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  1. I drive a bus for the disabled for a living. When I got to my first drop off, the staff came over and asked what time it was. I looked at my watch (yes, I still wear a watch with hands & numbers) I replied with "A quarter after 8" She looks at me and says, "so 8:25 right?" I don't know her age but she's probably in her late 20s early 30s. I think she should be able to tell time by now.
  2. Thanks guys for the great comments. I got a little paint on the chassis and narrowed the front end to make these giant wheels fit in between the fenders. I've been trying to mock this up a little more and I found something that's not quite right with the cab. She seems to be a little fat at the bottom and it's leaving a big gap between the cab & box at the top. The 1:1 truck is pretty straight down the back. If I'm going to fix this what would be the best way, cut a wedge at the door line and pull the bottom in or does someone have a better idea? PLEASE HELP! Not only that, the box looks more like a 1950 Chevy box & fenders than an International. It's not really a big deal just more work I didn't figure I'd have to do.
  3. I've been trying to get the cab cleaned up and to get the stance I want. I'm not sure what engine I'll be using, Mopar, Ford or Cummins 5.9 from "iceman".
  4. Nice work so far Ray. Thanks for showing the complete chassis, I'm starting mine & was wondering what colors to use. Mine might end up looking just like yours.😉 Did you use the metal axel for the front? I'm thinking about loosing it but I'm not sure it's worth the extra work. Your wheels look amazing too.
  5. Great weathering on everything! If your chassis had a cowl, steering wheel, seat & radiator it would look like an old doodlebug tractor. Here's a pic of a few of my fathers doodlebugs.
  6. Thanks Bob, it's getting there. Thanks Michael, I've seen these before & was thinking about building one for this. We'll see how aggravated I get with building the boom and if all goes well I'll build one of these too.
  7. Thanks David, that's what I was thing too. Thanks David, I think I'm going to leave the top flat black. The dog is for a Christmas village but I cut off the snowy base, repainted it and added some garbage. I needed something else small to work on when this Lincoln would tick me off.
  8. I knew that this would be the first comment. Did you look at the show flyer? This is the best line on it. "Figures without shirts, female figures will be judged in private." CREEPY!
  9. Hi, it looks like it's part #98 on my original issue truck.
  10. For sure, I'm not trying a nice paint job again for a while. It might even end up with a wrecker boom in it.
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