. Will be keeping an eye on the progress. TCB, Adam
  7. Hi Declan, I agree with the previous comment .... If you want to fill in the gap in the front end, you should fill it with putty, sand and then rescribe the panel line. You will have to give it another coat of paint, but it will look clean & sharp. This will be a nice build when done !!
  8. Love that color and front grille insert. TCB, Adam
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