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  1. Waterside Decals

    I will take pictures tomorrow and post them. Sadly these are a bit more odd than AMT. I have some vintage fujimi models and others.
  2. Waterside Decals

    Ok thanks. I will contact him. Evans
  3. Waterside Decals

    Hello, I have a number of older kits that have aged and yellowed decals that are unusable. Is there anywhere that I can get these remade? Is there anyone won here who can remake them? Thanks, Evans
  4. Carbs

    Thanks you all for the response's. I went ahead and found a cheap parts kit of the 240z and used those carbs. Evans
  5. Carbs

    I need 3 Weber style carbs for the Aston Martin db4 I am building. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Evans
  6. BMW decals

    I am going to need a set of BMW CSL decals in 1/16 scale. I don't know if someone reproduces them or if someone has a set. Please let me know. Thanks, Evans
  7. Wire Wheels

    Ok, thanks for the information. If you have a set please let me know. Thanks, Evans
  8. Wire Wheels

    I am looking for a set of photo etch wire wheels that would look good on this car. Any suggestions?
  9. Porsche 911

    Ok sounds good. Let me know if you have some. Thanks, Evans
  10. Porsche 911

    Thanks for the help but scale production is out of the rear bumper and the front bumper is the same one that is in your kit. Those bumpers in your kit are from the later Carrera. I need the earlier ones like the pictures I have now attached. Thanks, Evans
  11. Porsche 911

    I am in need of a set of front and rear 73 Porsche Carrera RS bumpers for my next project. If you have any, or a lead on where to get some please let me know. I will also consider a started or junk version of the model. Thanks, Evans
  12. Some kits to trade

    Just send me what you are willing to trade in a PM. I am looking for anything from Ferraris to Subaru. Show me what you have I'm sure if its sports car related I will be interested.
  13. Some kits to trade

    So the Gerogia Shaker and the F-150 are gone. The Charger still stands. Thanks, Evans I also found some new stuff. First is a 64 Ford Fairlane. The interior and engine has been assembled and painted but could be easily redone. Next is a Blue Max Mustang. The body has had some paint put on it. I also believe the A-post are broken off. Last is a box full of drag and street tires and wheels. Also some spare parts which look to be from a 42 ford chassis. As always looking for sports car models. Thanks, Evans
  14. Revell Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

    The good news is that a dremel tool and a heat gun worked wonders. I got my kit to fit very nicely in the end. Will be posting pictures ASAP.
  15. Revell Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

    Hi all, I'm almost done with this build but I wanted to post it under this topic anyways. This is the Revell of Germany version of the kit. The moldings are really good for an older Revell kit and most of the parts are very detailed. I have discovered a huge figment issue with the body and chassis. The wheel well also fit terrible and I believe this is the cause for the poor body fitment. I'll post the final picture in the "Under Glass" section along with my custom F40 LM I built. All positive and negative comments are welcome on my work. Anyways here's my progress so far. Evans