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  1. TS-8 From tamiya is very close to the Performance red that ford used on their Lightening pickups if thats the shade you refer to.
  2. check out "VAPKERS" watchmakers hardware kits nice selection of small nuts and screws
  3. google images Yakamos Files might be worth a shot ?
  4. The grille is a kit item
  5. Removed the front grill surround, tail panel and wheel arch moldings. Engine wired and plumbed. Refinished in DuPont lacquer and TransStar clear.
  6. Its PPG aluminum lacguer tinted with testors black enamel with DuPont violet pearl powder and cleared with Transtar "Jammin Clear", a real mongral paint job.
  7. I'm thinking on the Foose ford p/u truck
  8. Test mule for paint.
  9. Refinished in Duplicolor custom mix lacquer, Transstar clear. Engine wired and plumbed. Scratch built rear shocks.
  10. Get yourself a cheap black umbrella. the fabric is close enough for scale top material.
  11. "George Carlin" Wannabe?
  12. Refinished in BASF Aztec Red lacquer. Duplicolor gold stripes. Transstar clear. Engine wired and plumbed. Scratch built battery terminals, starter solenoid, air filter element, master cylinder, E brake cables, Shelby traction bars, hood pins.
  13. That semigloss finnish can be safely removed with IPA and a soft fluffy round paint brush, just go slow, I've done that quite a few times back in the 80's when Monogram had the satin clear fettish goin on.
  14. Engine wired and plumbed. PPG green, Duplicolor black, Transtar clear
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