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  1. Beautiful colors! I’m liking this a lot!👍
  2. The Dart is a die cast. They are usually pretty expensive but I got this one in affordable price with eBay because it was missing the front trim on the hood and something was broken on the chassis. I think one of the mounting holes. I fabricated the trim myself. I think there’s a thread on here somewhere. Yes, the silver with red interior is a very striking color combination!
  3. It’s like an assembly line most of the time!😁
  4. It’s been a while since I started this thread. So here’s a little update. So far this collection consists of nine cars. The silver one has been converted to a 68 and the finished white convertible was converted to a 69. All of the other convertibles are 68 so far. And the rest of the hard tops are 69’s. This blue one and the white one below it represent the same car. It’s the car my father bought in 1973. It had mismatched tires, and had been braced extensively for the first five years. In 1976 Dad had it painted white and added the L88 hood scoop. There’s something about a Corvette in white with red interior. Very much my favorite color combination for a Corvette convertible that is! These three are Tuxedo black, Daytona yellow and Cortez silver These are basically just raw plastic. The red one will get painted red. The other two are to be determined. Thanks for looking and as always questions and comments are welcome. 😁👍
  5. I believe there was a 1/20th scale version of this kit also that came out much earlier, sometime in the 80s. I had that one and it was very clunky. I think I have this one too, I’ll have to look and see. I’d like to build it!
  6. Well thank you very much!😁👍 I was somewhat late I guess, August 27th
  7. Finished the dead 1958 Impala last night! more pictures will be in under glass section.
  8. I put together the best small block parts from multiple kits to create the ultimate Chevy small block! I cast them in resin so I’ll have an endless supply!😁👍
  9. Oh it will be panther pink , and it will like it!😂😂😂 I was never really a big fan Of Plum Crazy.... 🤷‍♂️
  10. It is an industrial type. It’s about 3 feet by 3 feet inside.
  11. Recently I painted an AAR ‘cuda in Panther Pink. I went to apply clearcoat the other day and it went horribly wrong. The paint built up too much in certain areas are then hardly any in others. So I decided to strip it with Easy-Off. Well, that didn’t work. Clearcoat was hard as nails! I was about to trash it when I thought I’ve got nothing to lose by putting it in the bead blaster. I really expected it just to get blown apart. But to my surprise it worked! And quite well I made it. A day later the car is back in prime. And waiting for more Panther Pink! Halfway through I considered doing a barn find! Maybe next time!
  12. I took the push buttons from the doors of this 68 convertible to add to the 69 doors. I also took the rear panel below the bumpers off the 68 and added it to the 69. I was able to take the 69 panel and swap it back into the 68 convertible. I filled the holes in the doors of the 69 and did not end up wasting a kit. The small block hood is my own casting.
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