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  1. Is Model Cars Magazine still in production?l

    I will lock this down to stop the speculation and trolling. This topic comes up regularly, most of the same people are involved, the answer is always the same...you need to contact Gregg if you want answers.
  2. Round 2 Website

    I have no problem logging into their site.
  3. ebay Has a sense of Humor

    It is actually shown at $19.99
  4. eBay part seller now gone

    Click on the Advanced search options. Scroll down to Sellers and check the Only show items from: box. Go down to where it says Include and change it to Exclude. Enter the sellers name.
  5. eBay part seller now gone

    Would have been better if he said he would unwrap/break the seal on the box.
  6. eBay part seller now gone

    Its pretty easy to exclude a seller from searches on eBay. If you decide a seller prices his parts unreasonably, exclude him from your searches. Problem solved.
  7. Most sites provide ads that are directly related to your past internet searches or browser history, not sure how the ads are done here. I have to block them or my computer runs really slow.
  8. Favorite Car

    I currently own to '67 Chargers. People either love them or hate them. Can still be found for a reasonable price (compared to those from 68-70).
  9. Absolutely nothing wrong with posting photos of the cars as long as he is not actively trying to sell them. He even posted in the correct section. I wish more folks would do that.
  10. Paint Booth ?

    You can read thru this thread. There is some really good info scattered throughout. Everyone has an opinion on this subject, it is best to do a lot of research before you make your decision.
  11. Others had this problem and it was related to software they used to store their passwords and/or security settings. I will tag this so Dave can take a look at it.
  12. That is a pretty good list. While I was scrolling through it, the thing that jumped out at me was that you could meet the kid, on the raft, that got eaten in Jaws .
  13. I don't begrudge famous people for charging for an autograph. I figure some do it to try and keep folks from continually harassing them when they are out in public. Some of the older or maybe lesser known actors may actually need to do it for the income. If people are willing to pay, why not benefit from it. They will know when they are charging too much, the line will be very short.
  14. Locking Threads

    You are correct. That is what I meant.
  15. IS IT JUST ME!

    You need to learn what the weight and box thresholds are for each shipping company. Use the smallest box that you can safely ship the items in. I know that there is a big jump at USPS if the box has any dimension over 12".