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  1. He is not asking how to correct/fix the '69. He is asking how the factory mold was changed from fairly accurate '68 to create the '69. I think he feels they are two completely separate molds and one was not modified to create the other. Anyone have any history to confirm that the '68 was modified to create the '69?
  2. I appreciate those of you who jumped off the train before it crashed and tried to keep the thread on topic. Will just go ahead and lock it down now.
  3. Buying and selling are not allowed on this site. Only trades are allowed.
  4. Really sorry to hear this. Stay strong Vince.
  5. Dave found a security risk when researching what to do about limiting posts. The original problem was a (former) member making hateful posts about other members. He would edit early posts and then go back and delete the hateful messages before moderators had a chance to see them. We have had at least two members get mad and threaten to delete all of their content. Backing up and restoring is neither a simple or quick process for this site. Dave has been working on ways to make it easier though.
  6. Nothing funny about it, that is how it is supposed to work. You can also add comments to your recent threads. Imagine how mad folks would be if someone went back and deleted all of their, very useful, content because they got mad and wanted to disrupt the forum. Folks would be complaining that we didn't have a reasonable time limit on editing posts. Admittedly, it does change how some members post to their WIP threads and to the Trading Post, but most have gotten used to the changes.
  7. Stopped enforcing it over a year ago. Several members complained about having to put personal information out there. It has also been proven how far folks will go researching other members when they feel something doesn't seem right. Searching and posting photos of their cars and houses. So I can see the concern. That is also from the main website page that Gregg controls, we can't change it. This is from the Forum Rules thread in the How To Use This Board section: 3) If you choose to use a handle or user name that is not your proper name, then we prefer that you either A: put your full name in the signature box found in the Profile section of your account under Profile, or B: put your real, full name to the signature that appears at the bottom every post. Only one account per user/IP is allowed. Any attempt to create additional accounts, for any reason whatsoever, will result in the banning of the IP, deletion of the account(s), and all topics and/or posts that were submitted to the forum. Also, the use of a proxy service to access the forum/site is not allowed, and not recommended. If your full name is not present in your profile or signature, you will not be allowed to post in the Trading Post or Wanted sections.
  8. For the record, some folks don't like putting information out there, so name and location are PREFERRED for most of the site. With that said, the only time it is REQUIRED to use your full name and a location is if you START a Trading Post or Wanted thread. After that it is up to you guys to decide if you want conduct business with someone with an obvious fake name. The name and location are to at least give you some clue that member is legit. Should be a red flag if someone asks you to send parts or kits to a different name/place than shown in the their profile. It is not the moderator's responsibility to back check every member here, to see if they really are who they say. Sometimes you guys have to use your best judgement.
  9. Stop dragging things out. You guys really need to say your piece (if you just can't let things go) and move on. Bringing it back up in follow up posts is not the way to go.
  10. Xingu

    What do you drive?

    My new rig. Regular bed on ¾ or 1-Ton truck was too tall. Could not tow the trailer anywhere near level.
  11. Sometimes, you need to make sure you put a space at the end of the link.
  12. Thanks for the replies and info. I now have a plan of attack.
  13. You never know. I have bought many things for way more than I should have and ended up making money when I sold them.
  14. Just hold onto it for a while and resell it.
  15. Another left handed bad guy here. Old fire protection systems designer. I bat left handed, but shoot right handed. The 404 error is a generic error code that the programmers used in this software, could be used for any number of things. I also agree that it could have been handled better, but why give the real bad guys more information than they need.
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