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  1. AJM added a post in a topic Corvette C7R (9/15/17 update)   

    Ismael -- thx for the update on the C6. You have inspired me to do a 60th Anniversary convertible as well -- I'm combining the ZR1 kit with the same snap tight convertible kit that you used. I have the convertible boot cut out and am beginning the body work. I plan on cutting out the side coves from a Z06 kit and graft onto the ZR1 body. Keep me updated on your progress w the C6 -- you do some fantastic work. I'm just jumping back into the hobby after about 30 yrs -- really excited to get back into it,
    thx again
  2. AJM added a post in a topic Corvette C7R (9/15/17 update)   

    Ismael -- the C7r is looking good. Appreciate the Aero changes, saw the Vetts run up at Lime Rock this summer. The front spoiler had 'wingletts' on each side of the outboard section. I'm planning a build after I complete the 2013 60th Anniversary convertible I've just started building --- you gave me incentive after seeing your in process build of this.
    Did you ever finish that build  -- it looked great.
  3. AJM added a post in a topic Trimming of tire ID to fit Palmoz wheel   

    Thx for the quick response and advice. After I posted this and thinking about it, I realized that trying to sand it with a dowel may be the best approach.
  4. AJM added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Trimming of tire ID to fit Palmoz wheel
    My first post -- I am starting a new project, building a 2013 60th anniversary Corvette. Just acquired a set of Cup Wheels from Gravity Colors(Palmoz 1/25 wheels) and the directions state to 'trim .5mm' from the ID of the donner kit( Corvette ZR1,Revell). My concern is how to do this in the most effective way, without having a 'jagged' cut line. 
    I'm thinking about using a compass or circle template to measure and draw the .5mm cut line and then use a very sharp xacto blade and try to cut out cleanly. Want to know if you have any advice on the best way to do this.
    appreciate any help,
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  5. AJM added a post in a topic 2013 60th Anniversary Corvette 427 Convertible   

    Ismael -- what a great job you are doing on this. I'm in the planning stages of doing a similar build. I was wondering how you plan to do the badging, especially on the side coves. I've got some hi-res pics of the badges from the 1:1 car, but not sure how to reproduce them. Was thinking about using some Model Car Garage crossed flag scripts and making a small foil mold and then modify to include '60' and then cast with 2 part epoxy.
    was wondering if you had some advice on an easier way,
    Al and look forward to your future posts on the 2013 60th Anniversary !