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  1. yeah, thanks, it deffo is, started work on the chassis, should be about the right dimentions.
  2. Should be able to start work on the chassis soon, just trying to find out the dimensions of it, which is proving harder than expected, surely the people who build these dont just guess the size...
  3. An update, finaly, i got my styrene for the chassis, hopefully, though i kinda think its a little to small, but im not sure, what do you guys think? There is 10 2 mm wide ones and 5 1.5 mm wide ones, the engine is there for scale comparison if the keys arent enough.
  4. Right, thanks, i wasnt sure if the 1:1 size though, but it probably is roughly the size that you said, its ordered now though and on its way.
  5. Ok, thank you, will find some 2mm stuff and some 2.5 mm stuff
  6. So im starting a scratchbuild project of a stock car here in england, but i dont know the size of styrene i should get for the frame, the link below shows the metal gurders used, does any one know what size styrene i should get, thanks in advance. http://f1stockcars.com/around-the-pits/winter-car-build-diary/
  7. thanks man, do you know of any tutorial to make, or draw or any transfers for the guages?
  8. Thanks man. so, i got a choice for you guys, i got a new kit today, the chevy stepside from revell, i will probably put it on here, not sure, but i got it mainly for the wheels, i like the car too, but i really like the wheels and im thinking of trying to modify the wheels to fit the bug, i dont like the stock beetle wheels and the 5 spoke that you will see below that i got with the chevy are very similar to the wheels i wanted to get for my real bug, or i can wait until july and get the (i think its called) vw street machine set, which has wheels that look the same as the wheels on my 1:1 car. these are the 5 spokes from the chevy, i could put these on the bug, and leave them on, or i could wait ages and get the street machine wheels:
  9. Thanks guys, its the tamiya kit but i made the exhaust myself. thanks for the kind words about my 1:1 car too, im hoping to get it on the road soon. Haha, yeah david, the red bull can is pretty funny, the car came that way, but i kinda like it, there is a red bull shot wrapper in the fuel filter too. Wow bruce, thats a really cool GIF , i might have to save that.
  10. Back at it again, with a vw beetle now, this is going to be a replica of my real one that i too am currently working on, which you can see here: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=636548&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Here it is, and all the work i have done on it so far: The filler is for bumper holes, indicator holes and some vent on the front of the car holes, i havent finished sanding down the front yet, or the back actually. I really need to paint the exhaust again, i am terrible with a brush, i stole the exhaust from a secret project im doing and just bent it to fit like my real one. I cut the rear seats out and will be filling in the hole at some point because i too dont have rear seats. Thing is, i have a few issues with this kit, the first one is that my dash is right hand drive, and its had new guages put in and been smoothed out by the P.O and im not sure how to replicate it, i am in the process of sanding the dash down and then filling in the indents on it, so i can make the car right hand drive, but im not sure how to make new dials and guages...
  11. So, im back, unfortunatly the bel air and the f1 im planning to build has to go on the back burner as i need to get my 1:1 scale car on the road by july for bug jam, if i can, and i need every penny i can for that, so i will be doing some stuff with the kits i have that are in boxes or that im part way through,i got this and a vw beetle that i will be working on for the mean time. So, i got this kit a little while just for the sake of it, it was cheap, i like the camaro, the '69 aint my fave year but its the best set the model shop had. Not sure what i will do to it, i will probably just go stock, or close to it, which will be strange for me as i like to just go all or nothing with kits and my 1:1 car, but it will be some good practice. And here is the build so far, engine painted, chassis put together, the rest is just dry fitted: And there it is for now, i will be painting the dash and sorting that out tomorow, and will look more into the engine in question, i dont know how that particular dual carb setup works, i understand the dual carbs that are in front of each other, but im not sure where the throtle goes, or where teh fuel plumbs in, i also havent got the distributor on yet, i lost it... i will also be putting up my vw beetle build, and try to work on both. there is also a secret project that im working on, but im not happy with brush painting after painting that set, so im waiting until i paint it with a car before i upload that one.
  12. Right, thanks guys, yeah i have heard of and seen evergreen things for sale online, just never seen it round here, there isnt any model shops that stock it around me unfortunatly, sos i will check out those sites, and that guy you mentioned pat, thanks.
  13. So, after a while of not posting on here, i have decided on my next project, i want to build a BRISCA f1, unfortunatly there are no sets made of these cars, so it will have to be scratch built, i have managed to make one in a 3d model software before, so how hard can it be irl right? having just been paid my first wage, i can now afford the styrene to make it, but im not sure the sizes i should get and i may need a bit of help with some things, as its my first time scratchbuilding. i have found a brilliant build diary on a website showing exactly how the guy made one, however there isnt any sizes that i can refer to, so im not sure of the styrene i should get, here is a link to the build diaries from 1 to 5: http://f1stockcars.com/?s=build+diary. Also, does anyone know of any sites that sell styrene based in england, as it takes weeks to be shipped from america and my local model shop doesnt stock it.
  14. Thanks guys, i think i want to move the roof and front end back anyway to get it to look like the nascarlo, so i will probably have to find a nascar kit with a shorter wheel-base that the monte carlo.
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