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  1. Just to let you know my recent experience with Gravity USA(Fla.) -- placed order on Thurs., Aug. 9th , received order acknowlegment on the evening of Aug. 9th; received shipment tracking info on Friday, Aug. 10th., received order today, Aug. 13th. Also received a free bottle of paint with order. So from my recent experience, seems like Matt has straightened out the prior issues that he was having. I will definetly continue to support Gravity. He has a great product.
  2. Does anyone have any advice on the above response. Thx, appreciate the help , in advance . Al
  3. Art- just searched for a post on warped bodies. I have a resin body that was warped, I put it in warm water and straightened it out;.then put the body on the chassi and it's been in that position for months and the body still looks good. Just took the body off the chassi to begin the body work/cleanup and noticed that the body began to deform again -- will soaking the body at a low temp, have the effect of curing the body? I just put the body in the refrigerator to soak for a while. Will putting a primer coat on the body do anything to keep the body rigid -- I'm concerned that if I paint it, that over time the body will form cracks, if the resin is still soft. Need help, any advice, thx Al
  4. Ismael --- fantastic job! The C7-R looks great.
  5. #50 IWC Watches Mercedes Benz AMG GT3

    Clay -- what an impressive build --- looks like the 1:1. Great craftsmanship , would b nice to see some in process pics if possible.
  6. If you can get clear pictures of the logos, you could contact Thomas at Speedway decals, he'll do a set of custom decals for your project. He's done similar work for me for a C6 Corvette I'm building. Hope this helps, Al
  7. 2019 Corvette ZR-1 Top Speed Run

    I agree, one of the most iconic of the Corvette history, in terms of performance and technology and we don't have a detailed scale kit . There are now three distinct versions of car -- the Z06, Grand Sport and now the ZR1. Maybe one of the transkit manufactures will fill the need.
  8. Corvette C7.R #3 decals

    Glad to hear, best of luck on ur build, Al
  9. Corvette C7.R #3 decals

    Did you check Pattos Place decals? He has most of the GTLM cars by year raced. You may want to check out his web site, although these may be 1/24scale as well, but extremely well done. Hope this helps, Al
  10. My order was placed back in Jan. and was also caught up in the delivery delay. Matt did get back to me let me know that he was going to get this corrected and it looks like he's on the proper track. I just received an email from Matt and tracking info from USPS, stating that my package is on the way. I will buy again from Gravity -- glad things are being worked out.
  11. Ismael -- Great job the C7 Z51 looks great!! Congrats on the completion. Al
  12. Well maybe Tamiya or Fujimia will do a version of the C7. Their product marketing strategy seems to be a little different than Revell; they seem to have a more detailed , higher priced kit, but seem to keep pace with the real introductions of the Ferrari, Porsch, McClaren. It seems like a need in the market is being overlooked, just my $.02 Al
  13. Custom decals

    I have ordered custom decals from Speedway decals -- Thomas does excellent work. I provided him with the pictures of the decal I needed and he'll create the custom art work and then print the decals. Hope this helps, Al
  14. Does anyone have any idea why none of the major model kit co.'s have produced a kit of the new (now 4 yr's old ), Corvette Z06 or the newer Grand Sport. And just announced is the 2019 ZR1. This is an iconic sports car, Revell has done the racing version(C7R) of the car, and they have done many versions of the new Camero. If it is a licensing issue, looks like Revell got around that on the 'base' C7 by taking laser measurements of an actual car. I thought there would be demand for such a kit -- appreciate any thoughts on this, thx Al
  15. Hello after the hurricane!

    Great to here that you and your family are safe -- I was thinking about you when this tragedy happened. Stay safe my friend , our prayers are with you, Al