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  1. Thank you! I just added a couple more pictures.Thank you! I just added a couple more pictures.
  2. So this morning I broke open a can of Tamiya TS-36 fluorescent red. I laid a light coat down over gray primer. It looked purple. (As seen here on the paint stand) I had warmed up the can, so it went on real light. I’ll let that flash and then started putting on slightly heavier coats. Something did not seem right. The more paint I put on, the more it went from purple to blood red. I was hoping for Richard Petty’s vermilion red. Not quite. But it came out too nice to take the paint off and start over. As luck would have it I have the Hawaiian punch decals. So I guess this will be the Hawaiian punch car now. I’m going to have to do some testing on spoons to get this color situation straightened out. Is it possible that the wrong color is in the can? Has this happen to anyone? Your thoughts are appreciated thank you!
  3. I also see that the 74 Camaro has the same interior pattern. And I have a couple of those to use on my project.
  4. So you sourced the insides from something else?
  5. What kit did the grill come from? I love this project and will be following intently! I have a Baldwin Motion 73 in the works.
  6. WOW! I didn’t know it was that bad!
  7. These are great kits! I too, like your idea of cutting the radiator shroud in half. In the past I’ve always hung it around the fan while I installEd the engine. I would then slide the radiator down into place, move the shroud over and then glue the shroud on. I may give your idea a try on my next Charger 500.
  8. Great build! I look forward to the finished product!
  9. That’s a favorite of mine, I have a bunch of resins and finally got my hands on a built up plastic kit. I stripped it and the body looks like it was never painted! I’ll be following this one for inspiration!
  10. My daily driver, 2019 Civic in Tonic Yellow, next to my previous daily driver, 2008 Civic. I still have the 2008. In the picture, I was picking it up after being painted Hyper Green! Now it’s waiting for my son to get his license. Bellow is my 1970 Monte Carlo, 350 4 speed.
  11. How have I not seen this thread before? This is absolutely amazing!
  12. Awesome! Another one of those “why didn’t they think of that?” cars.
  13. Recently, Salvinos J R Tooled up an LS nose for the NASCAR Monte Carlo kits. Since Stock Cars in the 80s hadn’t gotten completely away from their production counterparts yet, I thought I would test fit this nose on the most recent release of the Monte Carlo SS. Mounting it directly to the front fenders resulted in a nose pointing up. So I pulled the top away from the hood until the lower body line leveled out. I measured the gap at the top and transferred that measurement to the bottom. I placed a piece of tape from the measurement to the top corner and cut out a pie slice from each side. That pulled the whole nose into the fenders. The result matched what I found in the dealership brochure. I think this is going to work pretty well. I will have to scratch build a grill and headlights right now.
  14. Snake, message me if you still need someone to cast the hood.
  15. I always felt that Monogram nails the Corvette’s, for looks and their overall feel. I’ll take a Monogram Corvette any day, all day long!
  16. Very cool! I haven’t seen one of those in a while!
  17. I did a lot of research on both the Monogram Road Runner and Superbird kits. Turns out the front of the cars or 1/25 scale in the rear is 1/24 scale. Here is a picture of AMT’s HEMI in the Monogram Superbird. Doesn’t look too bad! I did swap out the engine bay also. What you see here is from the Monogram 69 Dodge Coronet.
  18. Nice subject! I look forward to seeing this!😁👍
  19. I’m just about finished with this 500 conversion. It’s the Daytona kit with fenders and hood from the 69 Charger. Wheel covers from Fireball Models. I took the decal back off and ordered on from Keith Marks.
  20. You are correct. And that’s my problem here right now. Follows the contour of the rear edge perfectly. But I would guess the whole thing needs to be wider.
  21. What do the tail lights look like on the 67?
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