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  1. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic Some Models for Trade   

    I live in northern Illinois
  2. hemiman_1999 added a topic in Trading Post   

    Some Models for Trade
    Hello everyone below is a list of models for trade as well as a list of models I am looking for in a trade I am open to suggestions and all my decals can also be traded for if your interested.
    I have these for trade
    Tony Nancy double kit (front engine)cars   open box sealed inside
    Dan Gurney 1968 Eagle Indy Car Open Box Sealed Inside..
    Don Garlits Wynns Jammer front engine car open kit looks complete but no slicks body painted and stripped 
    I am looking for any these 
    Revell Fireball Roberts 1957 Ford
    Revell 1957 Chevy Black Widow
    AMT 55 Chevy 2 door Sedan
    Polar Lights Nascar Torino's #27
    I also will trade kits for labor I have a couple of things like some minor body work and some paintwork I may even get you the model you want to do the work in some cases let me know..   #;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
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  3. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic LF Funny Car decals   

    I make several decals for Very early cars what do ou have to trade and what era funny car decals are you searching for?
  4. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic 68 charger drag car   

    Looks good Vince....
  5. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic dirt modified cuda   

    Nice Build Vince
  6. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic 1962 Ronnie Sox Impala   

    Umm I have 8 children so you are not going to be able to use that one with me Finish The Build.......LOL
  7. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic 1962 Ronnie Sox Impala   

    Yes you do we have been waiting years now.. LOL
  8. hemiman_1999 added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    I Hobby Show Info
    Does anyone have any info from the show????
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  9. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic Decals by Lucas   

    Just found this on another group it was pasted under the name Mark Shean
    I can only say proceed aqt your own risk and I hope everyone gets there stuff...

    "Hey Group Please pass the word around that decaslbylucas Has opened back up! I was messed up for a while but Good now! If any one did not get there Decals let me Know and i will send them out! I am very sorry but it was Medical reasons! Thanks Rick"en this email

    This email was also sent

    Mark Shean To drasticplastics@yahoogroups.com Jeff just noticed my email address has been hacked! Have new email address! lucasrick950@rocketmail.com Please put that in to! Thanks Rick
    On Sat, 7/13/13, Jeff Shorter <vypurr59@hotmail.com> wrote:

    Subject: RE: [thedpmcc.com] DECAL BY LUCAS
    To: "drasticplastics@yahoogroups.com" <drasticplastics@yahoogroups.com>
    Date: Saturday, July 13, 2013, 5:51 PM

  10. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic Decals by Lucas   

    Hello everyone I have followed this string and choosen not to add to it but I did want to let everyone here know I am no longer involved in anyway with Rick Lucas or Decals By Lucas. I was not an owner in the business I am the one that did almost all of the art work for the decals I still own my art work and the permission from the various people was given to me and I gave it to Rick. Rick Lucas was my friend for 25 years and I am very sad at losing my friendship with him. He has had some very difficult times this past 2 years and my wish is he will somehow get through them and return to the person he once was. I have had nothing to do with him since July 1st I am posting this because I still get emails from people that want product or money from Rick I do not know his current status or location nor the business status. I hope all of you get satisfaction either your money or a usable product. Best of Luck to You and Happy Holidays.
  11. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic Lindberg 1964 Superstock Dodges - 2 at once ? oh why not.   

    Of Coarse you know I want to give you a page on our website right I will be sending you an email shortly for info..
    Great looking build by the way.. anyone else that has any of our stuff built lets get it on the web site you get you own page unlimited models can go on it ..

  12. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic Lindberg 1964 Superstock Dodges - 2 at once ? oh why not.   

    The info we recieved from a nephew of Mr Oldfields when we did the decals for the "Iron ButterFly" is it had a Tan interior. I might add he was very very helpful getting us info on his uncles "Good Guys" Dart as well and some contact info for several other cars we have done he is a great person and like Models as well..
    Bruce Sadewater (Decals By Lucas)

  13. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic Lee Petty 1955 Chrysler 300   

    According to the info I got from the Petty's the art was Dark Blue that is how I did the art for the decal..
  14. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic Rod Shop Charger Question   

    Rodger did you get the decals from us Decals By Lucas? I have never seen the engine shots before and did not know about the stars I will add the stars for the engine to the sheet I also notice the small white strips on the back of the valve cover I will also look at someway to do that contact me I will make sure you get the stars at least for the valve covers.
  15. hemiman_1999 added a post in a topic When does that new '57 Ford kit come out ?   

    We will have the decals for this car and others done very soon here is the list we are going to do I was going to size these from the AMT kit but I have decided to wait until I get a kit of the correct car hopefully I can get a preproduction sample.
    Marvin Panch #98
    Marvin Panch #12
    Jim Reed #7
    Paul Goldsmith #3
    Paul Goldsmith #99
    Banjo Mathews #84
    Joe Weatherly #9
    Fireball Roberts #22
    Johnny Makison #40
    Jerry Unser #92
    Elmo Lanly #10
    Dick Beaty #31
    Glen Wood #112 & #712
    we will also have Lee Petty's 55 Chrysler Both Versions and several others I already have a sample kit to work from with the Chrysler, Thanks to Moebuis..
    Oh we will also have several drag decals like the "Scarlet Fever" Car