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  1. Hello Fellow Modelers ! Hope you all are healthy & safe. It's been a while since I have done any work or posted anything. Crazy to think of what this COVID-19 pandemic has done to the world. I have spent the last 6 months still working, as my job was classified as "essential services". Wife & kids were home for this whole period. I finished the renovations on our home and spent some wonderful quality time with family. Now it's time to get back to my favorite hobby........ !! Will be continuing the work on the Eleanor Project and be posting progress soon ! TCB, Adam
  2. Nice Job ! I have Brian’s Eclipse, Supra & Skyline in my stash ready for a F&F build off. RIP Paul.
  3. So I was able to scratch build the entire Subframe Connector System for the undercarriage. I was concerned about ground clearance and it being too low once installed. But from this angle, it seems there will be plenty of room. Underside is almost ready for paint. Just need to build the Watts Link System and test fit. TCB, Adam
  4. That "step chop" method works great !! TCB, Adam
  5. Brilliant Job on the Windsheild Dann ! TCB, Adam
  6. Hi Anton, This is being built like the "hero car" in the movie. The side exhausts were not functional on this particular car. However, there were more than just one "Eleanor" car used in the movie and some of them did have functional side exhausts. Adam
  7. Brad, it’s in the photo etched detail set from Model Car Garage (part MCG-2213) TCB, Adam
  8. This is a nice view of the custom (.118”/3mm plumbing solder) exhaust that took me all night to bend into place. I was suppose to be watching “The Bachelor” with my wife, but she was kind enough to let me work while she watched it from the couch across the room. The Flowmaster mufflers were from Shapeways, however, I had to saw off the end to make it sit down in that ledge behind where the rear seats would be. Drilled out a hole to insert the solder and everything worked out. I wanted to get the pipes to sit nice and low down in the driveshaft gulley and from the photo below, you can see it is laying down great. Now I will attempt to scratch build my own headers with the other smaller solder wire and aluminum rods. TCB, Adam
  9. Got the shocks and the rear end housing all in place.
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