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  1. What a great build, sir ! TCB, Adam
  2. Absolutely fantastic work on this build Wolf. I also corrected the front headlights on my '71 Cuda project. TCB, Adam
  3. That's a lot of great work you've done. And the wheels are awesome ! TCB, Adam
  4. Nice Paint ! TCB, Adam
  5. Yes Chris, you were correct. I realize now I was spraying my coats on too thick. After I stripped & sanded the body, I sprayed Zero Paints grey primer, then about 5-6 thin coasts of the Zero Paints Lime Green with positive results. Will do a very light sanding with 4000 to get rid of the dust particles then apply the decals. Let it dry over the weekend and then apply the 2K clear with thin coats. TCB, Adam
  6. Great Job Roger. Nice color & modifications. Yes, it is difficult to hinge the 67' Mustang trunk, with all its curves. I had a hell of a time on my Eleanor build to get it working properly and to have it close nice & clean. TCB, Adam
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