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  1. Been researching stock 64 dodge color options, and i think im going with the JJ1 light turquoise and interior option 2 for the 330, which is to say light turquoise with white trim. Im trying to make this look like a 330 someone bought off the lot new in 64 with a max wedge, then slapped a set of aluminum 5 slots and dual exhaust on it. Also im going to attempt a first try at alclad for the wheels, grill and bumpers, as well as BMF on the trim and interior shiny stuff. Like i said, im not trying to go crazy with fab work or custom stuff. Just a nice clean 'mostly stock' daily street machine
  2. i think ill build a gasser out of the next one i buy. Ive decided to keep this build pretty straight forward with little fabrication. Im going to focus instead on paint, interior detail and engine detail. The only fabbing im hoping to do is for the hubs on the wheels lol. Besides. If i build a gasser ill be tempted to build it as an ALTERED gasser..... Lost of custom fabrication. Im not in the mood to think that hard at the moment lol.
  3. yea it has the max wedge. But some people have opened both the CMG and the Ramchargers 64 330 to find both the wedge AND the six cylinder..... I dont know if lindberg planned that or if it was just a flub. But just my luck i didnt get so lucky
  4. Two days.... Holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. It would take me two WEEKS to atleast have an idea of what id want to do! Great build! And if that homeless 2JZ begins to take up too much room let me know lol
  5. Thanks guys! I became pretty attatched to this build so i was kind of sad when it was completed. I couldnt have done it without all the encouragement and inspiration i find in this forum it was my pleasure! you'll love that kit. The only issue i had was the backing plates for the rear drums. they are supposed to slip over the rear axle but once they are in place it doesnt allow the brake drum to slide flush with it if you use the slicks. And the kit headers are kind of janky. I tried modding mine to make them more realistic with some pieces of steel brake line and heat shrink tubing, but it seems that the temp required to activate the heat shrink also males styrene almost......gummy lol. I wound up with two lumps of plastic with a 1/4 inch of 1/8 inch brake line super glued to one end.... I just used some i found in my wifes uncles parts box haha. Good luck with your build! m
  6. You hear a small voice whispering "18" Volk TE37s"..... Lol.
  7. New WIP. Bought this Lindberg Color Me Gone kit at an Ollies discount for a whopping $7.... In probably going back to buy every one these as well as every Revell ZO6 Vette they have at that price lol. Anyway, ive never built a lindberg kit. But im happy with the quality so far. Detailed decals, really deep door and trunk separation lines, its actually STRAIGHT lol. The lack of options kinda bums me out. I did some research before opening it and it said that some of the CMG kits came with a slant as well as the big block. I would have LOVED to do a super six powered daily driven rod.... Im rambling. On with the show! Its not going to be box stock... Im not made that way haha. But im stuck on which way i wanna build it. Street car or gasser. If i build it as a street car itll have the max wedge engine that comes with the kit, tires and wheels from the 55 Chevy street machine kit, full interior with a bench seat, and a factory color paint job. No roll cage but a custom bent dual exhaust. If i do it gasser style its going to use a set of torque thrust style wheels with goodyear blue streak slicks, a blown hemi, all of the front straight axle stuff from the same 55 Chevy kit, and custom fender exit headera. Ive done basic rough mock ups of each. Which do you guys think?
  8. You have another vote for the moon tank.... And an unasked for vote for the quickchange rear end in the last pic of the original post!!! Lol
  9. Snacktruck67. Great first trading experience!
  10. Heres my latest project. 32 Vicky, stock top, channelled, rusted using the "salt method". Mill is a Chrysler 440 with 6 one barrel carbs. Wheels are stock "steelies" and center caps left over from my 68 charger build. All questions, comments and criticisms are welcome..... Enjoy!
  11. Well, its been a great build and learning experience, but all good things must end, right? Its finished, complete, done, finalized, etc etc etc.... When i began my pro street charger build, i was really just looking for something to keep my hands busy and my mind off some personal issues. I was never particularly good at model building 10+ years ago, so i really didnt expect to dive into this hobby as wholly as i have. Now ive completed 2 builds, and im finding myself doing things that i had never even imagined before. Wiring an engine was never something i would do before, much less make a plastic model "rusty". I have to admit im twice the builder i was before i started this Vicky, and i still have a million miles to go before im as good at this as i want to be i would like to thank each and every one who has read this post, commented, gave encouragement, and corrected my slim knowledge about the Model A lol. If anybody wants to check it out itll be over in the Under Glass area thanks for watching!
  12. i used to display my gluebombs in wheelie fashion....make sure your rear wheels can turn freely and sand or cut some small flat spots in the bottom of the rear tires. If you want the "frame twist" launch, cut the drivera side a bit larger, or heat the drivers side leaf spring and push down on that corner a bit until the passenger wheel is off the ground (i also used just this sometimes). Then, using quarters or (my favorite) fishing sinkers, add some ballast in the rear until the front end comes up! With normal cars its easy to hide said ballast because the trunks normally dont open. You may have to get creative with the 'Mad lol. Hope this helps! Oh! And make sure to tape or glue that ballast in place lol.
  13. Growing up in a Mopar family ive seen PCP with both black and white vinyl interiors. However, every ORIGINAL mopar ive seen in PCP has been black interior. However, that doesnt mean that PCP only came with black as an option. That just means that black was the common standard interior. My vote is for black, especially if youre building a street machine. Black says spartan, utilitarian, no nonsense. It gets the job done. Good looking build so far!
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