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  1. The tires fit a little loosely, a little of flash on the brass radiator, headlights a bit fiddly to put together.
  2. Thank you for the comments guys. Nope the tires are molded in white.
  3. Hello everyone. I finished up ICM's 1911 Ford Touring car. It is a great kit that has great details but also has its few flaws. The paint is Tamiya lacquer and the model is out of the box. Since you're only able to build the model with the top up, I used the folded roof from the AMT T kit to replicate the roof so the interior is able to be seen better. Here is the completed car:
  4. Just finished this little Subaru. It's the Hasegawa '68 360 kit. I've always loved the 360 but I love the 360 Cabriolet more. A lot less common than the normal 360 hardtop. The model is painted with Testors colors. I didn't like the kit's whitewall decals so I painted them on. The model is stock accept for the roof. I cut up some leather to replicate the folded rollback convertible roof to let some sun in!
  5. Very beautiful model! I'm a huge fan of these early cars. (BTW the title says 1985 )
  6. Sprayed the tires with some white Tamiya surface primer to give them that natural rubber look these tires had in the '00s and early '10s. Next up is giving the body parts some color.
  7. Okay, got the motor finished and wired up. Its a pretty hefty piece once assembled. More to come!
  8. Thanks guys, and I think like you Tulio. I prefer stock Ts over modded.
  9. Spectacular model Leslie. The kit version i have does not come with the closed roof, only the open roof.
  10. Hello everyone. I found this Entex kit at my local hobby store for $60. I'm a big fan of these old brass era autos. The kit features the 1910 Thomas Flyer Model M 6 - 40. Possibly the best Thomas ever built, it had the companies most powerful 6 cylinder engine (64Hp @ 1500RPM) and highest price tag. Surprised I haven't seen any of these cars built on this forum. I've seen many Mercers (which I eventually want to build) but not these Thomas's Anyways, I started getting the engine assembled. The cylinder heads were put together along with the brass priming cups. Before the heads were mounted to the block, i installed the valve springs. Finally the flywheel was installed. The car on the box art is green but I feel that RED what look good on the car. Along with natural rubber white colored tires
  11. Just a stock AMT T. Nothing special i just added some wood grain to the wheels and some brass details to break up the black paint.
  12. This model I got from amazon for $8. It is an Arii kit. They are a Japanese brand and this kit falls under their 1/32 Owners Club series which includes many unique vintage Japanese cars. Anyways, the Carol was Mazda's second passenger car and the 360 model was powered by a 360cc water cooled inline 4 motor that made about 19 Horses. The model is box stock except I just added some styrene rod to the sides to replicate the chrome trim that was supposed to be on the car. It took about a week to build and it was a fun quirky build.
  13. I've been searching for a model kit of any scale of the 1886 Benz motorwagen. This car is legendary. It's the first patented automobile ever. I know there is a kit of the 1886 Daimler (the 4 wheeled one by minicraft) But I cant find a kit of this car. I can only find diecast models of it. Does anybody know where i can find one?
  14. Nice work so far! Are you going to used the stock Volkswagen motor from the kit, or are you going to use another?
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