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  1. There is no time limit, it can stay up as long as needed. There is also no requirement that you add something else or change the offered kit. You can of course do that to try and get the ball rolling again, but you are not required to do so.
  2. FYI - If you see something you like in a previous post, you can try to work out a trade with the poster via private message. It does get a bit confusing at times. You can usually figure out what is currently on offer by scrolling back and reading through the old posts.
  3. We are in a unique situation here, as we have a lot of storage space. That said, please reduce large files to a reasonable size. I generally use either 1024 or 1600 wide photos.
  4. Gary only resorted to starting this thread after I didn't respond to his message, as I was on vacation. Really nice of some of you guys to quickly pile on, thanks a lot (hope you guys can read the sarcasm there). I will point out to EVERYONE that, this thread would have been a good thread to read and not respond to.
  5. There is some sort of embedded security feature in the program that gets triggered. We do not know exactly what triggers it. The default response is the 404 Error. We have been trying for years to figure it out. We needed to upgrade the software (which has been done) so that the vendor will at least let us put in work tickets so that they can research it. We will let everyone know if we are ever given a reason/solution to this very frustrating problem.
  6. I will let Dan chime in on this, as he is running it, but this should be kits only. Or maybe the decals could be a choice but at least one kit should be offered.
  7. Xingu

    Any NEW kits ?

    If you are going to post about Revell's demise, please provide proof. Otherwise, please do not stir the pot just to start controversy.
  8. Here's a link to a previous review.
  9. If they would just paint gray and send it out, no one would even notice it.
  10. Please remember that you cannot offer to buy or sell on this forum. If you feel you must break the rule, please do it via PM.
  11. I think this thread has run it;s course. Things are starting to get personal.
  12. Stop right there! Lets get back on track.....'66 Mustang.
  13. You guys are starting to veer onto the shoulder. Let's pull it back into the driving lane. Excessive use of memes tends to lead a thread in the wrong direction.
  14. Not low membership. We actually have a fairly large membership. If you are on the main forum page and scroll to the bottom, it will tell you how many people are online. When I just checked, it was 73 members and 157 guests. The guests can see most of the content, but cannot post comments. That is how the views can greatly outweigh the posted comments.
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