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  1. That is exactly how I ended up getting a can of Testors Dullcote. In the wrong slot and didn't double check the label. I have since found uses for it though.
  2. What happened with Modelhaus can happen with any of the other companies. If you see something you need, you might want to buy it. It might not be available tomorrow.
  3. You could have just stated you found a photo of the decal sheet, without taking shots at another member for simply not posting a photo.
  4. You can always post free stuff in the trading section and ask folks to cover shipping. I don't think it will fit in with the Pay It Forward format though.
  5. I have a couple of these kits (not sealed). I could sell them all (together) for that price and still make a ridiculous profit. When did the manufacturer's start sealing the boxes?
  6. Greg, you have taken your own thread off the rails. The future floor polish thread has some good info and I was going to merge this thread with the existing pinned one (and modify the title to reflect the many name changes of the product). Now it has gone off and started talking about common names for automotive/repair tools and pet photos.
  7. I flagged this so Dave can look into it.
  8. I have to get this done in the somewhat near future. Need to replace/repair the existing driveway and extend back to my new garage.
  9. Locked while we decide how to handle the inappropriate/disrespectful posts.
  10. I would suggest EVERYONE go back and read the forum rules, especially the section about trolls/trolling. We have allowed members to voice their opinions about this forum, the magazine and Gregg, but it is starting to get out of hand. If you do not wish to risk warning points/banishment, I would be careful what you continue to post.
  11. Sorry to hear about your mom.
  12. It is a glitch in the forum software. We have spent years trying to fix it or at least figure out what causes it. No luck yet. It will go away on it's own and reappear elsewhere at a later date.
  13. Our yard is actually a nursery this time of year. The does will come and drop the fawns off in our yard and go about their business for most of the day. There is a large shade tree in the middle of the backyard and it is not unusual to 5 or 6 to be laying there. Some will even be sound asleep. Wife wanted a garden so I converted and expanded my old dog kennel so she could have raised beds. Can't keep the deer out when you leave the gate open. There are still two tree stands up in the yard, but in recent years a new housing development has gone up on the other side of the trees you see in the photo. Still a couple of hundred yards between me and the next house, but not worth taking a chance.
  14. So what is this now, three threads where you are trying to bash the magazine, Gregg and by association this forum. I will lock this one down. Enough is enough.
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