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  1. Hi this is my sec build its a mpc skill2 86 el camino i didnt do nothing stock the only thing on the engine that belongs is the block i made or got everything else tubbed it out got more work to do but thses are some pics from whats done so far thanks for lookin let me know what you think
  2. Old z28 i found lying around so i cleaned it really good and slapped a fresh coat of primer on it and a decent set off wheels check it out
  3. What's up guys ain't had time to do anything lately but check it out so far and let me know what you think thanks
  4. Old z28 i found lying around so i cleaned it really good and slapped a fresh coat of primer on it and a decent set off wheels check it out
  5. They fit pretty good really but thanks for lookin il keep updates going
  6. Hey just got a 86 El camino let me know any ideas or any tips you guys mite have on a way to go with it so far just painted the block and drilled my plug wire holes and bmf'd my timing cover il post more updates thanks
  7. Re: mikemodeler thanks man. yeah he was a good teacher its in my blood to build models. so i mise well start....
  8. Heres a couple pics of the inside all the chrome is bmf i used flat black and used gloss to brake it up i also used a real metel steering wheel and the three gauges oil temp batt and also i took the 3 on the tree and made it manual the car with it is ratster777's impala if you want to see more go to his profile and comment on it hes my dad and teacher well thanks for lookin
  9. found another couple pics on here
  10. my plug wires would stay like that idk if you can see but if you look really close theres brackets that hold them my grand pa has a 1:1 55 belair and that's how his wires sit with the wire connecters right over the valve covers thanks for ur comments tho hope to see more and get to know everyone a little more
  11. Thanks everyone for your post i kinda want to start a new project and jump around a little i cant work on the same thing constantly i get board with it but i think its lookin good ratster777 is my dad and teacher check out his chevy
  12. Thanks everyone keep on with the comments
  13. Thats nice my dads buildin a 68 charger with the same hemi now hes going the fourm to hope to see more
  14. Re: mattsteel85 yeah man i was thinking about it but i wanted something a little different you dont see matte color chevys in this red with pin stripes and im going to do the truck in the same finish
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