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  1. Has anyone attempted or done a step notch to a frame? I am looking to do one on a truck but i seem to not find any info on going about doing so. Its on a truck im doing as a memorial to my dad and just wanted to know how to go about it. Thanks yall.
  2. Sorry yall for not posting. Been really busy recently. Here is an update. Interior is complete. Satin burgundy with a antique peach inset. I think it came out rather nice. The challenger interior parts really seem to work in the car. I recently picked up the 49 merc by revell with multiple parts. Snagging the smooth bumpers for this one and uding the ribbed bumpers on the 49 coupe.
  3. Was curious of something. Im doing a model that has a chopped top. It was given to me and the person did a fantastic job executing the chop and redoing all the plastic. Now the question i have is that the glass is still solid as for the original openings and was curious how to go about cutting it to fit. The front and rear glass are made to fit inside the openings as it is a 49 merc wagon.
  4. Had to make some thicker mufflers. So i used some thick spruce sections from a different model thst holds chrome parts to make them up. The original mufflers melted when i applied a bit of glue to them to fix all parts of exhsust together so i cut them off at the clamp and sanded the edges down at an angle to make these. Think they came out decent. Thinking of either painting them chrome or red like old school cherry bombs. The blacked out part is after completion and the glue had set. Chrome is when i first built them.
  5. Didnt get much done this weekend but here is what Did get done. I trimmed down the front suspension to accommodate the wider tires.In the pics are the sections removed to shrink in the suspension. Waiting to locate a beefier rear end to work with to make tires fit the back end.
  6. Was thinking of doing a modern engine in it.
  7. The alternator that came with kit was molded poorly so i had to add this one. The belt is to wide and its the one from the kit. What type do you have espo? I was looking through my parts bin and found the front seat's, rear seat, and center console from newer challenger kit i was given that was missing the body and engine so i been modifying them to fit the car. I started by cutting the rear seat in half and took a section out of the top part to make it sit lower in the car and plated the rear of the seat to make it look like a tilt down seat. Front seats i added some plastic to the bottoms to bring them up where they need to be. And the console all i did to it was enclose the front and rear of it, opened up the shifter area to accomodate the shifter.
  8. Update: Got the engine completely painted and built. But when i test it in the engine bay seems that the belt is to wide to allow the engine to sit properly in place. I was thinking of doing an engine swap like i did my 66 nova with a newer engine. If so then this engine will be available if someone desires to have it.
  9. Tom the decals are waterslide but i didnt use them.
  10. I agree stop at pencil marking. Looks good great concept you have going. Dont give up
  11. Interesting i will have 2 go pick some up and try that.
  12. Thank you. Espo did you just use styren sheet to do that to the tire cover?
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