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  1. From the days when we were just lucky and grateful to have ANYTHING re-released...though I suppose these give you the option to test colors on the box instead of the model, itself.
  2. No resin casters that I know of. I'm attempting the same thing. Here are two of my efforts so far. Obviously haven't sanded the white hood yet,. Also attempting a stock grille. Yes, there are too many bars. Doubt too many people in the non 1/24 world would notice if I didn't tell them. PS...no, I have not smoothed and polished the paint. Not sure this will be the final color anyway. Cheers! I, too, used the kit with the blue car on the box.
  3. This looks fantastic. Love all the extras you are adding. I have this kit and the decals to do the Charlie Glozbach Dow car...someday...maybe...
  4. Ha, thanks, but I have seen some of your builds and I swear they are so realistic, a couple drops of gas in the tank and they'd be runners!
  5. Yes! Me too. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box! Probably more surprised that it wasn't just a crate of pieces that USED to be models.
  6. Love this! Yes, I had the same release of that kit (in light blue). The red windows sort of make it look like an El Camino version of the Monogram/Tom Daniels Street Fighter
  7. I love it. Really looking forward to the progress on this. Looks like a very good start. I have been a big fan of Lister cars since I saw a fantastic Jaguar-powered Knobbly romp the competition all those years ago at Lime Rock. Cheers!
  8. Thanks all for your comments! It did come dangerously close to becoming:
  9. Oh, man...that is too bad, but unfortunately it happens a lot! That grille in the 57 is a weird piece. As I recall, it doesn't even fit the grille opening on the body, it's just a rectangular piece with a V on it. So have you built any Brazilian Fords? I know that you all had some cool looking variations on the U.S. 1965 Galaxie right into the 80s I think.
  10. Got it, thanks. I am familiar with Meteor and Acadian automobiles as I grew up on the Canadian border and saw them frequently. I referred to your Meteor grille as that is what AMT called it, innacurate as it may be. You have done an excellent job with this and would love to see a full on Meteor conversion some day ( I know of a couple Acadian conversions happening elsewhere in the forum...)
  11. Thanks Steve, and everyone...I guess "Barrier Blue" it shall be! 😉
  12. That looks fantastic. I love Caddys and the couple you have posted so far are incredibly well done! Just curious, how did you accomplish the wood accents on the door panels?
  13. Thank you, and thanks for the tip. I used to do some-such-similar about 30 years ago (including on an actual Johan Chrysler) , so I may just have to do it again :
  14. That is one SUPREME Olds!!! Well done!
  15. I am trying to replicate '66 Pontiac Marina Turquoise. This actually looks more blue in the pictures, but does, in fact, look darker and more turquoise in person. Thoughts, comments, and suggestions on the color would be welcome. Thanks!
  16. Like Charlie Brown said about the Christmas tree: "it needed me". Yes, I know most everyone on the forum would have done a better, and more convincing job, but this was a quick project just to get the creative juices flowing. It was an inexpensive ebay find that had the custom front and rear facias glued on. The stock parts were not included. The grainy picture is the actual ebay thumbnail of the car...you get the idea. It seemed to be painted with tar and ink. The red paint used actually stained the plastic to a somewhat pinkish color so I decided to keep it red. After stripping it with multiple applications of Easy Off, I sanded the body and tried to get rid of the glue rash where the custom pieces were applied. Not having the stock parts, and with Modelhaus going away, I had to get creative, and visited my parts stash . I wanted this to be a stock-appearing Corvair, but it is somewhat customized. I cleaned up and used the wheels it came with. But if you look closely at the front end, those are Johan '62 Chrysler headlights. They were a near-perfect fit with no modification (though they do make it a bit bug-eyed...like an NSU Prinz). The front bumper is from an AMT '68 Camaro. The rear bumpers are from the AMT '62 Corvette, and the taillights are the custom headlight bezels from the same kit. Finally, the lower rear valance is a trimmed down side skirt from the AMT '65 Oldsmobile Modified Stocker. Thanks for looking! I had fun tinkering with this. No, it's not perfect but it does look cute on the shelf. Cheers!
  17. This is FANTASTIC! I love the Meteor grille.
  18. Great shade of green! Had a Matchbox Cougar wagon that color.
  19. Love it! Is that roof section scratch-built or from the '59 Chevrolet or Oldsmobile promos (or kit)?
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