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  1. Ok, makes since than as looking here i can edit this post but not my old ones. Ill just report the post to have it deleted and start a new one. Thanks for the help!
  2. So im tryimg to update my post in the trading post but it will not let me as in there is no option to. It used to be a button right by the quote option but now its gone. Ive tried closing out and reloading the forum several times as well as restarting my phone and logging in and out several times. I also tried on my laptop and got more or the same. Is anyone else havimg this problem? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  3. Thank you for the good trade, i would definetly do buisiness with you again!
  4. Heres my old beater. Bought it for $100 3 years ago with the front end smashed in and 4 bald tires, fixed it up and have driven it every day since.
  5. Hello all. I got this AMT "California Hauler" kit for christmas back in 2016 and started putting it together in january 2017. Its been on and off my bench since than. Its not the nicest build on here by far but its the best bigrig I've built so far. As for the buildup I did it pretty much out of the box, sleeper is from ebay, I believe from the White western star. The frame was shortened a bit before i decided on a sleeper so it looks a bit stubby but thats ok. Quite a few parts were changed out and added from other kits. Tires or from the AMT Mack R kit. Thanks for looking any comments welcome!
  6. I decided it needed a sleeper so i dug through my stash of truck parts and found a mercury that was in decent shape. Here it is as it sits, almost ready to move it over to under glass, just need the one window, the exhaust pipes and trailer hookup.
  7. I have made some progress and now she is almost complete. I now have bothe stacks on, both mirrors done and the interior bucket glued to the frame. I added a larger tank on the drivers side and put steps on both tanks, decals done on both sides the passenger side seems to be lacking somthing, it just doesnt look as nice for some reason. I also got the ac painted and glued on. As of right now i have to put on the exhaust pipes, paint the underside of the hood and glue in one last window. I also have to fix the passenger side front hubcap thats crooked and the antenna that for some reason leaned. Sorry for the long winded post, any suggestions or comments welcome.
  8. Awesome work, looks really nice. Tje blue is a pretty close match, it will be perfect if you weather it a bit.
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