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  1. Bristol Man added a post in a topic Need Inspiration! Post your scrapple sandwitches here!   

    I Don't think this applies to modeling, more to eating, but being a Native of Lancaster County and consumed Scrapple I have never heard of a scrapple sandwich, at home we put pancake syrup on it before eating it an down in Philly they put Ketchup on it, as for using it for modeling, after a day or two exposed to the air it would be difficult to get close to it to see the detail work. Best regards to all you scrapple lovers.
  2. Bristol Man added a post in a topic Amt Gto Mystery Parts?   

    Kenny, thanks for the scan of the part. That has to be drag parts from back when-Bob
  3. Bristol Man added a post in a topic Amt Gto Mystery Parts?   

    Thanks to all for your answers. Unfortunately I'm a old fart at age 66, and not really into the new electronics to scan the parts. They possibly could be the front wheels to a drag car? I pretty sure it dates back to the MPC days, when the boxes were packed with all those extras. I'm hoping one of our fellow modeler's or collectors will come up with the solution.
  4. Bristol Man added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Amt Gto Mystery Parts?
    I have 2 AMT Pontiac GTO kits, a 1967, kit#31764 and a 1972, kit#38513. In both kits on the sprue with the hood is a set of tires [4 halves}. they are skinny like a motorcycle tire, but not anywhere is there a reference to them, most likely a leftover part. Does anyone know what they were used for in the original kit. thanks in advance.
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  5. Bristol Man added a post in a topic dollar store finds   

    Lonewolf, You have really got my mind working overtime-trying to figure out how to make Light Bars out of plastic spoons? Could you show an example and describe your technique? Maybe then this old dog can learn a new trick-regards from the Hills of Tennessee