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  1. Everyone tells me I'm nuts but I LOVE these cars, 1961 Chrysler 300.
  2. It was yesterday but I'll complain today. I spend they last few weekends at my fathers helping him put power steering in his 51 Chevy truck. It fought us every step of the way. Put in a new column, power steering pump, relocated the box, new joints, hoses, belt and more stuff, got it together, took it for a ride and it wanders all over the road as bad as it did before. When I jacked it up to start looking at what was going on, I grabbed the drivers side wheel and noticed it moved. I thought it was the wheel bearing but NOOO, it's the king pins. So now it's all back apart waiting for new parts again. I'm beginning to hate this truck! Meanwhile my father is grinding valves for a Model A he's working on and the belt goes bad on the machine. No big deal if the machine wasn't over 70 years old. Now we have to find a belt for that too.
  3. I just rebuilt this truck that I first built over 20 years ago. It looks worse but that makes it look better.
  4. This turned out great! I hope the one I have turns out 1/2 as good as this.
  5. Nice start on your Lincoln, I just started mine too. The instructions are pretty vague & not even right on the engine. The instructions say that the distributor cap & wire loom for the plug wires is an oil line. The fan & top pulley look like they go in the timing cover but they don't. It's not clear about the water outlet on the water pump. It had me aggravated until I googled some pictures of the real thing. If you need some parts let me know, I'm not using all of mine because I'm turning it into a wrecker. Here are a couple pics to help you out and keep going, it looks like it's going to be a nice kit when it's finished.
  6. Nice video, thanks for sharing. They were lucky they used adjustable lifters instead of the stock solid lifter with no adjustment. Then they would had some real time consuming work pulling the valves out & grinding the stem to adjust them. Not fun, but I've had to do it that way a few times.
  7. This is amazing, I would love to go see it all in person. My father and I watched the video a couple times. I've loved Model T and Model A Fords forever. My father still has a 23 that we ride around in, it's no show winner but fun to drive. I'm working on a 1:1 that I started building about 35 years ago. I started building it when I was around 12 my father had 2 school buses full of T parts and he said if you want one start building it. I got a rolling chassis put together & used an old coupe body we had. It never got finished, I moved on to "newer" 60s 70s cars and trucks and sold the old T. About 2 years later my father was at a flea market and saw a chassis for sale, we looked it over and realized it was the one I put together but someone removed the coupe body. He bought it, mounted a touring body on it and then moved from NY to TN taking it with him. He sold it down there and then about 6 or 7 years later bought it back again missing another body. They then moved back to NY taking it back again and used the engine for a tractor he was building & the frame sat for years until my father decided that we ARE going to finish this this for my daughter. Back into the garage with a different engine & on all 4 tires again. It runs but still needs some tinkering. I decided to build my own speedster body for it and that's where we're at now. I found a pic from 1985 when I sold it, and a pic of the chassis a few months ago, there is more done but I haven't taken any new pics. Oh ya, my daughter in Grandpas T. Sorry for rambling it just seemed to fit the topic.
  8. My kind of build, great job!
  9. Picked these up today from a friends mother. Some are ones I built when I was a kid.
  10. I've been wanting to do the same thing. My first car was a 65 Fairlane with a 289 too. I have the stocker version but it's going to need a lot of work to make it look stock again. The other thing is that the promos aren't cheap either, every once in a while I think I'll think I can get one on ebay but at the end of the auction they go up like crazy. Good luck with your search, I can't wait to see what you come up with.
  11. Not sure if this counts but here's my 59 Caddy. An old ecto1 kit that I filled in the rear windows to give it a hearse look.
  12. Wow, great job! The Corvette is a wild choice for this conversion, I like it a lot! If you don't mind could you add a few pics to this thread, I'd appreciate it.
  13. I got this pile & a bunch more, but haven't gone through it all yet. There's still more to pick up too. The KW box was full of Plastruct stuff and the other is just parts. This all probably would have been thrown away if I wasn't there to help them move, it all looks like junk to my friends brother & mother. They try to keep any model stuff or old toys set aside for me but the plastruct stuff looks like nothing to most people who don't build.
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