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  1. Subaru has been traded but the supra is still up for trade.
  2. Honestly I am open to anything at this point. If you want them let me know what you have got.
  3. I know someone has to want these. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them. I just dislike these cars and would rather let someone who likes them enjoy them.
  4. I have a friend who went through a modeling stage a while back. He has recently stopped the hobby and gave me two models that I do not really want. The first one is a Castrol Toms Supra from Tamiya. It is 99.9% complete. The only thing missing is the racing seat and the seat belt decals for it. The rest of the decals are there and in perfect condition. Everything else Is there. The wheels are also painted. It seems he was trying to use the parts on another model. The second model is an Aoshima Subaru WRX hatch. He built a clone of his car so there are some extra parts. He used the clear side windows from this kit and the vented hood. I have the stock hood and a set of tinted side windows I will throw in to make this kit complete. Extra parts include: two sets of sti wheels, extra decals, extra glass, extra bumper and grille, and a set of wheels from hobby design. I am looking to trade for any Japanese or European car kits that are of equal value. Thanks, Evans
  5. LotusGuy238


    If you could look through your stash and see what you have I would appreciate it. I would be willing to trade some stuff for one. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Evans
  6. LotusGuy238


    I am in need of an air dam for a 240z project that I am currently working on. It is in 1/24 scale. I do not know of one that is available but perhaps someone can shed some light on this situation for me. If it is unavailable I will have to make one. So that leads to the question of how should I go about that? I will attach a picture of what I am after. Thanks, Evans
  7. Ok, thanks for the ideas guys. I will give it a try today and see if I can get it done right.
  8. No the flares are already on the body and correct. I just have to fab the side skirts.
  9. For my next project I have decided to convert my 1/24 Revell Lamborghini Countach into the twin turbo concept. The only problem I have is the side skirts. I have tried a few things to attempt to create them with no avail. Any idea on what I could do to create these? Thanks, Evans
  10. Yes they did! The wire wheels that came with the kit were awful. I recieved the wire wheels and tires from a meme bed here on the forum. They are from the Tamiya Jaguar MK2 Saloon.
  11. I didnt really see a way to modify the mounting points but I'm sure if you spend a little time on it you could figure something out. Honestly I think your best bet with the kit is to use a two part epoxy and rig up a way to hold the body to the chassis. That's what I did and it worked quite well.
  12. I didn't even notice the mirrors. Thanks for the tip I'll have to do it.
  13. It is tamiya spray lacquer. I believe the number is ts-58.
  14. This is a kit from fujimi. I added a few period correct accessories to the car to make it look more custom. I added new wheels, antenna, and made a bigger exhaust from aluminum tubing. This is probably one of my favorite builds I’ve done so far. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Evans
  15. LotusGuy238

    FD RX7

    I accuired this kit from a friend. It is an Aoshima model. It is a simple kit and looks good done. I added the sleepy eyes to make it look a little different. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Evans
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