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  1. Nope, came off the amt ford van.
  2. I have had a huge pile of old ford parts kicking around for awhile and got to throwing this together awhile back. It is finally at a mock up point where i can post it. It has an '80 cab and interior bucket as well as the front 4x4 axle. the bed, seat, steering wheel, roll bars, and the wheels and tires all came from two 1991 kits, the engine, transmission and and rear half of the frame came from the amt '78 kit as well as other parts from other things. Its far from done but here it is so far, i know it is far from accurate but i like the pieced together look
  3. Revell 1971 cuda'

    Built this ol girl almost a year ago, just now getting time to post...
  4. Couple of junkers

    Built these a while back...
  5. Revell Auto Transporter

    Nice looking build! I really like it loaded.
  6. Mack R65st

    Thanks for all the kind words fellas, i have actually been doing some more detail work on this rig. Mostly under the hood but also added the license plates on the back of the sleeper. I've noticed a few flaws put most i will probably just leave be such as the stacks which are slighty crooked. And an issue with the paint on the hood but anyway, here are some pics of what I've added under the hood, several more wires as well as radiator supports...
  7. Peterbilt 281 Needle-nose "Duel"

    Very nice work so far! I loved the movie as a kid and its still one of my favorites. Can't wait to see what comes next...
  8. Mack R65st

    Testors root beer brown metallic, thanks
  9. Mack R65st

    I started this kit in October 2017 and finished it yesterday night. I added the sleeper and AC from the AMT White Western star. I also added the wheels, tires exhaust, front splash guards, horns and lights from the AMT White freightliner kit. Some of the other things like the other lights, the stack cross supports, trailer wires, air tanks, battery boxes, antenas and diamond plate deck as well as a few other things came from the parts box. Overall a pretty fun build. My one big gripe is that the hood hinges do not line up good. So detachable hood it is, Thanks for looking. Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.
  10. Ooh baby, that's my kinda build always owned that body style in 1:1 and have always wanted to build a replica of my 91 f150, I live the nites, they were always nice sharp trucks I never had a nite myself but a guy I knew did and it was sweet his was a 94 flareside, how abouts making a set and using the 80 revell box? Nice work though may have to sign up for a set...
  11. Been working on this on and off since October 2017. I finally feel I've finished it enough to post and though it's still got a way to go, I am finally starting to see my vision come to life. I decided on testers root beer brown metallic for paint and silver on the mercury and trailer. Trailer still needs lights, plate, hooks and chassis details, as the title says it is totally scratch built. As for the truck it needs a lot to be finished, too much to list. It started out as the AMT Mack r685st, I have since added the sleeper and ac from the Amt white western star and wheels, tires, stacks and chrome from the Amt white freightliner kit, as well as many scratch built and parts box bits. Anyway here's some pics
  12. Finished this build a while back and finally found a moment to post, sorry for the poor quality pics and also I noticed the right taillight is MIA. Anyways, enjoy...
  13. Moebius 4x4 Ford

    That is awesome!!! Weathering is spot on, great work!
  14. Freightliner COE Questions

    Not to derail the thread, but, where did you get that visor? I have a lund visor on my 1:1 pickup and always wanted one for my models, I know they make resin ones for model pickups but I've never seen one for a rig. That thing is sweeet!
  15. A few vintage parts needed

    Hello all I know its a long shot but heres the list, Thanks MPC 1967 1/2 Pontiac Fireird Stock grill/headlight Rear valance/bumper radiator hose AMT 1956 Ford Victoria Hood/ hood ornament Taillights Again, thanks