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  1. Forum posting difficulties

    I messaged Dave about the 404 errors earlier today. We had hoped the update would fix the problem, bit obviously it did not. He is going to send some of the information he has gathered to the software developer to see if they can determine what is causing the problem. No idea if they will be able to find anything, but keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best.
  2. I am sure Dave will look into it. Keep in mind that it isn't always the site/program fault that we get errors. Sometimes a less than ideal connection, anywhere between your device and the host server, will cause problems.
  3. What Irked You Today?

    This is everyone's one and only warning, do not make this personal with other members. I don't want to issue timeouts during the holidays.
  4. Unread content pages

    While there are a lot of filters you can apply to the content it shows you, I do not see any way to have it shown in pages. Although, it is basically giving it to you in pages . It just doesn't tell you how many pages you actually have to go through. I actually like this version. I scroll through to see if there are any posts I need to look at, if not, I click "Mark site read" to clear everything and start over.
  5. MPC 1970 Coronet Super Bee 440 - Go Mango

    Nicely done Randy!
  6. They are from the Jo-Han '63 Plymouth.
  7. Letter to all members from Sfangoch

    Nothing good is going to come from any further discussion here.
  8. Really hard to make out the details in my photo, but they are very, very similar. The wheels are solid, so you would have to drill/cut out the open areas.
  9. I always thought that "PM Sent" was used to scare off any other potential traders. Shorter than typing out "Back-off, it's mine". Obviously, that isn't always the case. I generally just send a PM without announcing it, I figure it is the OP's responsibility to let folks know when something is gone.
  10. Delete file attachments ?

    No, you do not need to delete them. Some folks like to remove photos from trade threads once an item is gone though.
  11. Delete file attachments ?

    Looks like that is how the developers decided to do things. Again, for forums like this content is everything. I can see why they might have made it harder to delete.
  12. Site Update Complete

    There are a lot of settings/notifications that you can play around with, under your user profile.
  13. D-Revell Panamera

    Keep it clean please. The site has rules against bad language.
  14. Possible Trade Gone Bad?

    I had sent a message to blusy, yesterday, to let him know that folks were wondering about their trades. This is the response I got back today... "my ends were sent a coupe weeks ago! ill see where they are as for tracking.Also i have no pms asking anything so not sure on that " I would suggest that anyone that was in a trade with him, send him a message and ask about tracking from his end. You can message me to keep me posted on how things work out.
  15. Possible Trade Gone Bad?

    He requested that it be removed because all the models had been traded. It is the same thing that any member can (and should) do. If needed, moderators can still restore it. Pretty much all you can do, if you feel you have been cheated, is make a claim at the Post Office. The postal service is pretty good about investigating fraud claims.