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  1. Wow,my work area is a mess.

    Have you tried rotating the photos so they are "landscape" instead of "portrait"
  2. Truck Axle Service Vignette

    Excellent! All the weathering and little details really add to it. I like the cut-off U-bolts and the fluid in the housing.
  3. Seriously??

    I do appreciate that some of you tried to keep this thread on topic, but it has digressed to far. If you guys want to continue the discussion of why one builder is better than another, please start another topic.
  4. Amazon is incredible

    Around here it is one USPS worker in a big van that delivers to a LARGE area on Sundays and some Holidays. I have also received items late at night on Saturday that were supposed to be delivered on Sunday.
  5. Gonna Get Back in the Hobby for a Little While

    You can check any number of online retailers (Spotlight Hobbies, Model Roundup or eBay) for kits if your LHS does not have or cannot get them. The only thing you may have trouble finding is the Hellcat engine, not sure if anyone is casting or 3D printing it.
  6. Uh General?

    Make sure you didn't hit the little arrow on the right. That is used to collapse/expand the forums.
  7. Lemans Alert

    The Aston Martin dealership near me is hosting a free watch party. They are going to have a large outdoor screen, food and drinks. May try to make it over there.
  8. Famous Photos Recreated in Miniature

    The only one I did not recognize immediately was the WWI photo.
  9. paint for airbrush

    You can get House of Kolors paints from Amazon or eBay. Be sure to use an appropriate primer with them.
  10. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    You guys are killing me, two pages of comments and only 2 photos of food (of the same dish). Remember to snap a photo before you dig in. Some of these meals sound really good.
  11. model car mag.com safe

    No, nothing bad. The difference between secure and not secure is how easy it is to see the information sent back and forth between the server and your computer. This site has always been "not secure". Browsers just make it easier to see if the connection is secure.
  12. The Batman we had in the DC area went to visit children in hospitals on a regular basis. One time he was pulled over by the County police while driving his Lambo (there is a video). He was killed when he was hit by a car while broken down on the side of the road.
  13. Isn't it time....

    Yes, remember to keep politics out of your discussions/arguments. It is a scientific fact that by the third comment WW III is about to break out.
  14. wood carving duplicator

    Posting a link to the manufacturer of this equipment is fine. Posting links and trying to drum up business for a realtor friend is not. I think you must have missed the point Dave was trying to get across.
  15. Hodad with 6 pack

    It looks fine on my computer as well. Not sure why it would auto rotate on your screen Scott.