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  1. man that car is fat up front, lol, i now know how to use the converion setup thank you veryvery much i learned somthing today
  2. so that would make it out to be 3.2 in am i correct?
  3. btw would you happen to know the width for the front end i see know mention of it online the right lengh, i had to stretch it out a bit as it was short so now im lost on the front end bummer thanks im going the 1/25 route
  4. thank you! that's cool you know that, now i can finish my build
  5. been making this car, geting closer to my likes , ive scratch made this, but im also need in some help out there, if anyone has a resin 1971 or so riviera, can you give me your length measurement i want to make sure mine lines up with others out there , finding this car online is realy hard and geting one is hard so i made my own
  6. i used the outer shell of the fenders from another kit, sep i even had too chop them up and make them my own, as they where not what i wanted, roof is scratch built i started with plastic strips then i used some aves to give it the curve i need, i used one door from another kit but had to make a new one as i lost the other side , the doors are geting reshape and cut out,,, i did startout with a black hood from another kit sep i just scraped it the other day and made a new one with vents cut out as the old one would not shape well from it was warped and would never go back to normal
  7. i left the fire wall out when i lowered it, it also has no back seats, they where in the way of my tires that i put on it, glass is not there i lossed it, and im not going to replace it anytime soon so i called it done, the engine cover was next to it i forgot to put it on before i took the picture
  8. thank you guy's sorry about the blury pictures im going to try to retake them tonight and post them up, it''s bugging me lol
  9. I just added some bondo and putty to feel up the gap in my hood after i just stretch out the car a bit, as it was a bit short from the 1:1 car i cut out my back window took like an hour to do, i have to do some more filling in the back of the car with some aves, then after that' im going to shape the doors add flairs to the fenders, and roof and little small details after that and i might cast it after it'/s all done before it moves to primer and paint
  10. if i can get my vw bug done in time i will join up
  11. Thanks for the welcomes everyone, Danno AZ is a great state and better then texas but our kind dont brag about it much lol or do we
  12. couple of pictures of some of my builds
  13. Just posting up a build of mine pictures are not the best sorry
  14. Im new to this sight but i might as well post up my car im building right now, i have been working on this car for about 2 years, it/'s all scratch built, im not done with the body but geting there, it has been an on and off project lots and lot's of sanding was done, it's a delahaye pacific car, i have done alot more since these pictures where taken and lot more sanding lol
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