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  1. I have had a lot of issues with the tail lights, so far have not been able to get them fitted. the front bumper/grill went in fine. I have not put the rear bumper on yet either. overall the kit is sub par for sure, a lot of extra flash on every part, it took a lot of sanding and cutting to clean everything up.
  2. This is my first build since coming back that I have taken my time on, and tried some new things with as well. So Far: Painted and cleared with model masters rattle cans turned out better than I expected. First time use of bare metal foil for the trim. the rest is going to be out of box, except I also plan to do flocking on the interior. ISSUES: This kit did not come with any gauge decals or anything like that so I may end up looking for those or end up just hand painting the dash like the rest of the interior. with no further a do! let me know what you guys think, and any tips to get better next go around..
  3. I am fresh out of the military, with all of my newly found free time I have decided to get back into modeling. When I was a kid me and my dad put a few together, I started and never finished a lot, and went through a few snap time kits, and those mast die cast ones. since being back I have put together a really bad mustang, and started a zombie style 2010 camaro, still working on that one, and currently am working on a pontiac GTO which I will post in the workbench category.
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