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  1. I've been looking & I think this Model A is a newer built truck to replicate the real Dodge truck that was originally built. This looks like its got some hot rodding done to it. The whole thing, especially the front end is really low, and not just because of the wrong wheels. The gas tank should be in the cowl but there's no gas cap and the headlights are lower than stock too. I would love to see under it because I bet it has a small v8. A little flathead would be COOL. This is all just my opinion but I say, build it how YOU want it.
  2. Cool project, are you putting your Holmes wrecker boom on this or are you doing a ramp truck?
  3. I know what this one's for, I can't wait. Let the cutting & scratch building begin!😁
  4. YUP!!! It was great the first time and we've all been busy building since then so there should be lots of entries.
  5. Great looking build. I'm glad your back, your work is AMAZING! Do you still sell on ebay? How can I find you there?
  6. Came yesterday. I bought it on ebay just before Christmas and we got a pretty good snow storm. The seller was a state over so they got it too so they couldn't send it out right away. I told him it was fine and I was still shoveling too. He wrote me & said because it being mailed late he was adding more to the lot, I thought "cool" and thanked him. So what I ended up with is about 40 models and a pile of parts. Sorry about the crappy pics but you get the idea.
  7. That's some cool stuff right there! It looks great.
  8. This so cool! I love what you're doing here. Are you putting in a 312 Y block inboard engine? If so you could turn your continental kit into your buoy ring holder. I can't wait to see more.
  9. This looks like a great project. If it was me, I would use any Revell 1931 Model A sedan kit. Cut off the rear of the body and move it up behind the doors making a cab out of it. This way you get the right year car and alot less work. They use to do this with real cars back in the day too.
  10. I have a few that I want to build and actually keep for myself this year. 1) Finish my 62 F100 with lightning running gear 2) 66 Ford wrecker 3) New General Lee (my way) 4) 4x4 VW Bug with toy hauler camper trailer built from a VW bus 5) anything else I have time for & make some money on.
  11. Great start. I can't wait to see your camper shell.
  12. Thanks Eric, your right I have rust in my blood. The Model A body was from an old Monogram kit that was built & in rough shape. The roof was cracked in half & glued on crooked. I figured if it's going to be a rough build it might as well look real and rough. Thanks, and thanks to everyone else too for the great comments.
  13. Thanks for all the great comments. Everyone seems to like my junkers but I really wish I could pull off a nice paint job. Maybe one day but not anytime soon. Thanks again everyone!
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