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  1. Would be helpful if you guys did not stir the pot.....it's almost as bad.
  2. The Gallery is on Dave's long list of things to try and get sorted out.
  3. Once again, the comments are starting to head in a political direction. Please keep the comments centered on the models.
  4. One of the updates is what messed it up in the first place. Even when it was working, it was temperamental. It's not one of the better features of this software package.
  5. I removed the other photo. The Gallery has not worked properly for several years.
  6. If you are still owed issues from your subscription, you will receive the magazine when it comes out.
  7. Click on the image (may need to do it twice) and up the upper right will be a flyout menu "Manage Photo" you can delete from there.
  8. You will all notice that a lot of posts are now missing from this thread. The moderator group has a lot to sort through. We may unlock this thread later, but i doubt it.
  9. With a surge in new members signing up, many old topics may get resurrected as the new members search the site for topics that interest them. Many of the 'views' may be from search or advertising bots looking for keywords.
  10. About 30 years ago, I used to race 1/8 scale on-road. Was a lot of fun and very expensive. We were going 75+mph back then. I can only imagine what they are capable of now. Your video has me wanting to get a new car now.
  11. My guess is that the OP didn't realize you were offhandedly making fun, at his expense, of the fact that he didn't know Revell doesn't make a '67 Impala. I have been on this forum long enough to know that is what you were doing, in the name of humor. I just guess that I expected more from you, being a long time forum member, who prides himself on being so helpful to others. Someone decides to make a post, become a contributing member of this forum, and your first response is to poke fun at him. Shame your follow-up response wasn't your lead. No collusion was needed. I made my first comment while coming home from vacation. My later response was after I had a chance to sit in front of my computer.
  12. In general, it usually takes a few years to get grubs under control. Be thankful you don't have a mole problem.
  13. I guess true colors shine thru. Rather than explain Revell doesn't make a '67 or ask if he meant an AMT '67 several members would rather post memes and use passive aggressive posts to make it seem like everyone should know what manufacture whats what kits. You can call it being blunt or direct, I call it rude. Others may have different names for it.
  14. Way to welcome a new member.
  15. Isn't that what you were hoping for when you “generated” this content.
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