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  1. Really great looking Charger!😎👍🇨🇦
  2. Beautiful job! I started this one myself several years ago, and it sits incomplete. So true, it is very delicate, and intimidating. Maybe someday I'll build up the courage and complete it! Yours is fantastic!😎👍🇨🇦
  3. Hey! Thank you!! You are correct, it's a great kit so more modelers to build this classic vehicle. I know I would be intimidated by having to paint and detail the body. The interior was fun and challenging in it's own way, and the pre-painted body does polish up nicely!😎👍🇨🇦
  4. Thanks!!😎👍🇨🇦
  5. Thanks! The only Batmobile!!😎👍🇨🇦
  6. Hey! Thank you!!😎👍🇨🇦
  7. Thanks!😎👍🇨🇦
  8. Thanks! It's a very good kit!😎👍🇨🇦
  9. Nice!😎👍🇨🇦
  10. This was fun! The pre-painted body is awesome! The real fun was detailing the interior, I really enjoyed it, great therapy for mental health and the self isolation situation. I used the official batmobile website for reference. A terrific source for the iconic car! Some minor assembly issues, a little fidgety in spots, and the front and rear valances are a bit dodgy. The locating pins for the rear valance didn't fit very well, and I broke a couple of them, so I just glued it in place. Other than that...I loved working on this kit!😎👍🇨🇦
  11. Beautiful! Awesome colour!😎👍🇨🇦
  12. Craig

    70 Mustang Repaint

    Thank you!😎👍🇨🇦
  13. Craig

    70 Mustang Repaint

    Hey! Thank you!!😎👍🇨🇦
  14. Craig

    70 Mustang Repaint

    Thank you!😎👍🇨🇦
  15. Craig

    70 Mustang Repaint

    Hey thanks! I mixed it myself!😎👍🇨🇦
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