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  1. Very nice!😎👍
  2. Hey! Thank you!😎👍
  3. Thanks! Have a Coke on me. On the rocks!😎👍
  4. Thanks! Very easy build, it's all paint and decals, so if you're looking to improve those skills, it's perfect! Great fun build all around!😎👍
  5. I just thinks it's fun, and it is! Thanks!😎👍
  6. Very cool! The vacation items are the best!😎👍
  7. Yes! I've seen this! Very cool!😎👍
  8. Thank you! The front end decals do come in sections, so you're not wrapping them around the fenders. Lining them up is the tricky part, but they do fit very well!😎👍
  9. Thanks! Those decals can be a bit of a pain though! But worth it in the end!😎👍
  10. Thanks! I think it was those front decals that attracted me to the kit!😎👍
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