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  1. Station Wagon Kits

    Isn't there a Subaru or Volvo out there?
  2. I have actually been doing my testing on the hood of a model. They are generally fairly easily to strip and clean if things don't go as planned. I tried testing colors on spoons and gave up after the first try because of the poor results. Hard to tell what a large flat panel will look like when using a small round sample area on the spoon. I now use the spoons to eat applesauce....with cinnamon!
  3. "Just A Car Guy" Blog

    Was this the guy that had a meltdown on the forum, over one of his posts, or was that some other blogger?
  4. What did you get today?

    Just keep an eye out for them Mark. I got a glue bomb in a nice box for $10 about a year ago.
  5. Posting photos to the forum

    You should be able to. Next time you are at the library, try to load a photo here as a test.
  6. Great Traders List

    Another great deal with afx. Thanks again JC.
  7. My cars over the years

    I'll bet that Bantam Roadster was a lot of fun to race.
  8. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    I believe it was sent on a trajectory that would take it past Mars. I think there is/was a live feed from the car as well.
  9. Buckeye scale auto club

    Check here as well.
  10. I was on crutches and did not have to shovel any snow. I remember a 6' deep snow bank that formed at our back door. The whole neighborhood was out helping each other clear their driveways and our entire street. They were smart enough to completely clear the street so that when the plows finally came, they did not block the driveways again. We never lost power.

    Nicely done. The details you have added do make a big difference. Looking forward to seeing this one when it is done.
  12. Chev vs Ford

    Go ahead and get a bite to eat. Thread is locked down.
  13. I would like to remind the folks that have posted issues to please provide updates as to when/if they receive their orders. There is a difference in receiving your order late (no matter how late) and not receiving it at all. Everyone that reads this thread can then determine if they are still willing to order from this vendor.
  14. Chev vs Ford

    I would love to run that car around the track. I don't think my nerves would hold up on those 150mph curves though. I had my old Callaway doing 120mph around a "slight" bend, so I have had my fill of fast corners, and 160mph in a straight line. Slow and steady for me now.
  15. Confused

    Locked down before it gets any more heated. As I have said many times....if you think something is in the wrong spot, report it. The report pops up when I log in and I can go right to the post/thread in question and look into it. Sometimes I will agree with the report, sometimes I will not. If I do not, I usually send the person that reported it a message to explain why I disagree. If you think I am being unfair to you, you can message Dave and/or Gregg to complain about me.