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  1. AMC ROB

    Wendell Scott

    These are fantastic! I've wanted to do a Wendell Scott car since "Greased Lightning" (sad to say I was not familiar with him before the film). Your models are incredibly well done! Cheers!
  2. Thanks! I tell ya, those AMT Sho-Cases are like Tupperware for models.
  3. Ha! Yes, I was, but it also helped that I used to have sort of an assembly line, and with the Monogram cars, at least, I could crank out a couple of completed chassis' in a day. The GM chassis were all the same so the time was really spent painting and decaling the bodies. I obviously didn't do much detailing, just the basics. I'd have like 10 dashboards, seats, fire extinguishers painted and ready to go, the chassis were all in primer awaiting the final color, and I always had wheel sets ready to go. Also used to get several bodies prepped and primered so that on any sunny, non-windy day, I could go out and spray paint. I know that some people would cringe at the thought of that, but it worked for me and I really wanted to just build, build, build. I'm a little more patient with my builds now. (Plus, what else was I going to do when Thunder Road and Bear Ridge weren't running?!)
  4. Oh man, shame on me! I have looked at this build several times and just realized I hadn't left a comment. This is absolutely incredible work! The color, the stance, the subtle customization...perfect, perfect, perfect!
  5. Another old build. I bought a bunch of these kits when they were re-released in 1993 because the box pictures a 1973 Chevelle. Unfortunately, the kit, itself, was the 1974/1975 Chevelle so I attempted to modify it back to the 1973 version. I missed out on the original release and at the time I built this, there was no such thing as ebay. I think this came out ok, but I have a couple 1973 kits now so I may redo, as it is an all-time favorite car from an all-time favorite driver. The modifications included opening up / reshaping the side (rear) windows, sanding the tail panel and blending it into the body, reshaping the trailing end of the quarter panels, adding round taillight covers ( actually just contact paper painted silver and punched through a hole punch...hey at least I was creative back in the day). The "major" modification was to the nose. I trimmed down and used the 1974 grille and fashioned the top part of the nose from putty. It looks ok, except the center ridge is a bit off. The bumpers are incorrect for a '73 but they are what I had to work with at the time ( though a Google search shows this later style of rear bumper was used on a restored car). The decals are JNJ. The rest is basically box stock. Darn those wheel wells! As always, thanks for looking!
  6. Always loved this paint scheme. I should have blacked out the grille and headlights for the Daytona winning car. Box Stock, including the kit decals! (except I think Bobby's name came from somewhere else as I don't recall his name was listed on the kit decals!)
  7. Another from the archives. Box stock, aftermarket sponsor and number decals which have not yellowed much, and kit contingency decals which have.
  8. Thanks for adding the pictures! I was just about to ask since I missed them the first time around. This is incredible! Super, super build!
  9. That looks awesome! Always liked Monzas and you have done an excellent job with this! That color is fantastic!
  10. Hey, I know everyone has been posting their 2018 builds but I figured I'd do a bit of a throwback...I recently came across a box of models I built about 30 years ago, and in it was this '59 El Camino that I think has held up pretty well considering how many times the box has been jostled around in the last 30 years. (I was actually more surprised it wasn't a box of parts that USED to be models.) I know there are a few El Camino posted recently, including Niko's killer 60's custom, so here's another. It's starting to yellow a bit and feels pretty fragile, but it will look ok on the shelf. I hand-painted all of the trim, including the rings on the gauge cluster. I could never do that now! The whitewalls are also hand-painted. Not sure why I went with wide-whites and dog dishes, but I kinda like it and I found a forlorn '64 Impala with the '59s hub caps in the box, so now the question is: where did the '64s wheel covers go? (Answer: probably on some glue bomb that went to the dump ages ago.) Thanks for looking.
  11. That 'Vette is killer!
  12. AMC ROB

    Johnny Rutherford

    This is gorgeous!
  13. Hi, sounds like a fun project. I'm attaching photos of a pretty good reference book for older NASCAR builds. Basic information but the photos are good and you should be able to get the book cheaply. As for the kit, use the AMT kit pictued. The white '62 Pontiac in the picture is an original AMT Kit. They are harder to come by, are a bit expensive, and you would have to do a lot of modification, especially to the side trim. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  14. AMC ROB

    Black Widow

    That is awesome! Well done!
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