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  1. Mega Millions.....

    My wife and I are doing something similar to this even if I don't win the lottery. Go to closing next month on a piece of property, so that this will be my view in retirement.
  2. Mega Millions.....

    That is what I told my wife. She said I would just take it as a challenge.
  3. Error message on the forum's site

    I got this yesterday. I logged out and then back in and it went away.
  4. Gary, to answer your question.... you will need to try it for yourself and decide if it works for you. Try it on an old body to see if you like it. It is just another tool for modelers to work with. Some will find it easier than foil, some will not. Some will find it does just as good as foil, some will not. There is no right or wrong answer. I find it is good for touching up sprue attachment points and where I mess up the foil. I am not proficient with either, but both have a place in my toolbox.
  5. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    I am just going to lock this. I am tired of the same arguments and tired of being asked to check out someone's blog.
  6. Don Garlits Blow Over

    I saw it live. I think he is still living in Hawaii.
  7. Don Garlits Blow Over

    I couldn't find it either. While searching, the Danny Ongais Indy car crash kept coming up. I remember seeing that on TV and can still picture it. One of the most horrifying crashes that I remember seeing.
  8. Porsche 964 RSR Driven Only 6 miles

    I think the interior is why it was only driven 6 miles. Whoever buys it probably won't restore or drive it. Just let it sit for 5 years and sell it for a profit.
  9. Boxes

    I for one understand that if you don't have the part, you can't take a photo of it. Sometimes it is hard to Google up a reference photo too. I have boxes and bags full of parts that I have no idea what kit they came from. I probably have some really cool stuff, if I could only find the time to organize it. I know there are many folks on this board with the uncanny ability of determining what a part is and what kit(s) it can be found in. I do keep some of the older/rarer boxes to display in my room.
  10. Ferrari metal transfer scripts?

    Check the Trading Post, I think someone may have these up for trade at the moment.
  11. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    If we are going to complain, lets keep it on topic and complain about the '68 Chevelle. No need to muddy the waters any further.
  12. Hacked again. Had enough?

    You are vulnerable every time you turn your computer/tablet/phone on and connect to the internet. Someone will find a way to get your information....eventually.
  13. Mysterious AdBlock uninstall?

    I had something similar happen maybe a year ago. Like Matt mentions, I think old versions become incompatible and the browser stops trying to use them.
  14. AutoQuiz 392 FINISHED

    Every now and then I get to participate like a regular member.
  15. Glad that someone else appreciates the full size wagon. My wife thinks I am crazy for wanting one.