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  1. Dann, those are some fat meats you gonna put on there .... I can smell the burnout already !! TCB
  2. Just waiting on the chassis tabs that I ordered from [futurattraction.com] .... Maybe I’ll work on the engine & custom headers (made from solder wire and aluminum pipe). TCB, Adam
  3. I always like to finish off my interiors with roof liners made with real fabric. This is such a quick and easy thing to do and I am surprised at how many fantastic builds are missing this simple detail. I use Post-It notes as my template, cut out the fabric and then install with a light coat of glue on the back. Also, you can even scratch build your own sun visors and interior dome light too.
  4. Dann the Man.... Amazing scratch building work ! TCB, Adam
  5. Here is the Rocker Assembly. You will have to scratch build this or create your own assembly. Still need to finish the coil-over shock installation. The rear clip fits nice and snug, as I added mounting brackets to attach to the frame. This should look nice once painted blue
  6. Modifying the rear axle to accommodate the pushrods. I will be using the following Evergreen products to scratch build the rear clip weld assembly. The push rods are brass tubing from K&S Precision Metals.
  7. Hood pins are from Detail Master.
  8. Yes, you are correct sir. I took too much off the carbs, to make sure the hood fit nice & flat. Not seeing the "Hemi Cuda" badge nice & clearly is bothering me. I'm a perfectionist, so I must fix it... LOL ! Cheers, Adam
  9. Correction, his name is Greg Wann and his Eleanor mold is spot on. Even comes with a few extras like, wheels, fuel cap, etc. PM him for details & availability. I have a few of his kits for future projects ! Adam
  10. This is a nice, clean build so far. Looking forward to the finished process .. TCB, Adam
  11. Hi Greg, You're a local guy. Send me a PM if you are going to the Automotive Model Builders March 2020 NNL Show in Burnaby. Cheers, Adam
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