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  1. Honda Odyssey ATV

    I'm not sure if this belongs here so if it's wrong section I'm sorry. I got this off ebay a few weeks back and couldn't deal with it being a 1979 so I tried to make it look more like one from 1981 ish. My best friend had one & we use to ride it & a Honda 350x three wheeler all over the trails here in the Catskills. I added the roll bar, net, air intake, some wires, throttle & brake controls, lights and red paint instead of the yellow. I have to work on the trailer next & then find something better too pull it with. Any suggestions?
  2. What did you see on the road today?

    Hi Tom, N.Y. does have channel 6 news, it's a local Hudson Valley news channel. I see the trucks every once in a while, I'm kinda out in the boonies so it takes something kinda important for them to come around.
  3. 72 Olds Cutlass Camino..aka El Suprimo

    It looks great! I kept up with the build on the workbench, & man you do some great work! Thanks for sharing.
  4. That's a great looking truck!!! That's some nice weathering too, I can never get rust to look right on a red paint job but you sure can. Great job, I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  5. Would it bother you?

    Hi guys, I put this up a week ago & thought I might get a few yes or no answers but I see it's got people wound up. I do understand that people would be angry after putting a lot of work into something & someone else taking credit for it. I don't know if the person who bought the model I built took credit for building it or not, and for me it's o.k. either way. Because I had fun building it, I wasn't attached to it, I didn't think it was a contest winner and I got paid for the work I did on it. If he did win something good for him & me.
  6. Very nice looking truck. I really like your weathering too. Is the bed floor real wood? It looks great. If you don't mind me asking, where is the contest? I'm in NY too, if it's not too far I'd like to go. I haven't been to a show in over 20 years. The last one I was at was in Poughkeepsie in 1996.
  7. Would it bother you?

    Every model I build I sell on ebay. I don't have the space to keep them & I enjoy the build more than the results. Sometimes I make money & sometimes not, but I use what I make to buy more supplies. I never really thought about what people do with them after they buy them, I guess I just figured they end up on someone else's shelf. I sold a model (41 Willys Truck) a couple weeks ago & sent it to Colorado. I received a comment on that build (that I posted here in the truck section) that they saw the model at the "Goodguys" show in Colorado this weekend and it looked great in person. Thank you very much Ben269! At first I was a little aggravated that someone else put my model in a contest, but then after a minute I thought, it's not my model anymore, it's his. I laughed a little after thinking about what he paid for it & thought, I hope he won something with it. I guess it doesn't bother me. So, my question is... would it bother you if you found out a model you built was put in a contest by someone else?
  8. Thanks guys! That's funny, I sold it to a guy 2 weeks ago on ebay & I sent it to Colorado. I hope he won something with it because he spent a pretty penny on it.
  9. I miss that you could lean on a car without the fear of denting it, the style, or lack of, being able to work on them but most of all the exhaust smell. I know it's weird but if I could can that smell I would. I know it's bad for everyone & the environment but I LOVE that smell. I go to my fathers house every weekend & we work on his old cars. He's been buying & selling antique cars forever so I've learned alot over the years about bringing an old car back to life. Here are just a few he has right now. The 79 Ranchero is the newest old car he owns, There's more but I don't have pics of them all.
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I got this "Ridge Runner" kit yesterday. I was happy to see it was glued with old Testors blue tube glue so it came apart easy & clean.
  11. Thanks guys for all the great comments.
  12. Looks great! Nice weathering.
  13. Cannonball Run Septic Truck

    Would it be wrong for me to say. HOLY BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, that looks great!!!
  14. 66 Dodge LNT 1000 Wrecker

    This is the best wrecker I've seen! I love everything about it!