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  1. mchook


    I thought I wasn't a fan until I saw your amazing builds, GREAT JOB! I guess I do love gassers.🤔😍
  2. Amazing work! I hope you make new side glass so all that great detail can be seen.
  3. mchook


    Hi Claude, finding old junk was and still is fun. My father used to be one of those guys who wouldn't sell something to someone if they planned on "ruining it" by turning it into one of those hot rods. Thankfully he's changed his tune about it now. Thanks Steve, but your models put mine to shame. I'm not surprised that the coupe is your 1st attempt, it looks great! I love your 57 Chevy, it looks like my old 56 should be parked next to it.
  4. mchook


    I use it all the time now. It takes a little trial and error, I found that if you put the part you're "rusting" in a zip lock bag it helps rust it alot better. Here's the last one I used it on and one built years ago without using it. To me it makes a big difference.
  5. WOW! I can't stop coming back and looking at this, GREAT JOB!
  6. I like FREE too!😁 My buddy told me when he was overseas in the service most beer was warm & tasted better that way. But I still like it better cold, especially on a hot day. Going to my fathers today and I'm sure we'll have a couple cheap Bush beers.
  7. mchook


    Theses are all amazing builds and I think I found my new favorite topic. Here's a few more of mine... If I'm adding too many pics please let me know.
  8. mchook


    Everyone here knows that "rust" is what I do most of the time. I really shouldn't get started on this, but here are a bunch of my favorites from years gone by. Not all my best work but still some of my favorites.
  9. Great model you two! The only problem with it is now I want some ice cream, and I really don't need any ice cream.🍦
  10. Thanks Chuck, this guy "Rusty" must have been doing work on a bunch of your vehicles.😉 I love the way you do your weathering. It looks like you use the salt technique and it always comes out amazing. I've tried it a number of times and never was happy with my results. Thanks Chris.
  11. I built the Barracuda one when it came out. I think I still have one of those bases somewhere.
  12. Found this... https://www.ebay.com/itm/254562531534?hash=item3b451bf8ce:g:~VsAAOSw2aJei68G It's for a truck but should be the same, unless it's for a 1 1/2 ton truck and then it's just larger. I can check my fathers this weekend if you want, he might have one out that I can take some pics of.
  13. Thanks Francis, my "technique" is more of a just wing it and see what happens. Sometimes I get lucky and it looks good.😁
  14. Nice project. This is a tough thing to do on this kit. I've done it twice and it's a PIA. My white 75 was done freehand and didn't come out very good. On my yellow 79 I used a couple old metal rulers and clamped them above & below the trim to keep from removing more than I wanted, then I finished with a round file. I understand your frustration but keep going and you'll get it.
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