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  1. I just found this one! I don’t know how I missed it. 😝 It’s looking good so far!
  2. I’ve always considered doing the 74, I simply like that body style little bit better. But I like what you’re doing with this one! Can’t wait to see it through!
  3. They look very much like the AMT 1970 Monte Carlo (1998 issue and later) I can’t see if Bill’s has the valve stems. The outer edge is beveled.
  4. I was disappointed to hear there will be no more 2 door Civics in the US!😩
  5. I like family cars! Can’t wait to see the results!
  6. They look really cool! That’s a project I’d like to take on myself. I’ll be watching intently!
  7. I sent most of my files to be printed. In the meantime I tried printing them myself on a Photon printer. I would love to recommend this printer, but it is extremely finicky and difficult to set up. It prints about 25% of the time. I have a friend that uses them for his business and has had great success. I have two of them and one prints nothing at all any other prints when it feels like it. Below are some of my prints. The rest of these were printed by my friend on a different kind of printer. The tires have primer on them as does the air cleaner at the bottom.
  8. I love this level of scratch building! Beautiful work!
  9. Thanks for the advice! I think they are okay. At least I hope so. ??
  10. Here is my car from High School! Triple black 350 with a two speed powerglide, bucket seats at center console. Not a real SS.
  11. I’ve been trying to teach myself to draw in 3-D the last two weeks. I’m using Fusion360 And I’ve created several different projects from YouTube videos. My first solo project was the painted hubcap pictured below. It’s for the 1970 Monte Carlo. My second drawing is the plain Jane hub cap or a base model for the 1970-72 Monte Carlo. After that, a friend of mine asked me to draw an air cleaner for Mr. Norms Dodge Tri-Power. And presently I’m working on a Hone O Drive for my Motion cars.
  12. What was I thinking? GM automatic maybe. That’s what happens when late night modeling I guess! Thanks for the heads up!
  13. I saw someone post pictures of a 1969 Charger with then engine painted this color. Regrettably, I didn’t write down his name. But it was the best representation of MOPAR engine blue I had seen yet. It’s Tamiya TS-41 Now I have to build a couple more Chargers!?
  14. The Monogram Superbird wing is out of scale. It is too tall and too narrow at the top. The JoHan wing is actually in scale for both manufacturers. This is the Monogram Superbird with JoHan wing.
  15. I’m going with the small block Chevy in the kit but without the blower. Single 4 barrel, like what would have come out of a donor car. With a chrome oil pan added and chrome air cleaner. Automatic.
  16. I Z’d the frame in the rear and removed two leafs from the front to bring the whole car down a bit. I’m liking the stance!
  17. What paint did you use on the motor? Looks really good!
  18. Finally got back on my Superbird build! This kit started out as a Johann kit that I added the correct Coronet fenders to. I glassed in the nose and painted it B5 blue recently. Last night I added the wind deflectors from the Monogram kit.
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