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  1. Your doing good work Perry, keep it up. As for your truck having rust on the inside, your right to do it. I know for a fact on these old Chevys they get rusty inside & out. I've been helping my father work on his 1:1 51 Chevy & it's rusty everywhere, the gaskets get old & let water in. If you want to add some depth to your rust use a little darker brown washes on some parts or get some "tamiya weathering master powder". That's what I use & it works great. Anyway, keep at it & HAVE FUN, that's what it's all about.
  2. Pic of me, my beautiful wife & my daughters.
  3. First SNOW of winter 2018/19 YUCK!

    Drove the bus in about 3" at 4:30 pm, not too bad. Now its 10:45 with 9" & still coming down.
  4. Looks great! I'd love to see the chassis you built.
  5. Me too, They're such good looking trucks to me. I think they'd sell pretty good if somebody reissued them. Thanks a lot guys. It's been tough finding time to work on this thing. Work, fixing my daughter's car, getting ready for winter & a snow storm of 3"-6" today isn't gonna help.
  6. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one still using rattle cans. Keep it up, looks good so far. I'll be watching too, I love the old Model A's.
  7. I got most of the chassis done. I used the front & rear ends from a Ramcharger kit. The stance & fit looks o.k. to me.

    Very Cool!!! I did one like this back in the early 90s. I used a Monogram F350 duallie nose, chassis & scratch built the interior. Nothing as detailed & cool as this though. AWESOME WORK!!!
  9. Let's see your geegaws!

    "Ridge Runner" kit. Here's mine, before & after Honda Odyssey ATV.
  10. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the compliments. It makes me feel good that you guys think it looks that good. I don't buy much aftermarket stuff for detailing, I just use what I have scrounged from old electronics & whatever I find for wiring & plumbing. Thanks for the offer Jon but I got something that will work. PM me your address & I'll send you the front end I have, It's built but should work fine. Don't worry about trading anything, I'm happy to give it to you to help out a fellow modeler.
  11. Nice work! I love these old trucks, I pushed a lot of snow for years with one. I'd like to find one too & build one like my old plow truck.
  12. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    I started this about 6 years ago & it still sits on the shelf yelling at me to work on it. I have others but this one yells the loudest.
  13. I haven't had much bench time but I did get the engine started.
  14. How about a 59 Dodge 4x4...