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  1. IT's DONE ! I've been busy last few months, but I will post my last part of assembly and then a new post "Under Glass" soon. TCB, Adam
  2. The photo doesn't show the depth perception very well, but drilling the hole out and mounting the parking lamp from behind made a big difference. Small changes like this may go unnoticed to some, but as the builder, I like to think it was a improvement. lol !!
  3. The custom touches are great. Another fine build, Jim. TCB, Adam
  4. This is a fabulous build !! TCB, Adam
  5. Cool. You made your "own" model !!
  6. adamelvis

    Xtreme Lee

    Cool! I love the decals you used !!
  7. That finish is awesome. Love the Green. TCB, Adam
  8. Impressive work on the louvers, Phil. I'll be following this project. TCB, Adam
  9. Love the custom interior and body mods. Great Hot Rod build ! TCB, Adam
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