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  1. JPS

    Hello Thor

    Please can you tell me the status of your Speedwagen Woody you were building in 2012. I like to see more of the model. I'm building a Speedwagen right now so I'm lookiing for some i spirations and some tips and tricks.


    Thank you

    Jean-Paul Spa

    The Netherlands

  2. I realy liked this one Do you have some more info or close up picture of the grill ?
  3. Made a coilover shock for the rear suspension, need to make one more
  4. Hi. Its a long time since last update, but i`ve started doing work on this again. First up is a picture of the pulleys i made for the engine in alu(first try) I think it fits the color of the engine nicely I`ve also started to work on the steering by replacing plastic with brass tubes. The 4 link arms will also be replaced with brass tubes.
  5. Nice....!! Pure art
  6. Thor

    Salt Rod

    Sweeet....... Very nice paint job also, what type is it ? enamel or laquer?
  7. Thor

    Salt Rod

    Nice !! where did you get the bellypan?
  8. That came out beautiful, just love it To bad the masking of scallops didn`t go well, but nice recovery with the decals makes me worried about my elcky project but have to give it a try masking the scallops when i get that far
  9. Thor

    1932 Ford Hot Rod

    Thank you for comments It makes me feel good inside Makes me want to try another one that is tired and had it share of abuse over the years, maybe a 40`s chevy
  10. Just love it. You build very nice customs!
  11. Where can i find the DuVall windshield ? Cool looking duo btw
  12. I actually have Fred LeFevre's 59`El Camino in my mind when building this. Colors is going to be different but same style as the one on the left side of picture
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