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  1. MPC/Round 2 - Pony Express is back from the grave!

    Wait for the hatch. I have two built of the original issues early Pinto's and far superior for fit and finish to this re-issue pony express wagon.
  2. ANJ Resins - - Anyone have experience with them...???

    I bought his 86-90 Brougham sedan. Needed lots of finishing off in order to be acceptable. His prices are not cheap, but quality of work questionable. I would not buy from him again for sure. Saw his proposal of the final Lincoln Town Car on ebay, and it is pathetic being polite !!!
  3. 70 Plymouth GTX Johan kit

    Great update on this model !! Your improvements make it look like a showroom classic !!
  4. 1/25, 1978 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Custom Classic.

    I don't think anyone will be bothered by your omissions !! This model is spectacular. The detail is incredible and it looks so very real. For a first conversion I think it is spectacular !!
  5. My Completed Builds for 2018

    The Beetle and Impala really are eye catching !! The rest are nice too, but like that little old Beetle most of all !!!
  6. 68 Cougar GT

    Absolutely gorgeous !! Bravo !! Black never works well for me so I avoid it, have never had any good luck with black. But it looks perfect on that model and brings it to life !! Awesome save and restore
  7. No one will come close to the folks at Modelhaus. Both people were great to deal with, went out of their way to help and also at times even redid a part for you if the outcome was questionable. However they focused primarily on dealer promo merchandise and on factory stock. You seem to want to go in another direction which is drag and pro-stock, nothing that would interest me at all. Two important suggestions for you...One set accurate and reasonable delivery times. Don't promise 7-10 days when that turns into 30 or more. And if something goes awry, notify the customer IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. Nothing worse than being treated like a second class citizen, and having to wonder and guess what is going on. If you are going to do wheels, some factory style wire wheel caps or factory accurate wheel covers in chrome 1/25 scale would be really nice. A lot, but not all like me take high performance model kits like an Olds 442 and turn it into a full blown Cutlass Supreme. Having accurate wheel covers or wire caps of the era would be really nice as it would complete the model perfectly. And two and probably most important, don't price yourself out of the club. Modelhaus was price positioned perfectly for what you got and what they did. I have only seen one other resin company come close to Modelhaus quality and they too are a pleasure to deal with. The flip side is that there are a lot of fly by night castors out there with extremely questionable quality, and even worse business ethics. Just some thoughts but who I am to criticize !!
  8. What cars interest you in resin 1/25

    This question seems to be asked at leas once every 6 months. NO one ever does what we suggest but here it goes again. Any full size car from the late 70's or early 80's would be nice. Like a Delta 88 Royale sedan, Buick Electra or Park Ave. or even a LeSabre. They were very popular automobiles and daily drivers that sold well. Even an 80's Town Car would be nice. I don't know if I speak alone or for others, but I for one have been Pony carred out. Enough with the Mustangs, Firebirds, Camaros etc,. not everyone's jaw drops insanely when yet another is released. Same goes for me with the Chevelle. Took Revell almost a decade to realize that the G-Body of the 80's Oldsmobile has a following. Have both and proudly made a Cutlass Supreme and Supreme Brougham out of each. Now if only a Regal or Regal Limited would come to market.!!!!
  9. 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special

    Now that is absolutely gorgeous !! A true work of art. Excellent color choice as well !!
  10. Revell 1969 Mustang Boss 302............My take with pics!

    Make a convertible out of it !! Will eliminate stressing over minor details and be really unique !! But hide the box when you are done. As one poster said, it too will create lots of unwanted turbulence we are sure !!
  11. Revell 1969 Mustang Boss 302............My take with pics!

    Could not agree with you more !! Does make for hysterical reading though, as if they are on the dealers lot and actually kicking the tires, picking the car apart but not admitting they could not afford the tires nor the insurance on the actual car. And taking home handfuls of brochures to dream and criticize Ford for all the glaring errors they made in the design of the automobile. I have an actual dealer promo of one, will I tear it apart and modify it because the ash tray is a 99th degree off etc., absolutely not. It is in brand new condition, a nice piece in my collection and will not tamper with the value of this model. The old saying is 'Leave well enough alone'. Besides, they are models for admiring and displaying, not actual driving !!!
  12. MPC/Round 2 - Pony Express is back from the grave!

    Ahh the site expert. Every one of these sites seems to have a website guru. Forgive the rest of us for relisting something you may have discussed 10 years ago !!
  13. MPC/Round 2 - Pony Express is back from the grave!

    A very disappointing reboot of a once nice model. (Pinto Pony Express). Way too much flash on this model, and pieces don't always fit correctly either. And the areas to be cut out for portholes and roof skylights bleeds through regardless of how well sanded, primed, and painted. And mine was molded in an absolute awful silver gray which is insane. Save yourself money, and avoid this kit. Spent way too much time fixing mistakes and was still disappointed with the end result. Not one of their better jobs.
  14. My 2018 builds

    The Beetle is just superb !! Really stands out in black. That is a color I have never had luck with so I avoid it. Bravo !!
  15. Working with photo etching

    Thank you Thank you Thank you !! Wow it works like a charm and creates no mess at all !! And after attaching all my tiny emblems today, still have all my hair on my head !!!