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  1. I flagged this so Dave can look into it.
  2. Have you checked to see if your subscription is still active? Have you sent anyone at the magazine a message? You definitely should have received 212 and 213 by now.
  3. Lets steer away from politics, anything that might be considered politics, any mention of politicians, photos of politicians, political memes., etc...You get the point. If they continue, 30 day vacation notices will be sent out so you can stomp the campaign trail for your candidate of choice free from the beautifully distracting models on this site.
  4. Where did you play? I used to play at Eisenhower and I think I broke 100 one time. If there was water near a hole, I would hit it at least once. I was good at driving the cart though
  5. Please remember that this thread is only for show announcements. Please post show photos in the shows section.
  6. Put the chassis under it and see if it is any better. Sometimes, that helps straighten it up a tiny bit. Won't fix it, but it might make it look good enough to use.
  7. Please remember that buying and selling is not allowed on this site. It is in the rules and it is posted in the description for this Marketplace portion of the board.
  8. I removed some of the previous posts. Will call them political and leave it at that. Do not continue that conversation on this board. Take it to email or private messages.
  9. Not sure how we went from tire melt to low testosterone, but lets please keep on topic (tires).
  10. Just a reminder, buying and selling is not allowed on this site. If you absolutely need to know what someone charges to cast an item, please do it via private messages or emails.
  11. @peteski @Straightliner59 please take your discussion to email or PM. There is no need for the rest of the board to view it. @everyone else this is the type of behavior to avoid, even if you frame your offensive comment in a nice way. It leads to personal attacks and 30 days to think about what you did.
  12. Yes. Wife usually threatens to do away with the phone portion and they extend the promotional rate.
  13. We have Xfinity/Comcast. I just turn my wife loose on them and my bill gets cut by $70 a month, without losing or changing anything. Maybe I should start a YouTube channel showcasing how my wife gets her way.
  14. That is why she never threatens to leave completely. She just says she wants to remove phone or internet from the cable package.
  15. Every year or so, my wife will call our provider and complain about our monthly bill. She will threaten to drop a part of the service and, usually, we get a huge discount to keep things as they are. it may be worth a shot to see if they will give you the "promotional" rate.
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