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  1. Keith Marks Decals

    I received a spam email at work today that said it was from "Safe Sender"
  2. mpc minute man.. mustang or camaro

    ...and they all wanted to be like this.
  3. Serious 3D printing inquiry...

    Until this industry stabilizes, prices and quality will be all over the place. I think a lot of the things that most of us (on this board) would like to see, would not appeal to the "mainstream" model buyer. We, overall, are the lunatic/hardcore fringe. Prices will remain high for a person to put the time and effort into designing/building the file needed to print a part that will sell less than 100 units. Add to that, the need to purchase a new printer every couple of years to try and keep up with the technology. Once the industry levels out a bit, I feel large companies will then make the investment for high quality equipment and software. Then we will see the better quality stuff readily available at more reasonable prices. Right now it seems the biggest complaint is the quality (texture) of the printed piece. As with most things in life, different folks have different tolerance levels for what they consider acceptable or good enough for their needs. Some folks will purchase the absolute best quality pieces no matter what the costs. Some folks will purchase the bargain basement quality pieces at entry level prices. Other folks will scream "foul" because they can't get the absolute best quality pieces at entry level prices. Of all the photos posted, the only thing to catch my eye were the headlight lenses. For some reason, I think a highly detailed lens can really make a model jump off the table.
  4. offical retired

    Disability is not the ideal way to retire, but it is still good to not have to work.
  5. MPC Motown Shaker Vega F/C Wanted

    Please remember that you cannot offer to buy or sell items on this site. Trades only please.
  6. What Irked You Today?

    I have removed all the posts about the arrest of Art Anderson. This is not the place to have those discussions. Folks can search for the information themselves, please stop posting links. Use the PM function or go elsewhere to talk about it.
  7. My own Blues mobile

    I used to absolutely hate those donks. My stance has softened a bit and I now appreciate the work that goes into them. I realize now it is just a different group of folks that have their own niche in car culture. Not much different than low riders, jacked up 4x4 trucks, pro street cars or tuners. Some are ugly, but some are done very well. They are obviously not the safest thing on the road, but neither are over the top 4x4 trucks or prostreet cars.
  8. Tamiya Paint Source

    I have purchased items that said 4-6 weeks for delivery and received them in less than 2 weeks. Not sure if paint has to sit in customs or not.
  9. 31 Days of Oscar

    I may be the only one that liked Event Horizon. I thought it touched on what could happen with long term space travel.
  10. Board Spam Attack

    I think most here will remember him as Modeltruckbuilder. He had several other accounts as well, but they were seldom used.
  11. National Love Your Pet Day

    I only keep fish now. They are nice to look at, but that carry on at all hours of the night.
  12. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    Everyone please scroll back to where the site admin says this feature exposes us to a security vulnerability. Really, that should be the end of the discussion. This was not a random change. This affects every post and every member on this board. Dave is trying to find a solution. Until he does it stays limited and everyone needs to work within the new time constraints.
  13. I use a paint color similar to the powder. Can be thinned or straight from the bottle. I also work in small sections, maybe 1½" square.