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  1. Dont listen to these guys The average Jo-Han kit sells on E-Bay for an average price of approx. $60.00 to $70.00 each I have seen some kits go as high as $300 and some as low as $10 good luck
  2. heres the link http://www.hlj.com/hljlist2/?Count=300&amp...acroType=TirWhe hope this helps
  3. Excellent touch on the louvers, and the suicide doors. Nice detailing wirk
  4. Nice build Bobby, the color combo is not what I would of thought to match but it ROCKS Bro, Excellent work
  5. no guessing here bro Escort Cosworth Wheel and Tyre Set - Suit Tamiya etc. .... Fujimi 1/24 17 inch WedsSport TC-005 Wheel & Tire Set. From Hong Kong ... they are 17,s
  6. Merry Christmas to you too and thank you for having the kindness to respond, Yes I wrote that up last night out of the blue. I didnt know what to think of it but it turned out ok.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you too enjoy Bear
  8. Merry Christmas to you too my friend from Canada....OH!!!! Santa said he's stopping at your house too Have fun and be safe Bear
  9. Twas the night before Christmas... and all through the house, Not a model being built... You couldnt hear a mouse. Not a rattle can being shaken... Not a modeller in sight, We are all anticipating... Christmas morning delight. The night goes by quick... we assemble by the tree, Some of us sit down... and some on one knee. We pick at the gifts... as we pass them around, We tear off the ribbons... and wrappers hit the ground. The children have bought models... for Dads... like you and me, A car or a truck... or even a plane or boat....you see. We will start building again... and the plastic will be a flyin', with a moan and a groan... and even some sighin'. No matter the outcome... build them to the best that you can, and post them on the forum, so all of us can see, what you got that famous morning under the tree. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM RADRIDESBYDAN 2008
  10. I agree with Jantrx.....you definately have a great eye for building. your color choices are perfect for the vcars that you have posted excellent work
  11. nice rendering of teh famous General.....Im glad you built the more accurate push bar. very nice detailing
  12. I am very humbled by everyones great comments. Great thank you.
  13. thanks for the great comments guys, very appreciated
  14. Brian my friend, Fanominal build....and you know that I love RoadRunners....this is excellent, the engine compartment is very well done, and the color and paint is perfect for the car, Im glad you painted the bumpers the same color as the body. Makes it really stand out agressive. Bear
  15. Excellent build. I like the color and stance. The stance is very agressive. COOOOOOOOOL
  16. I have one of those kits in my collection.....but with different decals, Excellent build....now its gioving me the itch to start mine 2 Thumbs up
  17. After the holidays I will post up the interior pics. thanks for the great comments everyone
  18. Welcome aboard to a great place of plastic fenoms, Hope to see some of your builds soon. Bear
  19. I can just see the next year NASCARS when the new sponsors are companies like DUB city and Tuner car sponsors. I think he is a visionary man. As different as it maybe.....I like it. Cool build
  20. Excellent Cutlass, the color is P-U-R-R-R-R-D-Y, I like the transformation for the 442 to the Rallye. I did notice the chip on the roof.....that sucks....did you chip any of his chicklets(pearly whites)?
  21. Anything that is laquer base you have to have a laquer base primer first, I use the Scratchfill primer from Canadian Tires, the one from duplicolor is just as good to use. this way the plastic wont ripple on you. Hope this helps
  22. This is a real nice build, what I like about it its that its not overly done up. Although im not into low-riders I like the elegant look that you kept. Excellent work
  23. The back seat drivers are in buckets......no benches here my friend thanks for the comments and if your need any info on the mods..... just hollar
  24. HOLY ***tttttttt.....ive seen lots of intriguing stuff on models but this is SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOL Amazing work on the sun roof
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