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  1. 67' kits are selling for high prices now. Very nice interior details. Super !
  2. Very Nice & Clean build. Did you do any treatment to the windows? The glass looks great! - Adam
  3. Superb Build. Very Nice & Clean. May I ask, Where Did You Get The Seat Belt Buckles? never seen those before. Thanks. TCB, Adam
  4. Added my own carbon fiber decal from Scale Motorsport. This is a very popular choice and I recommend you should have some in your stock. Adam
  5. Here is the completed Mitsubishi 420A DOHC 2.0L 16V engine that was in Brian’s Hero car. To be accurate, I had to take parts from both the AMT and Revell kits and scratch build a new one.
  6. Love that Blue & White combo. ! Great details you have added too.
  7. Absolutely amazing fabrication & detail work ! Love the history of this Elvis automobile. TCB, Adam
  8. The “Sparco” lettering on the top of the seat is actually a decal. * FYI - Did you know you can also buy decals of different tire manufacturers? ie: Goodyear, Michelin, Toyo, etc. You need to sand off the raised lettering on the rubber tire, then apply the decal and finish off with a coat of matte or semi-gloss. TCB, Adam
  9. Finally, base coat is finished. Purchased a new airbrush and was very happy with the results. Next steps is to finish the engine assembly and then apply those F&F decals and then the 2K Clear!!
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