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  1. Al's car looks good. Maybe we will get photoetched script sets in a few years with names of all series, Biscayne up to Caprice. But new sets from old suppliers seem really sow in making it to market.
  2. I think I have to buy another Monogram Duesenberg kit now. Your color choices are outstanding, topped only by the cleanliness of the build. Congratulations on a beautiful model.
  3. Looks nice sitting up on the wheels and whitewalls. I say add fender skirts, paint it the same turquoise metallic as the first real car you show, and have one of the best built Skylarks ever. Let the worriers keep on worrying and not have their Skylarks.
  4. Save your leftover paint! You have one additional Parisienne to complete. Just so happens that Dinky made a nice diecast replica of the same car. Several variations exist. Ebay always has several listed, and while they aren't a dime a dozen, it is a model of your actual car (except for the RHD). Here is one example on auction currently.
  5. I am anxiously awaiting your completion of the 1979, 1980, or 1981 New Yorker Fifth Avenue you recently mentioned.
  6. Clean machines, sir. Excellent work. Thanks for sharing pics.
  7. Can you please show an image from the packaging that gives company contact information or website? Thank you.
  8. Very nicely done! Do you know if this resin kit is still available?
  9. Your choice of wheels is PERFECT. They look just like the ever popular wire wheel covers used on Oldsmobiles. Hard to imagine that in less than 20 years after this Cutlass, Olds would be gone. Cutlasses were everywhere. Eighty-Eights were everywhere. Ninety-Eights were everywhere.
  10. Nice, clean build. Thanks for sharing pics. Just for fun...
  11. I JUST received one of these fine resin conversions from Paul. I highly recommend it. And how convenient that the plastic kit needed to complete the LeBaron has just been reissued and is readily available. These are mighty high times in which we are living.
  12. That die cast Caprice was such a disappointment when it came out. But you have created two real gems from it. GREAT looking Caprices!
  13. This article about two identical 1978 Custom Classics has just appeared. Imagine having two pristine examples of this car, each with less than 300 miles. https://barnfinds.com/ultra-low-mileage-two-1978-cadillac-eldorado-custom-biarritz-classic/
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