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  1. Bad Trader Alert!

    I feel like a putz for having to post this response. Did not want to but had to. This post by John was able to sit here for a month having only 15 responders but 991 views. One of them being a friend in Seattle that asked me about it. This friend is a long standing member and modeler and his question embarrassed me. I had to explain to him. In the end he laughed about it and said it was not a big deal but it was to me. What John posted was not factual and not 100% the truth and I had to respond. Not one of MY better moments. Now that my side is out there I feel a bit better. I'm terribly disappointed that John and I came to part ways over this stupid trade deal as in the whole scheme of things is rather small but it is what it is. I'm through with all of it an it's time to move on, get back to modeling and have some fun. Again, I just wanted to set the record straight, get some closure and move forward. I'm just way too old for this drama. Chas.
  2. Bad Trader Alert!

    Hello, On this site my name is Truck Guy. On others it was Santa Chas and Mopar Charlie. Before this goes too far and the response will be long I tried to have this thread pulled to save the drama but administration did not honor my request. This should be a drama free zone in my opinion. In saying that allow me a moment to explain MY side of the story and I will try to keep it as short as I can.. This was a trade deal that was close to two years running. Not by my end of the deal but by his. The stuff I traded, a couple of models and parts was done immediately and out of my pocket to ship as expected. What happened after my end of the trade is where things went bad. It was over this long period of time. It started with excuses after excuses. I have bad hands, computer crashed, resin supply low, waiting on resin, no money to buy new resin, molds breaking down, etc. Then it was "send me a list as I lost the files" of which I did TWICE. My patience level ran out and I was pretty much to the point with John. I told him in private messages that I was tired of the excuses and delays and wanted my resin stuff I was owed. I was answered with more excuses. Meanwhile aggravating the situation is the fact that while I had to wait and wait John is stocking a Hobby Store near him and selling out as well as selling at swaps. He also sent large quantities of resin he had either sold or traded on the other site we were both on. I was seeing this going on and it upset me. I sent messages to John about this and more excuses and his defense was that he had over 700 deals falling behind that he had to take care of as well and I was not shoved to the bottom of the list and he was doing things in order. I felt the deal was going south and told him so. Moving forward to about July of 2016 he sends me a message saying he is boxing it up and sending the stuff. Then nothing. Our communications were getting negative and I decided to just let it go. Our messages back and forth reflected that. In my words to him. John, I am done with this deal, I do not want the stuff anymore, keep it, John, I am done, DONE. Well, several more messages from him basically blowing smoke up my backside happened and I told him that I did not want the resin and did not want to deal with him anymore, that I was in fact done. Not sending any more lists and not wanting the trade deal going on, that I did not want the drama anymore. Things were escalating and I shut down on this. About a month ago I get a message from him stating he is sending the resin and he would have the tracking number on a specific day. 3 weeks later I get the number. about a week later I get the box. Upon opening it I told him I was happy I got the resin but disappointed that the till was a little light (my words to him). What all of you do not know he made multiple promises to send me extra this and that for the long delay. Then it was his Turbo castings and slant six castings he was going to include along with a Blown 426 HEMI with dual Turbos for a specific build he promised as well as we had messages back and forth about this. These latter items were NOT in the box and I told him I was not happy they were missing. THEN comes the negative stuff from John. He calls me an effen cry baby, tells me to shut up, threatens me he is going to post my name (ALL OVER THE WORLD) telling everyone what a bad trader I am. Seems he got the word out here and a few other places. I am her to tell you John fabricated his side of the story. He outright lied, and layed it on pretty thick on his behalf and painted a negative picture of me. Now remember, I got my end of the trade together, sent it out at my expense, and had to wait almost two years to get it. So who is the bad trader?? I was willing to let it go. He chose to lie and put fabricated information down. I stayed quiet. Until I saw this nonsense John has put down, then I spoke up. This is over a small amount of resin and a couple of kits and parts. The deal is done. I did my part, he did not do his well. By the way, I have proof of all of this is typed messages and these messages clear my name. That's all I want, my name cleared. I do not do trades with anybody except one guy now because of my bad experience with John. For all you reading this I will sell and buy all day long but do not trade anymore. I am Paypal ready and I stand behind what I sell. My word of caution to all of you is to watch yourself in trading with John. Not because he is a rip off but he is unorganized. If you trade with him get confirmation in writing on a due date for your shipment and hold him to it. This is where the problem with him and I was. We were friends before this and no longer are. I urge each and every one of you to check out his resin products. He puts a very nice selection out and his products are amazing. John has no issues selling his products. He is quick to ship and you will get a superb product. Its just the trading thing that he has issues with. Chas.