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  1. Hey Bryce....seen the car on AMCC and these pics should of been used in the GAS #5 contest.....there is tons of spectacular detail that is shown here that was not shown over there.....My hat is off to you on this workmanship....well deserving tap on the back
  2. Thanks for all the great feedback and comments to all..... I would of never thought when I started buildng this, that it would of ended up the way it did and the fun I would be having with it Thanks guys
  3. Same question here.....Either way very nice work....decal work looks excellent
  4. Ive never been a B-mer fan....always found them over rated but .....MAN! ....This I like. Excellent work on making a BMW shine above
  5. all the time....and I love it I like to see the "Deer caught in the headlight look " .... PRICELESS
  6. No problem here my friend in the box is where the spider web sensor is. it is glued to the front of the box right near the cab. this way no matter where you touch the car the brass bearing shifts enough to set the alarm off. the circut board and battery pack is under the base..... no wires show. I have the truck mounted on chrome stands like a show truck would and the wires run through the tubing....making it all clean and wireless
  7. http://www.udisco.com/hobbies/pics/006353.jpg .....AMT #6353 1960 Chevy pickup Custom
  8. The flash doesnt do the paint justice....if you can take outside pics in the sun....the red will pop like crazy Very nicely one
  9. NIce ride....Love the Color....WOW!
  10. Sa-Weeeeeeeet lookin ride, love the choice of wheels. Tons better than the ones it came with. Excellent work on the Nova
  11. I have another toy car to take apart for another project. Ill get you some pics soon.
  12. It stays on standby until you shut it off. The best thing about it is that when people at shows see the red LED on the dash, they assume its just for looks until they touch....then you get this Deer caught in the headlights look....and they try to hide thier faces. Its a riot to play games with them. When the alrm goes off I reset it with the remote or shut it off and honk the horn. It keeps me amused all day
  13. If you got to your local toy store like Zellers or Toys-R-Us....and go to the boys toy car sections. some of these cars have remotes and buttons to push. You have fire trucks, police cars and tons of other ones. I found a Mercedes that had the alarm. took the toy apart and rewired it nto a model kit using Peeble lights for train models for the lights. All for about $25.00
  14. link is fixed....sorry about that guys
  15. Its a 1960 Chevy tht was customized. It has a NASCAR chevy motor with custom valve covers and fully detailed. It was tubbed out pro street style and mounted to a custom made base. It has an alarm system that is remote control activated with a range up to 65 feet. It has a horn and can start. he alarm is a Spider web design with brass bearing. the slightest vibration shifts the bearing and sets it off. All wired and plumbed. For video click on the first pic.
  16. I have to say that out of all your track cars....this one seem to tickle me fancy alot....I think its the body style but it is sharp excellent work slim
  17. Walt was also involved in with Art in the engineering and racing of these monsters. I found 1 good link to the Arfons cars from different years....hope this helps... http://www.americanjetcars.com/arfbro.html As for you trying this build or any of his with the allison motor....I say....GO FOR IT!....its a very simple build to do. The motor will be the most complicated part of the whole build. Or in some cases the purchase of the body ....thats if you do it the same way I did it
  18. I started building this car on March 3rd 2009....so 12 days to build. To be honest, its was not a very complicated car to build. The motor is the most complicated thing on it. The rest of the build consists of 27 pieces of plastic, 1 torpedo , from the parts box - 2 axles, 4 shocks, 6 tires, 1 seat, 1 steering wheel and 1 set of pedals. Thanks for the comments....very appreciated.
  19. Well....Its a finally done. I will be posting the the in the finished section too.
  20. Ok More updating pics. I found a green in Tamyia paint that is very close to what the real car is or was lilke. I would have to say about 90% accurate, I think my color is a tad darker I also got the front panel made that sports the steering column and pedal assembly http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e343/RadRidesByDan/Art%20Arfons%20Green%20Monster%206/GreenMonsterV-1239.jpg[/img
  21. updated pics. This front axle is just for mock up. the stance is actually a littlt higher in the front than what I have it. Finally got the primer on it and next will be the dark green. After lookin at some old pics. The green is not or doesnt look like the John Deere green. its quite a bit darker.
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