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  1. Thanks guys. I got some paint, interior & exhaust work finished.
  2. Thanks guys, I'm going with the Cragars. I worked on the floor today.
  3. Wow that's nice Tom! I want one but don"t have a brook on my land.
  4. Started this old Model A kit, I scratch built the frame (first for me), chopped the top & found a big mopar for it. I can't decide which wheels & tires to use. Love to hear your choices...
  5. I entered the Desert Scale Classic virtual show & was shocked to learn I too got something for my old Willys wrecker. This is the first contest I entered in about 30 years, it was fun & easy. Thanks to everyone that had something to do with this great experience.
  6. Congrats! Your Olds is the best ever built, absolutely beautiful.
  7. Hey Dave, they're about 3" tall without their stand. Yea the one has some badly molded hands. They do have 5 fingers but 2 are together so they look weird.
  8. I found these at the dollar store & repainted them. The soccer player got a decal on her shirt, sanded off her shin guards & an old wheel replacing her ball. Just a fun, cheap & easy addition to the shop.
  9. I know yours will so much better this thing. The engine is the kit 327.
  10. Thanks, I found the grinding wheel on a farm. I added it to the wall to take up space and I thought it would look good. I built this for my wife to put her flowers on too.
  11. Scratch built wrecker body, bumper, mirrors & more. Nothing great but I'm glad it's finished. I painted & stripped it 4 times before I got it good enough. I'll stick to junkers, that way I don't have to worry about the paint.😉
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