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  1. I've had this little gem since the '90s. It was produced in China rather than Japan, so that helps put an age range on it, though the base model was introduced in 1980 or so. Scale is 1:55. This Chinese noodle vendor truck came in a variety of paint schemes and labels. The detailing is beautiful. Note the bowls and utensils engraved in the counter.
  2. As a fan of 3-D photography, I love this! It probably wouldn't have done well though.
  3. Those Old VW Bus kits are actually not too bad given their age. I like their chassis and suspension better than the Hasegawa offerings.
  4. Long vehicles with chopped roofs seldom look right. Putting an automobile on a modern truck chassis might also cause havoc with proportion. Modern wheel track will probably be wider than the Packard, messing with the wheel openings, and the relationship of the radiator to the Packard's front end might differ a bit. Given the vehicle's uniqueness. I'd go with a stock restoration.
  5. One of the old model-building books discussed using a hot knife to cut out doors, etc.
  6. I'd say the Golden Sahara is no worse than the wild customs of the '70s, including show rods. It was of its era. It was a show car. Those are supposed to be wild. 🙂 I don't see anything wrong with glowing tires. I'd like to see them in person. The Golden Sahara has a fascinating history, with its various revisions over the years. It had many innovating features. That said, I think I prefer Golden Sahara I, which seems a little cleaner and less fussy. Apparently Liberace wanted to buy it. 🙂 This video includes a brief history of the illuminated tires.
  7. This is a resin model, but yeah, that engine is lacking. Thanks for the response, folks, My web searches only brought up dealers of the model. I don't know how I missed this one, given all the weird creations I've seen in the VW forums over the years.
  8. This is claimed to have been built for Continental Motors of Fort Lauderdale. https://www.mintmodels.com/schuco/vw-t1-continental-motors-in-118-scale-by-schuco/p/20526
  9. I never got one of these, though I do have a Corgi early '60s Cadillac ambulance, which scales to around 1:52 or so. I've been trying to build a Pontiac ambulance in 1:25, but it's a tricky conversion with the kits available. The classic comedy film "The Disorderly Orderly" has some great footage of two basically identical '61 ambulances.
  10. Banthrico made diecast banks of that era Buick, four door sedans.
  11. FWIW for informational purposes, that white fat sedan posted on a previous page is part of a series of art works by Erwin Wurm, of Austria.
  12. Studebaker Museum in South Bend, IN.
  13. Note the promo and diecast Studebakers are coupes while the movie car is a 2-door sedan.
  14. The chip shortage thing is a complicated story. From what I've heard, the chip manufacturers were caught off-guard by the dynamics of the pandemic just as the other manufacturers. Auto makers shut down production and cancelled their orders for chips. The chip makers then anticipated lower demand for automotive chips, so they then turned to other buyers. Meanwhile auto production ramped back up, but those manufacturers had to get back in line for the chip production that were now going to consumer electronics and such. On top of all this, there was a fire at an auto chip plant in Japan!
  15. Thanks guys, I did manage to remove the axle. I used a tool that had a claw, and gently pried the wheel off. In the end, I'm experimenting with the AutoWorld chassis for model railroad use, but I might just set one aside with my old Aurora and Tyco cars. In digging out my old track, I wished Aurora had come up a stronger connection system. Some of my sections have broken tabs. I did come across some good websites discussing the history, maintenance and tuning of the AW chassis, and I"m on the lookout for the AW parts packs, in the hope I can use the brushes and such on my old cars.
  16. Maybe It'll be the Goldfinger Continental...in its cubed form. 🙂
  17. At first I thought these were going to be of the type included in the Cannonball Run "ambulance" van.
  18. In the late '80s or early '90s I used the AMT '40 Tudor roof to attempt to convert the IMC/Testors postwar Ford into a sedan. Project was never completed. It's very rough. The AMT kits are great for kitbashing.
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