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  1. I love this level of scratch building! Beautiful work!
  2. Thanks for the advice! I think they are okay. At least I hope so. 😁👍
  3. Here is my car from High School! Triple black 350 with a two speed powerglide, bucket seats at center console. Not a real SS.
  4. I’ve been trying to teach myself to draw in 3-D the last two weeks. I’m using Fusion360 And I’ve created several different projects from YouTube videos. My first solo project was the painted hubcap pictured below. It’s for the 1970 Monte Carlo. My second drawing is the plain Jane hub cap or a base model for the 1970-72 Monte Carlo. After that, a friend of mine asked me to draw an air cleaner for Mr. Norms Dodge Tri-Power. And presently I’m working on a Hone O Drive for my Motion cars.
  5. What was I thinking? GM automatic maybe. That’s what happens when late night modeling I guess! Thanks for the heads up!
  6. I saw someone post pictures of a 1969 Charger with then engine painted this color. Regrettably, I didn’t write down his name. But it was the best representation of MOPAR engine blue I had seen yet. It’s Tamiya TS-41 Now I have to build a couple more Chargers!🤪
  7. The Monogram Superbird wing is out of scale. It is too tall and too narrow at the top. The JoHan wing is actually in scale for both manufacturers. This is the Monogram Superbird with JoHan wing.
  8. I’m going with the small block Chevy in the kit but without the blower. Single 4 barrel, like what would have come out of a donor car. With a chrome oil pan added and chrome air cleaner. Automatic.
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