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  1. Was a bit rushed earlier, so now there's a bit more literature up top. Thanks for all the compliments so far...
  2. After a long time since my last car build, here's my rendition of Monogram's '70 GSX... Wheels and bumpers chromed with AK Interactive Xtreme Metal, trim done with (very reluctant) Bare Metal Foil. Tires painted and dressed with Fireball Modelworks' decals. Modelmaster and (mostly) Tru-Color paints used throughout. All body striping masked and painted. If you don't mind shooting lacquers, Tru-Color are some of the nicest paints I've yet used. They dry very hard, very quickly and did I mention they stick quite well to vinyl tires (although not so well to metal without a proper primer). Find your local hobby or model railroad shop that stocks them or you can order directly from Tru-Color. Basic wiring job done in the engine bay with a scratch-made distributor (that promptly disappeared under the air cleaner!). Air intakes on the hood opened up and photoetch mesh added as well as improving on the intakes on the air cleaner by squaring and deepening the inlets and adding the prominent foam gaskets that seal to the hood. Suspension lifted a scale 1/2" in the front and 2" in the rear to fix the horrible stance out of the box. Chassis, tub, and body fit quite well and aren't noticeably out of square, as well, they don't really need any glue to keep them together. I took a few artistic licenses with this one, so its not an exact factory GSX, but I think it turned out rather well. Thanks for looking.
  3. Do any of the Canucks on here know when this kit will be available in the Great White North? I've heard one of the hobby shops in Ottawa has/had some, but my local shop says that none of their suppliers (including one of the larger US distributors) have it listed yet. Is this a limited production kit, or is demand just outstripping the current supply? My heart won't be completely broken if I miss this kit, but I would still very much like to have one!
  4. Because I like you guys so much, here's a few more pictures of the Road Runner...
  5. Greetings Model Cars Forum! It has come to my attention that I haven't posted a build here for the better part of two years! Not saying that I haven't been busy in that time, but being a military modeller first and foremost, the cars sometimes get forgotten about. Fear not! I have been visiting the forum regularly and in another couple of weeks my fantasy 1962 Bel Air stock car should be finished and hot on the heels of that I have plans for a Cherry Cola Candy 1966 Pro Stock Nova. In the meantime, you'll just have to get by with this 1970 Roadrunner I built two years ago for the 36th Ajax Model Show in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. I even managed to wrangle a 3rd Place win in my category... Factory stock was so full it had to be split into Mopars and Non-Mopars. I present Revell's 1/24 1970 Plymouth Road Runner with a 440 Six Pack Best Regards, ANS
  6. I'm hoping we'll be seeing some classic John Deere. Of course then there will be the inevitable flame wars over the correct shades of Green and Yellow.
  7. I'd like to see a '57 Fairlane
  8. Hey all! Wheels & Wings Hobbies in Toronto, Ontario just got their first shipment of Cyclones! Regards, ANS
  9. Personally, I'd grab some aluminum rod and make your own. Those wouldn't be too difficult, simple bends and no complicated overlaps.
  10. Thanks for the tips, but I've already got lots of Super Clean for all my paint and chrome stripping needs
  11. Parts Pak Caddy might just fit the bill... Just have to get rid of all that chrome.
  12. Lets say 1940s through the mid '50s That would be the infamous "Rocket 88" I presume?
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