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  1. Yes it does. Looking forward to the retail version. Will grab one myself then. This one is great looking but interests me not because of no half vinyl, crown molding, or wide rockers. But if one like that is cast, count me in !!
  2. Sadly this site hasn't changed in the two years I was off of it. There are still the same 20 or so self appointed 'experts' whose opinion is the only one that matters. No one else can have one unless in agreement with. Sad. Like a remake of 'Grumpy Old Men'. Not worth having an opinion, easier just to stay away. There are plenty of other sites like this that actually allow a variety of opinions. A lot of you should try it as well. Not a question of having to be right, a question of accepting another opinion. Something most on here have a problem doing.
  3. I am so thrilled for him !! We all do things our OWN way. Not exactly a new or novel idea
  4. Be it 1copy or 1000 copies of, it is his call, but a lot are not interested in playing 'The Price is Right'. Which is a point that several others posting and myself are trying to make, but not making much progress. What he does with them is his choice entirely. Looks terrific, lots of work and effort surely, but not for everyone. For those who do want to, enjoy. But remember, 'This Make a Little Thunder of Your Own Showcase, Can be Yours if The Price is Right'. Been there, done that. Not ever going down the golden bidding road for anything again......and that is my final thought on this. Am done with this thread.
  5. Well put. Simple as that. But trying to convince this crowd of that is like banging your head against a wall.. This could be his incentive while the auctions are running, and then whoever the winner is can play the second one 1978 Thunderbird commercial.mp3 The Price is Right Extended Theme.mp3
  6. Can't get over how well you summed it all up, Dale. I guess others must not only enjoy watching but playing 'The Price is Right' !!! They can have all that fun all by themselves, as I have more important things to do with my time and money. And like you I have kits I have parted hundreds of dollars with for also. Point is, it was my choice, not someone else's bid driving it higher and higher, or the item owner tweaking it daily.
  7. Hee Hee !!! Yes that is what I meant. Didn't check my spelling was in too big of a hurry to go do some errands !!
  8. A gentleman and a scholar. Thank you. Hopefully but doubtful it ends this dribble...….
  9. To be perfectly honest sir, I could honestly care less. What he does with this is his choice and no one else's. The small model club I belong to won't be customers and although fun to follow the progress of, holds no 'BIDDING' interest to any of us. If he auctions all, terrific. If he decides to hoard them, terrific too. If he never makes another that is terrific too. It is his model and no one else's. Like Lee Iacocca once said in a news conference, 'Detroit should not build more or less than they can sell.' Very true words.
  10. Sorry but don't agree with you. One model is not a business. Also not having a website for showing things or ordering or a number for contact does not constitute a business where I come from. More of a 'one hit wonder'. I personally never would do business with anyone that I have to pm on this site for information etc. And keep in mind as was mentioned on another site, he did have the venerable 'Gran Torino' kit by Revell as a starting point. So yes he put an extraordinary amount of effort into this and that is admirable in itself. But don't for a minute think that someone along the way won't acquire one of these models, and run off copies to recover his/her purchase cost and offer them for less. Then the whining about piracy and it not being fair or right will start as well. Hey as others have said this is America land of the free. So all this must be taken into account. Makes no difference to me in any way as I will not be buying. Will wait a few months/years and someone in Europe or elsewhere or maybe even a manufacturer will offer the model. Lindbergh did decades ago, and for now at least I have that one !!!
  11. What the man mastered or didn't is irrelevant I feel. We are talking about this particular model, not anything and everything ever sold or casted. Amazing how things get completely off tangent and lead to things related, but not about the topic itself. Matters not to me who or what was involved in the Colony Park kit, it was sold by Modelhaus and not on eBay. If he was, thank you it is the pride of my collection. If not, so be it. The price was set, and you could decide in an instant yes or no. Whoever did the work or was involved, bravo and thank you. The day that popped up I said yes immediately because it was fairly priced and something I wanted. Didn't have to wrestle with auctions, potential shills, yes they are part of eBay, and had already seen a built copy of. As for the LTD, if Paul was involved in it, thank you it is gorgeous. Was a joy to build and detail to my 78's specs. But again I only paid $65.00 for the entire kit and was worth it. No auctions, or anything. And the man who sold me the kit and I have become friends so any questions or other items I want if he has them he has earned my business. And he gives me lots of good tips and tricks as well. Proves to me time and time again, life is not what you know but whom you know.
  12. Your work is outstanding and devotion to it, deserves a nod as well. Many of us love that T-Bird, you are not alone. I did read Don Holthaus' name being mentioned in another post on here, so go with the king. His kits were priced for sale, and that is how he won as many customers as he did. Your time and effort are admirable as well, but Modelhaus ruled the industry sadly. Others have tried to copy them, and some even have attempted to pirate their work. I did business with them for decades because they were simply that good. Many others have come and gone while they were in business and after as well. They knew their customers and priced things fairly as well. And they never put forth how much time, effort, or outsourcing they did or didn't do. I am not a giant fan of resin kits, I only have two. One came from Modelhaus and it was worth the wait and his price was more than fair. The Colony Park was a gem and is a jewel to see. My only other is that of a 78 LTD built as a carbon copy of my own. Price on that was more than fair too, and quality great as well. I have seen lots of other attempts even on this site of people coming up with ideas but won't show a picture of a built one, or the final copy. No thank you. As stated earlier and previously, your work is fantastic, I admire you for it, but until you can establish a buy it now price, I will not be a customer. With me personally, it is simply a question of ethics, and my pride. Goes against my grain of thinking. I wish you much success with your venture and hope you sell all you produce !!!
  13. To each his own, the beauty of living in America is that we each can decide how to do something without being told by anyone that you can't do it. I have never berated him, his work is outstanding. I find it amazing though that some here choose to. A craftsman who can do what he wants with his creation. Beautiful yes, fun to watch the progress of as well. I find it amazing that because a few don't like the model of T-Bird or Ford in general they go off on tangents that have nothing to do with the issue at all. I didn't bring the issue of eBay and auctions up, merely pointed out my opinion of. One thing that might set this whole board on fire is we are not talking Sotheby's and a Gough Gan. Again Steve, not taking away from the mans creation, but we are talking a model car here. And as I said earlier everything has a worth. I admire him for doing it and the work put into it. My hat is off for that. And how he determines the value of is entirely up to him, no one else. But he won't be getting me as a customer or a bidder. I choose not to get involved with that type of thing. eBay bidding wars that is. Not my thing, never has been or will be.
  14. Self respect is not an issue here. As you put it or someone else did, No one is questioning the mans work, craftsmanship or integrity. But everything has a WORTH. The beauty of Capitalism is the consumer can easily say NO. And I agree with several others, NO is my answer. Everything has a net worth. And although beautiful, and surely a would like to have item, nothing is worth that kind of money to me. Sorry. Can spend that and get more combing a garage sale, flea markets, or hobby stores in Europe. Some of the best models I have ever acquired have been found that way. Rare and hard to find items too. And no, I didn't have to take out a loan to acquire any of them. Most people don't realize what they have for sale at garage sales or flea markets so finding bargains is easy. And fun for me and the family as well. The model I saw on eBay was a 1/32 scale remember. Not a 1/25th. And in time, I am sure that someone else in the world will cast this model as well. No one unless they file for it, has a copyright on a model. At least not to my knowledge. You also mention or someone else did Modelhaus. True masters of the art, from a to z. The 1970 Colony Park kit was worth every penny. One of the rarest of models ever produced, perfect in every detail, and had a set price. As I love Colony Parks, yes I have one. One of the crown jewels of my collection.
  15. Funny, there is a resin model currently for sale on ebay 1/32 scale with the nose of a 79 and tail of the 78. Easy enough to correct. Appears to be nice and pretty accurate. However buy it now is $10.00. Not that I am buying it as I located the Lindbergh 77 last year in Europe for a fantastic price, but says what a lot of others have said already. Greed is not always good. Excellent work and detail yes, worth hundreds possibly, no. As I already stated everything has a limit. And I am sure someone else in the world in time will do the same thing as well. Or maybe the kit companies will wake up and smell the coffee too. Either way, patience is a virtue and I have plenty of it....
  16. Beautiful execution and casting. Now do the civilian version with wide rocker moldings, wheel covers or cast wheels and vinyl top and I would be seriously interested. The state and police body never caught my eye or mattered that much to me. And not really wanting to make wide rockers, the Crown roof, or hunt up cast aluminum wheels !!!
  17. I am sure that as time marches on, someone else in the world will do the same thing and will keep it affordable for the masses who would like to have it. The model is stunning, well executed and brilliant work. But everything has a limit, and no one will tip me over to empty my pockets for anything. Least of all anything on ebay. Unless there is a buy it now price listed I avoid just about everything on ebay. Not falling in to the 'greed' trap with anything, least of all a model car. I comb garage sales regularly as well as flea markets, and have gotten very lucky with finds that are priced fairly and often even very low. Ebay is good for a lot of things, just not model cars. Greed tends to take over with market fairness on ebay. My international travels have also yielded some great finds as far as hard to find kits or promos, so they are out there and not all are insanely priced.
  18. Should be fun. Just make sure you get rid of the GT emblem and bar on the trunk, as the Fairlane never had that. I have seen one or two sites where you can get the Fairlane 500 script for the sides.
  19. Simply Incredible !!! If this does become available for purchase please let us know how much !!! And would you be including the grille and taillights for the 79 as it is completely different ???
  20. Wait for the hatch. I have two built of the original issues early Pinto's and far superior for fit and finish to this re-issue pony express wagon.
  21. I bought his 86-90 Brougham sedan. Needed lots of finishing off in order to be acceptable. His prices are not cheap, but quality of work questionable. I would not buy from him again for sure. Saw his proposal of the final Lincoln Town Car on ebay, and it is pathetic being polite !!!
  22. Great update on this model !! Your improvements make it look like a showroom classic !!
  23. I don't think anyone will be bothered by your omissions !! This model is spectacular. The detail is incredible and it looks so very real. For a first conversion I think it is spectacular !!
  24. The Beetle and Impala really are eye catching !! The rest are nice too, but like that little old Beetle most of all !!!
  25. Absolutely gorgeous !! Bravo !! Black never works well for me so I avoid it, have never had any good luck with black. But it looks perfect on that model and brings it to life !! Awesome save and restore
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