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  1. Sometimes, you need to make sure you put a space at the end of the link.
  2. Thanks for the replies and info. I now have a plan of attack.
  3. You never know. I have bought many things for way more than I should have and ended up making money when I sold them.
  4. Just hold onto it for a while and resell it.
  5. Another left handed bad guy here. Old fire protection systems designer. I bat left handed, but shoot right handed. The 404 error is a generic error code that the programmers used in this software, could be used for any number of things. I also agree that it could have been handled better, but why give the real bad guys more information than they need.
  6. The AAR Cuda has flat black on the rear panel, top of the fenders and top of doors. Should I paint the flat black and then mask it off before I clear the rest of the body or should I just clear the body and paint the flat black over it, after it cures? Pretty sure spraying clear on the flat black will turn in glossy. I know matte clear over gloss will turn it flat. This is the first model that I have built with gloss and flat on the same surface, so just not sure how to address it.
  7. I believe Megahobby had the last issue for sale. You should be able to get this issue through them. They usually add it to their what's new email when they have it.
  8. How much weight can a set of Cragar S/S mags hold?
  9. Questions about the magazine should be addressed to Gregg. Those of us who volunteer at the Forum are as in the dark as everyone else. We are not employees of the magazine. Gregg is the only one that can provide updates. There are several threads where Gregg says to email him if you have questions. His email can be found in the Contact portion of the main websites home page. Do not send him a PM and complain he hasn't answered you. The threads all get locked because, no matter how cleverly folks ask their innocent questions, they all end up in the same place. The magazine supporters vs. the magazine haters. It has been proven over and over again, so we lock them down as soon as we see them (and will continue to do so). It is also known that while some folks may truly be looking for answers, others are simply trying to stir up controversy knowing that we cannot give updates. Again, email Gregg. Leave the Forum out of it.
  10. This one made me actually laugh!! I would know death was coming for me if it happened.
  11. The site owner does not want to deal with the inevitable headaches and complaints that come with allowing selling here. People will blame the site even though they have nothing to do with the transaction. We see it on trades, would be worse when cash is involved. That is why the no selling rule remains in place. Sites like eBay or being creative in your trade listing (cannot outright offer to buy or sell) are options.
  12. Best bet is to assign a value to each type of car (model kit, built model, large diecast, small diecast) and multiply by quantity of each. Then figure you need a big truck to haul it out of there. I am slowing selling off parts of my collection, so my wife doesn't need to take out an add like this when I die.
  13. My wife and I have watched every televised Nationals game for the last 3 years. Will be a lot of late nights for me watching how the series plays out. Took game 1 last night, so of to a better than expected start. I hope they keep it going. One thing I learned this year is not to watch the first two innings when Scherzer pitches. He has started off shaky in almost every game. My blood pressure is too high as it is, so i just pick up the game in the 3rd inning. Mystics also won the WNBA championship this year. The DC United had a good run for a few years. The Wizards should be good next season, barring injuries. I don't think the Redskins will ever be good again.
  14. Those comments are not appropriate for a model site. Stay on topic please.
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