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  1. mchook

    What are these?

    Thanks guys. I figured the black one was built from a couple kits but I wasn't sure which ones. The white one I had seen before but could not remember where. They were my friends & he built them when he was a kid so they're definitely from the 60s.
  2. mchook

    What are these?

    I can't figure out what these are, please help.
  3. Wow, I love this build. If it had a white roof it would be a dead ringer for the truck my father had when I was a a kid. It had a ford script rack body that he removed & replaced it with a wrecker body. The best tow truck he ever had, it would pull anything he hooked up to it. Thanks for the memories!
  4. Is that what it is? It's too far gone to do anything with so I figured I'd put it in my junkyard diorama the way it sits, dirt and all. Here are some pics of the good part of it.
  5. A good friend of my fathers & mine had asked if I could fix his dryer so I said sure (I fixed appliances for years when I was younger). So I ordered the parts & last night I went over to fix it for him, it only took about 15 mins. So we got talking after & he started showing me some of the models he built as a kid, they were in a nice case in the basement. He told me pick one so I did, then he dug out a big box & said this goes with it. We argued over how much he owed me & I told him 1 box of models. This is what I found in the box after I got home. I only cleaned some & WOWWWWW!
  6. I'm sure that these aren't what your looking for but I did make them Gulf colors & used Gulf decals. Everything behind the cab of the cabover is all scratch built & I built the boom on the 53 too.
  7. Not much goes on around here but every year we get people from all over to come to the original Woodstock site. This year is special, it's been 50 years since that iconic event and the county is busier than ever. Everyone is the Hippie spirit and it's great, check out some of the artwork on these Doves that are all over the county. https://sullivancatskills.com/sullivan-catskills-dove-trail/
  8. About 2 weeks ago my father asked me if I would haul a new toy he bought so I said sure. It was about an hour and a half drive out in the mountains and when we got there I was pleasantly surprised. He had the old Model A Doodlebug out front and ready to load but we didn't get it on the trailer for about 2 hours because this guy has some cooool stuff. He built Hot Rods, restored cars, raced stock cars & collected everything. He even had a wall of models in the garage, he's such a nice guy. It was a great trip & I'm sure we'll be back. Here are a few of pics of what he had, the orange Doodlebug is what we brought home.
  9. My daughter & I took Grandpa's T for a ride today.
  10. X2, I love the look of a real old used truck and you nailed it!
  11. I see all of them fine. I love what your doing with this build. I would toss the old stock distributor & get a newer style, it would sit a little lower and be used on an engine with all those speed parts. Keep going I can't wait to see more.
  12. All I can say is WOW! I'd love to do one like this but I don't have the room. I'm a huge Dukes fan so this is right up my alley. Great job Scott. Very cool! I'll send Cooter over after he's finished with Rosco, again.
  13. This little guy was at my mother in law's last year. She puts out old bread to watch the deer. I told her if your doing this, your feeding more than the deer. Not the smartest thing to do... Momma bear was there too but she didn't like the sound of the drone we used to take the picture. They're neat to see but, STAY AWAY FROM THE BEARS!!!
  14. mchook


    WOW! great work. The only problem I see is that your going to have to build another one box stock & put them side by side to show off this amazing transformation.
  15. Great job, I love it! If it was white in the middle it would be a dead ringer for the one I drove years ago.
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