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  1. "Funny thing about those wheels is they wern't actually available from the factory until sometime in '75 or '76." What's REALLY funny is when certain people keep trying to revise history. 8-slot Cast Aluminum Wheels were released as a factory option for the 1973 Corvette model year under Regular Production Option YJ8 for a list price of $175 per set. The wheels were pictured in print media, installed on 1973 Corvettes. Several hundred buyers ordered the wheels but ultimately only 4 1973 Corvettes were sold with these wheels. The wheels were an RPO for 1973. The factory installed them and the cars were sold to end buyers with these wheels. Those are the facts. It make no difference if 100 sets, 4 sets, or even just 1 set was factory installed and sold because no matter how many were sold, NOBODY can truthfully say "they wern't actually available from the factory until sometime in '75 or '76'
  2. The vestigial Fuel Injection badges would seem to make it a 1965
  3. That shade of blue works very well with the chrome and other brightwork, doesn't it?
  4. "Can you be certain that the original pic is original?" Yep
  5. I just found the coolest thing: Pic 1 is a 1970 Monte Carlo SS454. We know it is a 1970 by the lack of: a. standup hood ornament as used in 1971 and 1972 b. trunk lock bezel as used in 1971 and 1972 c. upper chrome strip, taillight panel as used on 1971 Monte SS454 d. blackout tail panel as found on 1971 Monte SS454 e. tail panel SS emblem as found on 1971 Monte SS454 Pic 2 is the same pic retouched into a 1971 Monte Carlo SS454 with Rally Wheels as found in the 1971 dealer brochure (courtesy oldcarbrochures.org) Well, the 1970-1971 Monte Carlo SS454 was never available with either Polycast wheels OR Raised White Letter tires !
  6. Very Nice ! Definitely the Golden Years for styling by the Big Three
  7. How come racers back in the day hated green cars, anyway?
  8. That's the thing: they used to be called 'Big Tank' cars but a dealer who shall be unnamed pushed 'Tanker' into the venacular. The big tank cover is in one of the old AMT Corvette annuals, i forget what year. '65 or '66 maybe
  9. Did you have to pinch the Bel Air C-pillars together to make them fit the Invicta? I tried the same roof swap onto a 1961 Bonneville convt. that had a wasted windshield frame. After pinching the C-pillars together the trailing end of the roof sat up so high that i ended up throwing the whole mess back into the dead-end box. The AMT 1962 Electra reissue will have the closest engine to what the AMT 1961 Buick originally had
  10. Dupli-Color T155 Light Blue will get you fairly close, especially if you put it on over grey primer. Be advised that it's lacquer and you'll need some kind of barrier if you're gonna paint a plastic model Your auto parts chain stores will carry Dupli-Color but you'll have to call & see if they stock that part number
  11. I picked up an original 1968 promo car that is wounded. I want to fix it with some good old styrene. What kinda adhesive will bond well to both materials? I've tried some 2-part 24hr epoxy before - didn't work very well. Someone with first-hand experience, please. Thank You
  12. Thank You Men ! I will be putting them in the 'To Use' envelope !
  13. Found these in an old AMT kit. None of the numbers on the decal match any of the numbers on the box. Plus, the box is a 1970 kit and these seems to be 1971 decals. I'm guessing that it would be Kit T918. Can anyone give a hint what kit they came out of? Thanks !
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