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  1. Dukes of Hazzard Diorama

    All I can say is WOW! I'd love to do one like this but I don't have the room. I'm a huge Dukes fan so this is right up my alley. Great job Scott. Very cool! I'll send Cooter over after he's finished with Rosco, again.
  2. BEARS ... oh my

    This little guy was at my mother in law's last year. She puts out old bread to watch the deer. I told her if your doing this, your feeding more than the deer. Not the smartest thing to do... Momma bear was there too but she didn't like the sound of the drone we used to take the picture. They're neat to see but, STAY AWAY FROM THE BEARS!!!
  3. Batmobile

    WOW! great work. The only problem I see is that your going to have to build another one box stock & put them side by side to show off this amazing transformation.
  4. Great job, I love it! If it was white in the middle it would be a dead ringer for the one I drove years ago.
  5. Thanks guys for all the great comments. My way of weathering is really more laziness than technique. I usually rebuild old buildups I get from ebay or swap meets. The good part about that is sometimes they're painted & I don't strip them. I never know what kind of paint someone used before me so I just lightly layer some red oxide primer, flat black & new paint color right over top. I always get cracked paint or it wont stick well in spots so I end up with a crappy paint job and that's just what I'm looking for. I don't even wait for the paint to harden that good, I use an old foam sanding block (dollar store nail fine) to get through the layers and chip and scratch the paint with a toothpick. If I sand too deep & hit the plastic or find a spot that the paint wont stick well I use "sophisticated finishes rust". I wish I had taken a picture of this before I redid it. It was blue, red, green, purple candy with spear style scallops on the nose and the chrome painted yellow. It looked like a clown & unicorn puked on it.
  6. Calling it finished. Nothing great, just a rebuild of an old kit. I built the wrecker boom, added a newer engine & some other goodies from a 96 Firebird kit that was laying around.
  7. Plowboy, the rat tractor

    Great looking poor mans tractor or "Doodlebug". I'd like to see a real version at a tractor pull.
  8. I like it a lot. Weathered models are my favorite & this one looks great!
  9. 1950 Ford junker - Learning curve thread

    I love the engine, your on your way to a great looking piece of junk.
  10. Cool! We have a 33 Ford doodlebug with a different style Manley wrecker boom we still use too.
  11. It wasn't today but Tuesday, our house is here & it wont be long now.
  12. Hi Tom, My father had a 1:1 of this boom so I had it to use for reference. He sold it years ago but I do know who has it. Next time I see it I can try to get some dimensions for you. He brings it to shows once in a while & it's going to be that time soon. He has it mounted on a 47 Chevy 1 ton.
  13. I built one too. It wasn't that bad building it, just time, measuring & lots of styrene.