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  1. Refinished in PPG lacquer, DuPont urethane clear coat. Minimal wiring, machine aluminum pulleys. Scratch built front and rear shocks, aluminum spreader bars front and rear, faux hood hinge, tail lights, floor shifter assembly and seat belts. Built this about 17 years ago.
  2. I attempted this back in 1965 and it didn't come out very good, 55 years later I got it done. Lindberg kit, engine wired and plumbed. Added details- master cylinder, windshield washer bag, distributor, lower ride height. Refinished in PPG lacquer with Transtar clear.
  3. 70mach1


    Revell kit. Minimal wiring and plumbing. Refinished in BASF lacquers, DuPont urethane clear coat.
  4. This is a very rare color option- only 140 were produced in this color. It's a nice change from the black, red and white Corvettes. Old Revell kit, plastic was very brittle and warped. Some of the best chrome I've ever seen on malformed parts- that's why I decided to build it OOB. Refinished in custom mixed RM lacquers, DuPont urethane clear coat.
  5. Engine wired and plumbed. Refinished in BASF lacquer, DuPont urethane clear coat. Scratch built parking brake cables, fuel lines and PCV system.
  6. Check out the interior details at "Model Car Garage"
  7. I would mask the filler using BMF shoot the grill and bumper chrome, let dry ,do a black wash on the grill remove the BMF sit back and admire
  8. Kinda looks like a crosseyed Platypus
  9. Try using wedding cord or bakers twine, Lots to choose from color wise, Take a look at Google Images.
  10. "Easy Off" Is the trade name of home oven cleaner
  11. Its the revell kit. and thanks for the compliment.
  12. Engine wired and plumbed. Refinished in BASF driftwood grey and Jonquill yellow lacquers, DuPont urethane clear coat. Scratch built distributor, fuel filter assembly, starter solenoid, parking brake assembly. Added valve stems and wheel weights to the tires. This is the first time I ever used decals for the white walls. I was impressed how well they turned out.
  13. Refinished in Argyl Blue lacquer, DuPont urethane clear coat. Engine wired and plumbed.
  14. Broken gear in the wiper transmission.
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