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  1. School Bus Anyone??

    This is sweet! If I was going to do this one I would use the "S'cool bus" body. I think it's a better look & probably a little less work.
  2. School Bus Anyone??

    My Hippie bus using a Isuzu Bonnet Bus resin copy.
  3. That looks great! The only thing I would change is the crank handle should be on the other side. That way you can release the gear to drop the cable.
  4. Man, that looks great! I love this picture too, it looks like the real thing! I sent you a pm with your measurements, so I can't wait to see what's next.
  5. 1929 Model A Ford Power Unit & Buzzsaw

    Thanks, sorry about your dad. After I posted the pictures I realized I set the saw up wrong. I didn't think anyone would notice, but.... So here it is the right way & thank you all for the great comments!!!
  6. Finally finished this thing & got some good pics. Old Ford A Model power unit like my father had as a kid. Tell me what you think... good or bad I want to hear it all.
  7. 1929 Model a Ford power unit "Finished"

    Thanks guys! Tom, I had this problem & it was driving me nuts, they don't have enough weight to them to stay put with the belt on. I didn't want to anchored it to something that someone didn't want, because I'm not keeping it. "mecklm" Mike, reminded me about adding a twist to the belt. It was something I forgot about & it made it look 100% better. I made the belt longer, added the twist & used spray starch for ironing clothes to hold the shape. Now they stay apart without the belt pulling them together. I still need better pictures.
  8. 1929 Model a Ford power unit "Finished"

    Thanks guys, Mike I couldn't find some Tyvek that would hold the shape I needed. I ended up using masking tape & I think it looks ok. I'll post more pics "under glass" when I get some better pictures.
  9. 1929 Model a Ford power unit "Finished"

    I had some time & worked on the buzz saw. Just needs to be cleaned up & painted. Now I need to figure out what to make a belt from, any ideas would help. Thanks to everyone for all the great comments.
  10. 1929 Model a Ford power unit "Finished"

    Thanks, nothing fancy just Walmart rattle can flat black & dry brushed with good old Testors silver.
  11. 1929 Model a Ford power unit "Finished"

    I'm about finished with this part. It still needs a fuel line, choke, throttle & spark lever. Next I'll make a buzz saw to go with it.
  12. 1929 Model a Ford power unit "Finished"

    Thanks! Kind of? I found them in my Model A parts box. They're from different kits & just the outer part of the wheel with some styrene around the outside.
  13. You do great scratch building, so please tell me your not using the tow boom that comes in the kit. I think it would look killer with a Manley Wrecking crane like the one I built for one of my trucks.
  14. '57 Ford wagon street machine

    I love 57 Fords & this is the nicest I've seen in a long time. The paint is AMAZING!!!
  15. My first model car

    You did a great job! I want to see more pictures of it! Don't tease us with just 1 pic.