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  1. Cool! We have a 33 Ford doodlebug with a different style Manley wrecker boom we still use too.
  2. It wasn't today but Tuesday, our house is here & it wont be long now.
  3. Hi Tom, My father had a 1:1 of this boom so I had it to use for reference. He sold it years ago but I do know who has it. Next time I see it I can try to get some dimensions for you. He brings it to shows once in a while & it's going to be that time soon. He has it mounted on a 47 Chevy 1 ton.
  4. I built one too. It wasn't that bad building it, just time, measuring & lots of styrene.
  5. Thanks guys! Your right it needs mirrors but I couldn't find any. We moved into a temporary house & most of the model stuff is packed away, I dug this out & finished it because I needed something to do to keep me sane.
  6. Calling it finished. Started as an old built Ram monster truck. It has a Ramcharger front & rear ends, 69 Charger 440 & some scratch built stuff.
  7. Thanks a lot guys. I think I'm calling it done. I'll try to get some better pics later.
  8. Hey Carl, this is a picture of what I used. I used it right out of the can, the interior is the same paint with a satin clear over it. Hope this helps.
  9. Well, we moved into this temporary house a while ago & I'm going nuts not being able to work on something. So I went to the garage & dug this out & a couple boxes of supplies so I'd have something to work on. I couldn't get to everything so I'm limited on what I can do. I did find some stuff to build the exhaust & do some more stuff under the hood. The glass had the DODGE decal on it & I was gonna try to take it off but if I screw it up I don't have another windshield, so it stays. Not much done, but I do feel better. I'm telling ya, this model thing is like an addiction!
  10. Building a spray booth

    Years ago I built one using an old over the stove range hood. I worked at the place delivering & installing appliances & we would get some good stuff that just needed to be cleaned up or there was nothing wrong with at all , people just wanted to update their kitchen. But it has everything you need but the box, it has the fan, light, filters & switches, just hook the vent hose to the back. I mounted mine upside down so the light & fan were on the bottom so I had to put anther light in the top but that's no big deal. You could find these things all over if you keep your eye out for them. Good luck.
  11. 70's Swinging meat trailer

    That's really cool! (pun intended) I have to ask, is there a body hidden somewhere in the middle. Hey we're from N.Y. I gotta ask.
  12. What Pleased You Today!

    We are getting our new home soon but they had to get rid of the old one first, they started Monday, it was a little sad at first but I'll be happy as a pig in ... well you know, when it's finished. I didn't get over today to see what it looks like but here's some carnage shots.
  13. Monday morning, then Tuesday evening. WHAT A MESS!!!
  14. I don't know about other ones, but I know this one has a date with an excavator & some roll offs. I hear ya! Thanks, I love your car. I have a 1:1 70 Charger with plans for a General Lee clone. Thanks to everyone else who commented. This double wide is from 1984 so it's worn out. I know that these types of homes have a bad rap but it's what we can afford. We looked into having a stick built house but that was way to pricey. The "Modular Homes" are built the same as the double wide but cost almost $100,000 more because they remove the wheels & axles & it needs a basement. Not to mention a with a "Mobile Home" our taxes stay cheaper too, New York taxes are nuts! The new one we picked is so nice it even has full attic. When we get it in I''l get some pics, it's really nice.