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  1. PM sent you can not sell to either of those guys because one is a ford guy and the other one beat me and sent his PM first....
  2. I plan on being at the Janesville show next weekend did you have the Malco Decals?
  3. Well I am finally back to the computer and if you have the Malco Gasser 33 Willy's decals those are the ones I am in need of...
  4. I am interested why don't you email me at hemiman_2010@yahoo.com and we can work it out.
  5. I am looking for 2 Johan 1970 Superbird kits or complete bodies I also need at least 1 decal sheet for the 1970 Richard Petty/Pete Hamilton Superbird kit I also need a decal sheet or scan of the Malco 1933 Willys Gasser I have many different trading options if you have anything on the list please get ahold of me Bruce Sadewater Roscoe Illinois
  6. That looks absolutely Great Mark. I did Artwork for these decals about 5 years ago and I have been thinking about making it available again but I think if I do I will add the tlight housing bulge and the headlight masking tape decals as well. Maybe deck lid emblem and a couple of dash decals as well.. Ummmm I wonder if it would sell?
  7. I just bought an Alps printer and will be doing a bunch of decals I will look at this one it actually is one I was looking at that I may also want to do for myself... I will be adding about 25 over the next month...
  8. So do you guys think there would be much interest in a decal sheet for this car?
  9. Umm I have 8 children so you are not going to be able to use that one with me Finish The Build.......LOL
  10. Yes you do we have been waiting years now.. LOL
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