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  1. You guys amaze me everyday. You want to know how posts counts get so high, it's because you take a very simple topic and jump the train off the tracks, take the train to the beach and see if you can make it float. that is how far off track this has gotten. I am a work so I can't get to deep into this. Locked while we sort out what needs to be done here.
  2. The official stance of this site is that Buying and Selling is not allowed. Asking for shipping costs on a trade is not considered buying or selling.
  3. You can directly share photos on the site. Some of us limit how many we post here, just in case we hit some limit, even though we are told it is unlimited. I also host photos on Fotki.
  4. Most folks just start a new topic in Under Glass and then provide a link back to the WIP thread.
  5. Enough with the veiled personal attacks. It is sad to see something like SA go away. I for one will wait to see how they handle the automotive side of things in the first few issues of next years FSM.
  6. As was already mentioned, this is not the Trading Post. Either ask you questions or provide offers via PM or move it all to the Trading Post. If it continues, all the posts will be removed.
  7. This is NOT the Trading Post. If folks continue in this direction, we will remove the thread. Scott - If you want to trade these models please add your full name (to meet the Trading Post rules) and create a proper thread in the Trading Post or ask me to move this one there for you.
  8. Looks like you have to be a member to follow someone. When I sign out, the option goes away.
  9. Just a reminder, this thread is for show announcements only. Not discussions. Those can take place in General or in the particular show's thread which should be posted down in the show section.
  10. We have several moderators here. When it comes to banning someone, we discuss and try to come to an agreement on if it is justified.
  11. If anyone sees a thread that they feel is in the wrong spot, please use the report feature or link it in a message to a moderator. That will make it a lot easier for us to find.
  12. Well, actually you were not banned. You were just issued a warning point. Now, given the message you sent about the moderators here, you might be banned. We will discuss and let you know.
  13. We probably did not look at the thread close enough when it was moved. We have to go through every thread and try to pull out the ones that fall into a new category. They start to run together after the first 100 or so. We are going to make mistakes. If you think we put one in an incorrect category, shoot us a message and we will look into it. It is also going to take a considerable amount of time (several months) to get them all moved around, so you will continue to see discrepancies.
  14. I hid the posts while we decide the appropriate action.
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