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  1. Just a reminder, we do not allow buying or selling on this site. Trades are OK.
  2. I don't think it has to do with the update. The update and server move sped things up for the board.
  3. Sometimes people upload HUGE files to this site, rather than resizing and using a lower resolution. Those files will take a long time to load, especially over a poor connection or WiFi. Then this will be compounded when someone quotes the post and keeps all the large photos in the quoted text. This is one possible cause to the problem.
  4. Yes, this thread has long standing rules. If you cannot follow them please don't participate as it ruins the fun for others.
  5. No buying or selling is allowed on this site.
  6. You are more than likely following that thread. You should be able to go to your account and unfollow it.
  7. Go to your account and look for Other Settings. Then click on Notification Settings. You can then modify a number of different settings.
  8. I clicked the Share button on the Youtube video I wanted to post, then clicked copy (you will get a quick message saying it was copied to clipboard), then I went to my post and right clicked in the text box and pasted the link. Popped right up like above.
  9. Are you pasting in the link to your post?
  10. I am assuming they get paid for how many times it shows up as well. Probably get extra if someone clicks it. Dave spends a lot of time tweaking the ads. The ad companies do everything possible to to circumvent the filters. That is how inappropriate ads sometimes make it through.
  11. Ads show up for everyone. Doesn't matter if you are registered or not. The ads continually find ways around the constraints we put on them. It is an ongoing game of Us vs. Them.
  12. I am getting notifications that are now going directly to junk folder.
  13. Just want to remind everyone that the site has rules about language. Do not curse here, do not change the letters around or use symbols to get past the filter and do not use acronyms. This is a family friendly site.
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