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  1. Finally finished this. First one of 2017. I was going to do it as the Color Me Gone drag car, but the white finish came out so good, I didn't want to even ruin it with painting the blue on it. I put some of the decals on it to make it look like somebody's weekly racer. It's box stock. Just some bmf that gave me a fit. The sheet was wrinkled and every time I tried to get a piece, it would rip. I the sheets I get from now on aren't like this. I don't usually complain, but I almost just said the heck with it and painted the trim. The fitness t was pretty good except for the bottom of the windshield was too thick and the chassis doesn't fit all the way in the body. It's not a huge difference, but I know it's there. Appreciate for looking
  2. Thanks a lot. It's no major paint processes. Just mist coats using Donn Yost's techniques.
  3. These are my 3 builds for this year. The first full year of building. I'd like to have more finished but with the 1 year old running around and work it's kind of hard to do. I'll just do them while everybody's asleep and try to make it 4 next year.
  4. Thanks for a the positive feedback. I'm happy with all my builds from my first one. Each one I've built has looked better than the last. I just need a steady hand when hand painting. That mess is hard sometimes
  5. I did do the interior just stock black with buckles and straight pins for the levers and turn knobs for the a/c and stereo. Did put some embossing powder in the floorboard for carpet but you can't even tell it. I glued the steering wheel upside down too.
  6. This build took me about four months. Just working a couple hours on it here and there. I did try my hand with a photo etch kit, but it didn't turn out too good in my opinion. Put plug wires and battery cables under the hood. The paint is Model Master Burgundy Red Metallic with Model Master High Gloss Clear. I couldn't get the foil to go around the door handles right so I said forget it and painted them. It's only my fourth build and it has come out better than the others. Hope everybody enjoys.
  7. Thanks a lot. I'll probably just do that. I wanted to just paint the roof because I was going to put it in a show in February.
  8. I need to paint the roof of the car. I should've mentioned that in the first post. I use an airbrush.
  9. I have a Lindberg Dodge 330 " Color Me Gone" kit and I'm trying to figure out what color blue it is. The instructions say it Ford and GM Blue but the decals are way darker than that. If anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure somebody has done this in the past.
  10. VAcountry

    57 Ford

    I've never modeled anything else. I found a airbrush and a lot of models in my dad's closet last year. Got a air tank for my birthday and did a drag car but it didn't come out too good in my eyes. All of the weathering and bmf was my first time trying.
  11. VAcountry

    57 Ford

    Thanks a lot!!! I actually made this as a birthday present for my dad. I couldn't find the purple Fireball Roberts car because they don't even make it. He was my dads favorite driver so when I found this I had to get it.
  12. VAcountry

    57 Ford

    Just my second model I've completed. First time using BMF. I did try my hand at weathering just because I wanted it to look like a true dirt car. I didn't like the super bright paint finish since it is a dirt car.
  13. I'm new to modeling. I just finished my second one the other week. I like mostly 1/24, but I will try a 1/12 soon enough. I've had fun so far in the past year. With a new baby here its been hard trying to get stuff done but its okay. I'll get to more in the future.
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