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  1. I always felt that Monogram nails the Corvette’s, for looks and their overall feel. I’ll take a Monogram Corvette any day, all day long!
  2. Very cool! I haven’t seen one of those in a while!
  3. I did a lot of research on both the Monogram Road Runner and Superbird kits. Turns out the front of the cars or 1/25 scale in the rear is 1/24 scale. Here is a picture of AMT’s HEMI in the Monogram Superbird. Doesn’t look too bad! I did swap out the engine bay also. What you see here is from the Monogram 69 Dodge Coronet.
  4. Nice subject! I look forward to seeing this!😁👍
  5. I’m just about finished with this 500 conversion. It’s the Daytona kit with fenders and hood from the 69 Charger. Wheel covers from Fireball Models. I took the decal back off and ordered on from Keith Marks.
  6. You are correct. And that’s my problem here right now. Follows the contour of the rear edge perfectly. But I would guess the whole thing needs to be wider.
  7. What do the tail lights look like on the 67?
  8. Thanks everyone! Here is some of the interior modifications. I had to shave off the back and lower edge of the door panels to move them inboard a little bit more. Especially towards the back. It was the only way to fit it between the doors of the body, but that also closed up the gap between the convertible panels and the rear seat. Unfortunately the convertible boot does not cover the area where the convertible top folds down into. I guess technically it should be wider. And then the arms extended a little further toward the doors. Think I’m going to need more reference material with that. In the meantime, I’m considering an up top For the convertible. I had to shave off very little on the side of the dashboard to bring the door panels in slightly. overall it doesn’t look too bad, save for the convertible boot. Comments and suggestions very welcome. If you have any good pictures of the top up or convertible boot on one of these 68-70 B-bodies, I would love to see them!
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