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  1. That's a beautiful Blue. Go for the WHITE STRIPES ! Adam
  2. Those rust holes look so good ! TCB, Adam
  3. IT's DONE ! I've been busy last few months, but I will post my last part of assembly and then a new post "Under Glass" soon. TCB, Adam
  4. The photo doesn't show the depth perception very well, but drilling the hole out and mounting the parking lamp from behind made a big difference. Small changes like this may go unnoticed to some, but as the builder, I like to think it was a improvement. lol !!
  5. The custom touches are great. Another fine build, Jim. TCB, Adam
  6. This is a fabulous build !! TCB, Adam
  7. Cool. You made your "own" model !!
  8. adamelvis

    Xtreme Lee

    Cool! I love the decals you used !!
  9. That finish is awesome. Love the Green. TCB, Adam
  10. Impressive work on the louvers, Phil. I'll be following this project. TCB, Adam
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