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  1. I bought an older kit and everything is there ….except for these two items. 🙄 Missing the firewall piece and the four chrome wheels.
  2. Indeed. Feb 2018. They did a very nice write up (aside from spelling my last name wrong). lol.
  3. Yes, the brougham (hard top) is a great design. I had one, but unfortunately used it for a parts car. I liked the lines way more so than the fastback variant. The dashes look cool, but are a pain to remove and replace. cheers!
  4. Not dead....just stalled out with life projects.
  5. Working getting the Mach 1 mustang to sit in the Torino chassis. Little trim and shim. Also added an actuator to the Air cleaner. 1:64 scale interior is coming along. Top removed and shaving the fast back deck. Found a donor with perfect bench seat. 1:18 scale interior is shaping up (removed console).
  6. Looking for the buckets that came in older 1970 Torino cobra and GT kits. These have the rounded headrests. I have the accurate buckets, that actually came in these cars as trade. Or we can figure something out. Thanks. Vince
  7. Thank you! Looks like super thin styrene strips. That could work. I think etching might be a bit to much. This should be fun
  8. I’m going to be building a Chevy Swb truck similar to the one in photo. I’ll be Using the snow plow gmc truck as a starting point. what is the best way to create the body molding? (As circled) thanks!
  9. thank you! I bought the one i have a couple years back....and don't recall what it was off of. Eyeballing it....i think it will work as far as length/width. the back window will need to be modified. I've seen one done that used a '65 Impala top and boot. these were big cars! I've been keeping my eye open for some of those bigger late 50's - early 70s convertibles for the parts. The boot on my car is particularly flat...dare i say concave. I figure that once the hard top is cut off, i can get more serious about top/boot dimensions...
  10. Yep. Same car. Sans the sheep skin seat covers and body line moldings. We hit a deer in ‘87, so the grille was eventually replaced with a hideaway set up.
  11. I actually really like the top up. White/red Here i am at 7 years old, and then my son after the restoration....Same neighborhood.
  12. Great fab work. That 70.5 falcon is legit! I’m looking at 59 impalas as a boot donor.
  13. To make this project more challenging, I’m attempting to build three scales in parallel. I think building the 1:1 was actually easier. ?
  14. Ha! It’s one of 3900~. 351c 2v car. Not super rare, but you generally don’t see them often. The red on red was fairly unique. I restored it to original, although I upgraded the wheels.
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