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  1. Just a reminder, this thread is for show announcements only. Not discussions. Those can take place in General or in the particular show's thread which should be posted down in the show section.
  2. We have several moderators here. When it comes to banning someone, we discuss and try to come to an agreement on if it is justified.
  3. If anyone sees a thread that they feel is in the wrong spot, please use the report feature or link it in a message to a moderator. That will make it a lot easier for us to find.
  4. Well, actually you were not banned. You were just issued a warning point. Now, given the message you sent about the moderators here, you might be banned. We will discuss and let you know.
  5. We probably did not look at the thread close enough when it was moved. We have to go through every thread and try to pull out the ones that fall into a new category. They start to run together after the first 100 or so. We are going to make mistakes. If you think we put one in an incorrect category, shoot us a message and we will look into it. It is also going to take a considerable amount of time (several months) to get them all moved around, so you will continue to see discrepancies.
  6. I hid the posts while we decide the appropriate action.
  7. The Big Boyz section is going away. I am in the process of moving all the threads out of that section and into their new appropriate sections. All Big Boyz can now be posted in the appropriate WIP or Under Glass area. All of the existing threads are viewable and new posts can be added, but no new threads can be started in Big Boyz. Once I get the last thread moved over, the section will be removed from the site.
  8. Just a reminder to steer away from virus talk.
  9. Well, we didn't mind when you advertised your forum here. The hobby is large enough for multiple forums. Now you not only bash this forum in nearly all your posts, but you attack long standing members here, who were actually supporting your site. For many here, you just showed your true colors and intentions. So we will just go ahead and lock this thread down. Guys, you will not see smhardesty around anymore.
  10. I have been logged in on multiple devices at the same time with no issues. I would log out of the forum, clear the cache, run a virus/malware scan and then log back in with the current info, making sure to NOT check any unwanted boxes. I was just able to login using my existing display name and password from my iPhone, while logged in on my work computer. Never sent to captcha or asked to do anything different.
  11. Lets get back on track and discuss the new releases. We do not need to to talk about "what if......", "they should.....", or "if I ran things...." every time new releases are announced. It derails the discussion and all it does is rehash all the arguments that have been expressed in dozens of other threads.
  12. In '06 I went to buy a new Corvette convertible. I found exactly what I was looking for and the dealer was marking it up $7500. Told them I would pay sticker, but not the mark-up. Salesman told me "somebody will" I told him I will just wait until next year and get one when you are having trouble moving them, but I won't get it from this dealership. Bought a new coupe in '07 for a very good price and 0% interest from an excellent dealer a little bit out of my area. Went back in '08 and bought a Callaway convertible, again with 0% interest. Roughly once every 2 years since, I get a call from the dealership and a separate call from salesman (who now works elsewhere) to see if I am in the market for a new one. Am expecting to get a call about the mid-engine Vette as soon as they have one that wasn't preordered. Same happened with the Dodge dealer in my town. They were marking up their Hellcat $20k. They had that car for a long time. Like Dan, I have heard QC was a little lax as they were rushing to get these to market. I will go look at them eventually. I think they will now be able to get significant performance gains out of the new mid-engine platform.
  13. I think it would be fine to put them in the Under Glass section when complete.
  14. I know a few folks are disappointed that the Truck Stop got merged with general car talk. This was not unexpected and was discussed by the moderators prior to making the change. This forum has many useful functions that can help organize and sort content. A few extra seconds while creating a topic can greatly improve how easily others can find it later. First thing that can be done is that members posting new threads can add some descriptive text to the title. The easiest thing to do is just start the title as such "Truck:" or "Big Rig:" or "Muscle Car:" Second thing that can be done is add tags to the thread. These are user designated terms that are searchable. Click the magnifying glass in the search box and it will open the search page. Search By Tags is one of the options. You can also view Unread Content to quickly view and sort threads and posts. There are several user defined filters that can be applied here. You can also search this site using the method shown in the following link to find what you are looking for.
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