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  1. same here! And I’m a current Monte owner!
  2. I used sheet plastic on the hood. And I added plastic to the bumper. The grill was kind of tricky. I sliced it from the rear but not all the way through. Then I cut the upper chrome down to the grill. Really just put a slice in it. I was able to warm it in hot water and close up the gap in the rear and then superglue it. Then I filled and added plastic to the upper chrome piece. The end result was close, but probably could be pointed a little bit more. I think yours is more accurate.
  3. I corrected the hood on mine too. I felt it was much too blunt. Of course I had to point the grill and bumper more also. I think it came out fairly well. I was thinking of making a mold of those parts for the other two that I have. I didn’t know about the wheel well and rear window issues. I removed all the GS specific parts from mine and added window frames for the lower base model. It’s going to replicate my cousin’s first car. I think I have you beat on how long mine has been stalled, it was painted in 2001!😂
  4. Nice! I have a couple resin 68 and 69 coronet coupes and convertibles. They need to be finished too.
  5. The smallest ribbon I found in craft stores near me was 3 mm. I went on eBay and found rolls 2.5mm in white that could be dyed any color with Sharpies. I find the 2.5 to be more and scale and work with photo etched buckles.
  6. My next dead project has been sitting over a year. 1957 Corvette, blue with red interior.
  7. Bill Geary has a thread on here for the conversion. It is top notch! Here is a link to his Fotki site https://public.fotki.com/MrObsessive/projects-im-working-on/1968-shelby-green-hornet/
  8. Yes indeed! Here are some pictures I took just now.
  9. Is it too late to add my Corvette Summer project to this thread? I’ll upload current pictures later.
  10. I’m a big fan of the 67 and 68 Cadillac Coupe Deville. I’m also a purist for original design. That being said, I really like this custom!👍 I have a couple extra 67s, I think I’ll follow along and try it myself!😁 I see it in lime green and real low!
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