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  1. Picked up this chevelle 3n1 a while back and decided to do a quick build on it. Doing mainly box stock with snall suspension mod in the rear to make it sit lower. Other than that just a simple build. Have most of the motor together just need to run wires and headers. Car interior is a nice peanut butter tan and body will be hot red with white stripes.
  2. Just a thought but id put some dents in the body panels aswell. Patina looks awesome but a car that old and beat would moat likely have been banged up a bit too. But your build just a thought. Vety creative tho
  3. Wheels and brakes done. Shes coming along. Almost ready for final assembly
  4. Clear coat on the body, and body parts. Looks good besides the hood. I guess i didnt put enough coats of paint on it or something after wet sanding it again and clear coating i had plastic showing through. So that needs to be sanded and repainted. Its coming together tho. Rest of the panels just need a final wet sand and buffing and theyll be done then will start assembly
  5. Got the first coats on the body parts, engine coming along. Need a few more coats then wet sanding and clear. Trying to find somethings to do to break up all the black. All interior is black, body, chassis and underbody. Anyone have any ideas on ways to break it up. Really only color i have is the motor and brake calipers
  6. Where was the show at? Im in RI. Been looking for shows in the area but havnt found much
  7. Cameo looks sick. Both do to be honest even tho im not a ford guy. Will be following these builds.
  8. So havent had time to spend in the shop the past few days. Got down there today and made just a little progress. Have the ride height set. Can see the motor clears fine. Also ordered a hood from comp resins. Not happy at all. Thought it would look good but fits like garbage. I re worked it quite a bit and still has a ways to go to fit correctly. Not sure now if i want to use the stock cowl hood or the ram air hood. Thoughts?
  9. Its coming along slowely. I think i like something and go with it till its almost done then decide i dont like it and start all over so i will hopefully get more done tomarrow. Yours looks very nice. Like the paint especially
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