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  1. Only 2 things i had to do was build my own front cross member and i grafted on a standard transmission to the engine. Other then that it fits,....barely but is in there.
  2. Thanks. Sorry i been busy dealing with kid issue (sons surgery paperwork). The ls i bartered with a friend on facebook. He has tons of corvette part. Its a first time for doing an engine swap on a model before i am very pleased with it. Building my own custom suspension front and rear as well as exhaust. Interior is being painted a satin black with chrome accents, and tossing a NOS bottle behind right seat for good measure lol. Purchased a resin 2" cowl hood off Ebay to finish off front end. All being painted a dark pearl blue.I will post some new pics in the morning. This is the first model i have actuslly attempted to do mods upon and pleased with it so far.
  3. Looking good. Keep it up. Before ya know it, What you had envisioned in your mind will be right in front of ya completed.
  4. Here is a 66 nova im building. It has a mid 90's ls1 in it with an home made cold air intake. Few things im doing are lowering it front and rear, a 4 link suspension in the rear, straight exhaust with tips, cowl industion hood, and some other minor mods. Will be painting this maybe a dark midnight metallic blue.
  5. Gonna be awesome. I personally would spray some satin clear on that body leaving it with almost a patina style paint.
  6. Do you have a link where I can find a blower setup for my build? Having issues locating a good one.
  7. Hey everyone names Stephen. I am originally from Kansas City Ks but moved to Mt Zion Il a few years back and just recently got back into building after my son fell and broke his ankle and had to have surgery to place 2 screws in it. I been building since I was 8 yrs old and now at 33 decided to pick up where I stopped at. I hope yall have a great day and hope to learn from everyone here
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