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  1. Ken -- Great job, luv the yellow color! The red-line tires really make a contrast!
  2. Jon -- Thx, it took a very long time to build. It's just too bad that none of the kit manufacturers made it easier for us. Really frustrating that we didn't get a C7 GS, Z06 or ZR1. I'm hoping that we get a C8R and mabe be a C8 Z06 !!!
  3. I kit bashed the 1/25 scale 2016 Revell Stingray with the C7.R kit (for the widebody fenders) and bits from the 1/24scale Maisto C7 Z06, used wheels from Plazmos to create a 2019 C7 Grand Sport Heritage.
  4. AJM

    Corvette C7.R

    Great Job! Nice and clean looking build of the C7R!
  5. absolutely agree -- as Len said maybe we get a C8R from Revell or better yet a 1/24 scale from Tamyia, like their McClaren Senna kit! If we got that, with some creativity, one could craft a Z06 C8! Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  6. Here's a couple of pictures of the C7 GS that I built --it was a kitbash of the Revell C7 Stingray, C7R and the grill and other pieces from the the 1/24 Maisto Z06, you can search for the full build detail under '2019 C7 Corvette GS' --its listed under the WIP and the 'Under Glass'
  7. Great job --looks great!
  8. Thx again for all the compliments and comments, it's much appreciated, Al
  9. Finally finished the 60th Anniversary Corvette '427' convertible -- you can follow the detail of the build at the link below to the 'WIP' section. Thx for looking and as always, appreciate all the comments, it was a fun , but long build!
  10. great job --you brought your 1:1 to scale life!!
  11. Mike and Joe , thx for the compliments, learned a lot from everyone here on the forum!
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