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  1. ahh finally got some time to get back to it . painted the engine parts decided to go with the original ford block and heads and just fit the intake manifold and other parts from the Chevy to it . went together pretty good and a few gold parts for the bottom . its hi jacker suspension and a straight axle from a 41 Lincoln . and the rearend and ladder bars got the floor painted and started assembly of the interrior and enginebay and engine ready just missing the wiring and the ´4 barrel,s test fit interrior ready too time to figure out the headers i want them short and sticking out the fenders in front like ive seen on many gassers so had to make room for them and bend the headers to right angle with heat and then installed the rear-end . just needs ladder bars still also got the windows in the body . to be continued
  2. hey guys i went to ( if not the biggest then close to ) Oldtimer meets here in Denmark Yesterday . and took alot of pictures . the meet is called Gråsten Oldtimerløb and after a few hours of show all the vehicles go on a run down across the border to germany . its pretty cool to see them all go and its everything old Trucks ,cars ,tractors ,mopeds ,motorcycles. this was the 27,th time and it happens every year . thought people might want to see how the scene looks here . i think there is some very interesting subjects. maybe some you dont see much in the states . so enjoy . and feel free to ask or comment and ill try to answer to my best ability ... the album is hosted on facebook now (you dont need an account to view pics ) it took me 11 hours to upload . so please Enjoy https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.804790912988396.1073741848.100003724834896&type=1&l=08ad3460b5
  3. so today i worked on interor painting and chassis too . also misc parts needed to be black ' seams one of the original color options for this car was white and black so went with that . going to add a few silver trim parts too here i added a few details . still need the silver trim around the front seats and the engine bay got painted gold on the inside and the frame rails too . i hope it will give a great contrast to the rusty body . also sourced a straight axle for the front from a 41 Lincoln . will be painted gold too and mounted with hi-jacker suspension OHH and not to forget i gave it a Name .... its now the MerceNary Merc . thought that was clever ..
  4. it does kind of a natural camo . and that is also a nice one in that pic . i love the old American race cars ,
  5. thanks guys . i will hopefully get some more done later today
  6. on we go . salt wiped off and its good . sticking with my army theme it needed a star on each door . also with the salt method for consistency turned out like this and now im going in with a few wash tones to just push it a bit further and create some rain streaking like its been sitting for a few minutes it looks absolutly awsome im so surprised by the result waow .
  7. salty merc . he he this is fun . let it dry and got right on with paint . camoflage green cant wait to get that salt off now
  8. okay . engines aside for now . i started by priming the body lightly grey or actually i started by building a paint stand that rotates nothing fancy . just needed one . the hood is not going to be rusty like the body so it went black then the body went all red primer . im going to try the Salt method so building up some rust tones that can show trhu later . next the salt ..
  9. cool thanks for informing me . very nice of you . might just go with the 454 or maybe the original 390 and move the hi-rise and 4 barrel to that one . we,ll see
  10. these are very cool . will definitely be having them in mind
  11. hey guys thank you for your tips . I got the body primed just now . pics later . I gotta admit when you talk engines I dont really know what you mean exactly .. I get the whole displacement and cui thing but after that I'm pretty lost in the wonderful world of v8 engines and names terms for them . , what I do have from another kit is a 454 rat with holley 4 barrels mounted on a hi-rise manifold . would that be any good ...
  12. hey every body new project about to start this cyclone gt . have a few ideas . wanting to try a rusty finish . thinking may go Gasser on this not sure yet . dont know about colors and rims etc maybe army green . may also do an engine swap from the 390 to something else a gasser build needs something poking thru the hood i think. we,ll see all comments are welcome
  13. great car the best looking lambo ever made in my book
  14. looking good . every time i see this kit i want one . ohh well someday
  15. wow great looking model . top work and great details
  16. cool car . really like the color . nice work on it
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