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  1. I've worked with him and he is very reputable. I would or hesitate to do business with him. Al
  2. AJM

    Corvette C7

    The Arctic white C7 looks great. Nice job!
  3. Love the gold finish and the wheels are killer! Great job.
  4. Ismael -- Great start on this! I'll b following -- I had the same idea, and purchased the white friction model as well, I'm planing on doing the 2013 car with 60th anniversary livery, from Pattos Place. Also will use the C7R kit for mirrors, wings etc. best of luck! Al
  5. Very creative, integrating the 1/24 kit with the 1/25! Will b following, keep up the great work.
  6. AJM

    Fujimi 911 GT3R

    Great build , luv the paint finish and color. The gold wheel inserts compliment the paint well!
  7. Looks great, will be watching. I like the '68 BM , side pipes do it!
  8. AJM

    '79 Corvette L-82

    Jordan -- I have that kit in my stash as well, let me know what you think of it. It looks like a really detailed kit, Thx, Al
  9. Ismael -- what a great job ! Every time I see one of ur builds it inspires me more -- luv ur Vette's!
  10. AJM

    '79 Corvette L-82

    Sorry for the 'cockpit' issues on the text in the above image of the engine bay, which I was finally able to get to load. As you can see the dual snorkel air cleaner was built to replicated the 1:1 . Also, added some engine wiring, brake lines etc. Too bad this engine in the real car was so 'smogged -up', the 5.7L engine was only putting out 225 h.p. --but the car sure looked nice! Noe the windshield wipers with 'Anco' blades(red ends). Thx again for all the kind words and for looking, Al
  11. AJM

    '79 Corvette L-82

    Since this was done over 30 yrs ago, I'm not completely sure, but I think it was either Folquil Aluminum or Model Master Aluminum, airbrushed directly over the chrome plated wheels -- then semi-gloss black and enamels were used to detail the cross flags.
  12. AJM

    '79 Corvette L-82

    Yes, the photos are taken with my iPhone, but I tried both ways, landscape and portrait with no success.😟
  13. AJM

    '79 Corvette L-82

    Thank you for all the kind words; for some reason I'm not able to post some of the pics of the engine bay, any suggestions are welcome --I'm using the 'drag files or choose files' from the box, but I get an error message that file upload failed??? Thx again Al
  14. First time posting in this section of the forum, glad to present a model that I built over 30 yrs ago, just getting back into the hobby. This is a 1/8 scale Monogram '78 corvette, that has been modified to the '79 , which was the first Corvette that I had purchased --had for 13 years and then sold it when the kids came along. So this is my remembrance, it sits proudly under a Lucite case in my office. What inspired me, was a kit review in a very early issue(1979) of SA mag. The build took me over three years --way too long, but enjoyed it. Some of the model features are as follows: Exterior paint is Dupont 'Corvette Yellow'(code52), acrylic lacquer applied with a Badger 200 AB, wet sanded, polished and waxed(no clear coat); interior was a tan/beige , w seatbelts added and the side coves modified to accept the seat belts, like the real car, steering wheel was cast from a 1/8 scale Camaro kit, which more realistically replicates the smaller steering wheel on the Vette. The '78 commemorative badges were modified to just 'crossed flags' for '79 , rear window defroster is red pin stripping tape. The 5.7L engine was detailed using the vette shop manual, air cleaner was modified to be a 'dual snorkel', brake lines were added as well, T-Tops were AB silver with a thin coat of gloss black and final coats of Tamiya Smoke, to try and replicate the 'glass' T-tops. I think it came out pretty good, it has the 'look' and 'stance' of the real car -- appreciate any feedback --if I built this now, probably would do some things different, but I guess that is experience. I've added a picture of the real car and then a few of the model, Thx for looking and I enjoy going onto this forum and seeing all the creative model builds , Thx for looking, Al
  15. Ismael -- the Ron Fellows C6R is really taking shape -- looks great, Al
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