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  1. 2So this is what I have been working on.
  2. wow sorry I didn't mean to ignore your inquiry. The red is Zero paint Ferrari F1 I think 1990 through 2000 . Then I used Mr Hobby UV cut super clear gloss rattle can . Four coats cut and polished.
  3. Thank you all so much for all the nice compliments.
  4. So here it is after months of work .
  5. The connectors I used are from a company called perfect Parts which I believe no longer exists. There is the company called R B Motion that also makes electrical connectors that are very nice.
  6. So this is what I got after 5 months kind of slow progress but detail takes time.
  7. So after many hours of work this is what I got so far.
  8. So this is what I got so far . A lot hours on this one.
  9. I am also using a after market super detail set Perfect parts Detaling set. Both are out of production .
  10. The kit is Tamiya 1/12 #12027
  11. Just finished the engine and moving on to the monocoque.
  12. So the engine is pretty much done . I think I might complete the headers out of sequence as far as the directions call for.
  13. I am using an after market kit from perfect parts and fittings from rb motion. I am also using some bits and pieces from the spare parts box, but the actual kit is a Tamiya kit.
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