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  1. Paint related brain teaser

    You can use a lot of money as described above. I'm old school. I use Dupli-Color sprays available in a load of colors & Krylon Clears. Been doing it this way near 50 years now. Tried the spray gun once. Just once, got rid of it. A can of spray will do a few cars depending on what size you get. With a little practice, you will be surprised how great your paint will turn out. It keeps the prices way down by using these things. On average, I can build a kit for around $20 to $25. Again, if you want to use the hi-end spray guns & paints, yeah, in the hundreds. Not a way to start in the hobby IMO.
  2. Need to Identify this Chevelle

    I do believe that is right, now that I see the series name. I couldn't for the life of me, remember the Motor Series kits. Thanks for the replies. For a cheap kit, it sure has some nice detail. I'll most likely do this a stock SS.
  3. Need to Identify this Chevelle

    I received this old build up of a 1970 SS Chevelle the other day & need to know what kit this is. I know it is old, but is this a kit or promo. I think it is an old AMT kit. I stripped it of the old brushed on paint hoping to locate any markings. It is 1/25th scale. At first glance, I thought it to be a promo, as it has the engine block off plate, but the hood is removable. There are no provisions to install a engine, nor any firewall provisions. The interior tub is held in place buy 2 pins on either end. The glass also has the 2 holes on each end to go onto those pins. The hood has 4 pins that fit into adjoining holes on the body. It is a screw bottom chassis. Any ideas? Oh, it is plastic..... I plan on bringing this back to life. Just need more info about it. thanks.....
  4. Starting another

    Time to start on another one. Received this original AMT 1st issue build up done as a custom. After removing all the custom parts and stripping the paint, I completed the body work & put in primer. Paint the 235ci 6 cyl engine. My plans are doing this stock, except for the engine. I haven't decided on a color for the body/interior. Any suggestions??
  5. Another Restored One

    This is one I finished a few months back. 1st time shown. Original & only AMT issue 64 El Camino. I traded this from a friend who have bought it at a yard sale sometime back. This had the customized front end on it along with a heavily glued on police light on the top. Turned it back into stock except for the wheels. I'll change them when I come across a set. One thing I didn't like, was that the side emblems had been sanded off. Still a decent shelf piece.
  6. Just had a bad scare

    Clay, I remember it well. Going to the Chow Hall at P.I. & the D.I. would tell us we have 20 minutes to chow down and 10 of it will be used standing in the chow line getting the food. After 40 years, I still eat too fast. Old habits are hard to stop.......What you have went though, should also be a lesson to me.. Semper Fi
  7. 62 Chevy to restore

    Update and nearly finished......along side is the 1st issue 62 hardtop I did a few weeks ago.
  8. I feel guilty, as it's been a long time since I stop going to MAMAS meetings. Gonna have to start going again in 09. Is it still the 3rd Sat. of the month??
  9. 62 Chevy to restore

    I had to cut out the back tail light panel. It was too far gone because of the custom tail lights that had been installed. I used the panel from a newer kit. I painted the body & interior with Dupla-Color #DFSM351 Sunburst Gold. Tomorrow, I'll paint sand on lay down the clear.
  10. BIG_T

  11. 62 Chevy to restore

    Gonna try and bring this custom back to an original 50th Gold Anniversary like the hardtop I did. When I got this, it must have been setting in a vacuum cleaner bag. Look at the dust. I was able to take it apart and did the body work on the body & put it in primer.
  12. Old Car Model Magazine?

    Hope this is where this topic belongs. I'm looking for an old early 60's "Car Model" magazine that had a featured article on an AMT built, custom 40 Ford Coupe. This had also won "Car Model" monthly $25 prize. This car was painted candy apple red, had a custom front & rear end. Had working windows, wipers, door opened, etc. Again, this was around 1964 or 65 if I remember correctly. I would at least like to know the issue number if possible. thanks....
  13. Slang Terms & Words

    That's what I needed to know. Thank you.....
  14. Slang Terms & Words

    I've always been around models since the late 50's, but I don't understand some of the slang words or terms that models are referred to. Such as, "Curbside", "Annual" and so forth. Can someone explain in plain words what these terms mean? Did the model companies start these terms or was it the hobbyist? After all these years, I should no this, but do not.......
  15. Monograms Little T

    Nice redo. I remember doing that kit when it first came out in the early 60's. Back then, I didn't have the patience to do it right. Can't remember if I finished it or not. If I remember right, it's the only issue of this kit in 1/24th scale by Monogram. They also did "The Little Deuce" in the series.