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  1. Thanks for the information. Yes, Mill City does still offer the wheels.
  2. The Red Devil - Jo-han Cadillac Sport Phaeton

    Can someone please share an online source of information about the real vehicle? I am not familiar and would like to know more. Thank you.
  3. I can't remember seeing them on the past, but it can't hurt to ask. Pics of the actual wheels found online are included for reference. Thanks for any assistance. A pic of a car with them installed is also included.
  4. Just testing.....

    What? No rosemåling ? Where does the time go? I would have never considered the Alternomad as a basis for a modernized Ghostbuster's car, but you made it work. Great job!
  5. Round 2 January 2018 Product Spotlight

    I can't sit through those videos. I would sure prefer a list or facebook posting or anything besides those intolerable nine minutes of talking.
  6. I hope you can share pics of the 2018 invitational miniatures show once it has occurred. Giving context to our toys really makes them enjoyable. And best of luck if the invitational is a competition.
  7. Yes, John, please post more pics. TKM Models are unique and an acquired taste for sure. But they are still interesting to see. Thanks.
  8. From the Imperial Club website, here is an interesting variation created by Derham when the car was new. I have to admit, though, that the four door hardtop is a better looking car. But I still look forward to a resin LeBaron pillared six window sedan.
  9. 78 Chrysler Cordoba

    A Cordoba CROWN no less! Looks great, thanks for sharing pics of your model.
  10. This is absurd. Nobody will post information about this seller, just casually mention his name or seven layer encrypted photos on his facebook page. I have tried every way I can and cannot get information. No pictures, no price list, no nothing. I don't think Modelhaus has much to worry about if this mystery caster remains as well hidden as he has from me. It is infuriating for people to post something they have acquired and then be unwilling or unable to provide sources. But at least now I know the apparent products are unauthorized duplicates and will not buy anyway.
  11. 4 door Tri Chevys ?

    It would help to know the manufacturer. Perhaps I can find one in the secondary market if I know who made it. Also, any chance the same supplier offers a 1956 Sport Sedan?
  12. 4 door Tri Chevys ?

    What is the source for the 1957 BelAir Sport Sedan? Thanks.
  13. This looks amazing! I can hardly believe I am looking at an accurate scale replica of the Crown Vic. So many attempts have been made over the years and none have come close on accuracy. Best of luck with the continuation of this project.
  14. Revell 2017 Releases

    This is how Suburbans are supposed to look. EDIT: It is MY opinion that Suburbans should have four doors and long wheelbases. This is a modified image. I added the rear doors and adjusted the wheelbase.