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  1. Not necessarily my favorite, but I have owned these two for 25 years or so.
  2. 404 Error back again?

    It never actually went away. We are hoping that the software upgrade fixes it. Dave just has to free up the time to try it again, it didn't take on the first try.
  3. Lifetime Subscription Progress

    There are many threads where this has been discussed. Not going to happen. Gregg knows the trouble it would cause. Use eBay, they are set up for the disputes.
  4. Testors Automotive Paints

    Now we have gone off-topic. I am sure someone will post more info if/when it becomes available. A company does not need to make a statement when they discontinue something. They can just stop making it. For those worried if the line will no longer be available, please stock up on your favorite colors.
  5. Testors Automotive Paints

    I went back to reread the thread. The post I quoted is where it started to go off track. 5th or 6th post in. Have to be careful about what you post, it gives others the opportunity to continue with the off-topic posts.
  6. I swiped a couple of interior shots from the dealers website and added them to the original post.
  7. Thanks! Yes, two slide outs. It is one of the smaller fifth wheels that you can get. Sleeps 3. Perfect for my wife and I.
  8. Finally got my rig home today. Now to introduce it to the property I bought out west.
  9. Testors Automotive Paints

    I, for one, having been having issues with Testors spray cans for some time (the past year or so). It is hit or miss if I will get one that refuses to mix and/or spray properly. I get a lot of sputtering and spitting from new cans. I stopped using them and if I cannot get the color I am looking for from Tamiya, I will get bottles from MCW and airbrush them.
  10. Chinese tariff war and models

    Please keep this thread on topic.
  11. I found the old thread and merged the two. I have been slowly selling off kits that I will never get around to building. I also don't want to move a lot of this stuff to Montana when I retire.
  12. Forum Software Upgrade -- Failed

    You will probably have to setup a new one. Click on forgot password, at log in, and follow the instructions.
  13. What happened to the Accurate Miniature molds ?

    Yes, there is still interest in the subject. Perhaps it would have been better to add to the existing thread that you had started on the subject. Would be nice if we could find all the information in one location. I have merged the two threads.
  14. Chinese tariff war and models

    Please remember to keep the discussion focused on how this impacts our hobby. Folks are starting outright political discussions and that will get the thread locked down. I have removed several posts recently.
  15. Why is this thread always on top ?

    Usually, the moved thread notification goes away after 30 days. Apparently that is not the case for pinned threads that are moved. I unpinned the notification, so hopefully that fixes it.