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  1. A few vintage parts needed

    Hello all I know its a long shot but heres the list, Thanks MPC 1967 1/2 Pontiac Fireird Stock grill/headlight Rear valance/bumper radiator hose AMT 1956 Ford Victoria Hood/ hood ornament Taillights Again, thanks
  2. Nice! I'll be following this one, the color combo is exactly like my 1:1 only reversed.
  3. two chevies

    Thanks! I always have alot of fun adding all the small details, the Junkers I see on here provide a lot of inspiration.
  4. 1967 International Loadstar 1600

    Wow! looks great, There is one of these trucks for sale a few miles away with a full tandem axle semi frame under it and a fifth wheel carrier. Do you plan on going with a body (wrecker, service body, flatbed, etc.) or just a fifth wheel? Again, awesome work!
  5. Here's a few trucks that have been on the bench awhile, I finished the black truck a few weeks ago, Hence the dust, and a another member, who built a green '55 cameo inspired me to pull out the step side Junker and finish her off. The black truck was built out of the box with added spark plug wires, heater hoses, battery cables, brake lines and a dipstick. The step side on the other hand had a bit more modification to be done to it, It started life as the street machine kit but was converted back to an original pick up. I wanted it to look lie a good well used, and still used, American pick up truck. I used a straight front axle and tie rod from the parts box and scratch built front shock mounts and rear spring blocks. I dressed up the engine to look more original with parts box valve covers, carb, air cleaner, generator and exhaust manifolds. Other added parts are, wheels, tires, license pate inspection sticker, tailgate chains, spark plug wires and battery cables, I opted for the kit pipes for lack of anything else. Sorry for the long winded post, any comments/suggestions welcome, thanks for looking. I'll try to get some outdoor pics tomorrow.
  6. Hello all, I know its a long shot but here's what I need, First off I need the rear bumper for the amt '90 chevy shortbox Now the kits, I know they're pretty rare but I'm hoping some one has and is willing to part with them, First is a kit I've always wanted, The amt '76/77 "Star Truk" kit next is another rarity, the amt '78 bronco kit and the rarest kit, the amt 1960 ford f100 Thanks every one, I will try to check this thread but I prefer to talk through Pm, I have a small stash so let me know what your looking for, Thanks again!
  7. Looking for license plates, fire bottles

    Hey, are you still looking for these? I have to double check but I think I may have these. What do you have to trade? Thanks
  8. Big blue Mack, a long time coming

    Thank you to all that pointed me toward AITM! They have the correct body kit and sleeper, though I will still have to do the exhaust, gas tanks, and battery boxes myself. I noticed that the prices on the cab kits were quite expensive, so it will be a while before I can afford it. Also I should ask those who have bought from AITM, are all the parts 1/25 scale? I need 1/25. Thanks all
  9. I have been wanting to build this for a loooong time and as soon as I get parts gathered I will finally be starting it. I am looking to build the main truck from the movie "Moonfire" I started a thread in another section looking for some help with the decals and I ask the same here, can someone help me make correct decals from the pictures I gathered? I know they make a resin version of the correct hood, grill, and bumper so If someone could provide the link it would be greatly appreciated. I plan on using the AMT R685ST kit for the cab, interior, engine and chassis but I will have to make longer fuel tanks, new exhaust pipes/stacks, sleeper, aftermarket front wheels and possibly back. I am going to attempt to make the sleeper from 2 mercury's from the western star kit. I am also going to try to completely wire and plumb it. Any insight is welcome, Thanks! Here are some pics of the real truck....
  10. Need some reseach help

    I hope this isn't too much to ask but I need some help to make a long time thought a reality. I have always wanted to build the main truck from Moonfire. With the re-released Mack r685st from amt I will base it on that. I will have to modify it a bit and build the sleeper. What I need help with is to gather up pictures of the rig and hopefully some who can help me make decals for the door writing and illustrations and all the out lines and pinstripes. Thank you all in advices and anyone who does decals pm me and name a price, Thanks again!
  11. Show pics of your dm600's

    Yes a tandem axle ten wheel truck with a fifth wheel. most search results only show trucks with beds.
  12. I am taking a break on my white freightliner build and starting the MPC dm600 kit, but I really don't have any inspiration yet. Post some pics of your builds or pics of the real truck. I'd like to build it a rig but the only pics I can find are dump trucks and flat beds, thanks!
  13. 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!

    It is either an oil cooler or maybe an oil pump. The craftsmanship though is just amazing I cannot wait to see her done. If it was already discussed I'm sorry but have you decided on a body color yet?
  14. Over the weekend I got the engine mated to the frame and I had Doctors appointment this morning so I had the day off and got one side of the engine plumbed. I plan on doing brake and fuel lines as well.
  15. I'm on a rig kick and looking for projects, all kits preferably older. I also prefer amt, I will take all most of the time started or un-started as long as they are complete. I'm also interested in decals and some parts like, wheels, tires, engines, exhaust parts, sleepers, 5th wheels, and chrome parts. I am also interested in trailer kits. My trade list is limited but let me know what you've got and what you want, Thanks!