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  1. That hood just makes the car ! Nice Job !
  2. Nice Detail ! Great Job! I have Brian's Eclipse, Supra & Skyline. Will be doing a Fast & Furious build off soon ! TCB, Adam
  3. Aluminum battery box turned out well. Will have the wires plug in from behind and run out to the passenger side back seat.
  4. Gas tank work completed. Made a new trunk floor and a battery box needs to be made. Will probably wrap it with aluminum foil, for better detail. That is Detail Master’s (DM3219) Nitrous Bottle 2 pcs. kit that I will be using.
  5. Worked out ok. Will look fine once primed & painted.
  6. More fabrication work ... I cut out the stock gas tank and going to make a nice bed out of styrene for this to sit in. Also need to make a finished bottom to this fuel cell. Probably put a 45 degree slant cut on the bottom. Guys, if you open up the trunk in models, you gotta fill it up with goodies !! TCB, Adam
  7. Going to have to remove the FoMoCo bag as my front brace will not clear the top. Haven’t decided if I will leave it bare or install one from my parts box.
  8. Work on the Total Control strut tower bracing with steel tubing, rod ends and bolts from RB Motion. Top photo is the “Hero Car” Eleanor that sold at Meccum Auction.
  9. Added a bottom plate to the air cleaner. Ever notice how many kits don’t have one on the parts tree, or molded into it? lol.
  10. I had a Optima battery from VCG Resin, but it seems the scale is too big for this engine bay. It was simple enough to make my own from styrene tube & sheet. However, I’m now debating if this battery will go under the hood, or placed in the back trunk. Opening up the trunk will give me the opportunity to also add a fuel cell and NOS bottle. Go Baby Go !!
  11. Not sure if I created this low spot in the front window trim, but I know it would definitely be noticed as it is dead smack in the middle and with painting those black stripes on either side, it would be noticed by me ... Glued down a thin strip of styrene and now I will sand and level it out.
  12. This was my first attempt to make my own headers. Aluminum tubing and electrical solder. It was exciting and the drivers side took about 45 min. However, the passenger side took 2 days. I had to keep bending the solder to fit over the starter. Eventually, I broke one tube off !! That’s why it took 2 days. Would I make them again...... depends on the next project. LOL.
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