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  1. Jon -- Thx, it took a very long time to build. It's just too bad that none of the kit manufacturers made it easier for us. Really frustrating that we didn't get a C7 GS, Z06 or ZR1. I'm hoping that we get a C8R and mabe be a C8 Z06 !!!
  2. I kit bashed the 1/25 scale 2016 Revell Stingray with the C7.R kit (for the widebody fenders) and bits from the 1/24scale Maisto C7 Z06, used wheels from Plazmos to create a 2019 C7 Grand Sport Heritage.
  3. AJM

    Corvette C7.R

    Great Job! Nice and clean looking build of the C7R!
  4. absolutely agree -- as Len said maybe we get a C8R from Revell or better yet a 1/24 scale from Tamyia, like their McClaren Senna kit! If we got that, with some creativity, one could craft a Z06 C8! Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  5. Here's a couple of pictures of the C7 GS that I built --it was a kitbash of the Revell C7 Stingray, C7R and the grill and other pieces from the the 1/24 Maisto Z06, you can search for the full build detail under '2019 C7 Corvette GS' --its listed under the WIP and the 'Under Glass'
  6. Great job --looks great!
  7. Thx again for all the compliments and comments, it's much appreciated, Al
  8. Finally finished the 60th Anniversary Corvette '427' convertible -- you can follow the detail of the build at the link below to the 'WIP' section. Thx for looking and as always, appreciate all the comments, it was a fun , but long build!
  9. great job --you brought your 1:1 to scale life!!
  10. Mike and Joe , thx for the compliments, learned a lot from everyone here on the forum!
  11. A couple more views of the almost completed 60th Anniversary Vette -- I think the next post will be 'Under Glass' , we'll see how this all looks with the wheels attached and a good view of the interior! Thx for viewing and all the comments,
  12. I'd use some strip styrene, layer in with some ABS glue, that will 'weld' the plastic stipes together and you can then sand for a perfect fit. Good luck , looks like a great start and love the subject!
  13. View of the inside rear view mirror with decal added to simulate the 'display' that is projected in the mirror; also added 'warning decals' to the sun visors that were cut from the 'snap-tite' convertible kit glass. Also is a pic of the Plamoz PE emblems that i described in the previous post -- a lot of patients in applying the decals!
  14. We was able to make a lot of progress on the Vette -- added the outside and inside rear view mirrors, front windshield, head light and directional lenses covers were added, as well as the excellent Plamoz PE emblems that have the decals applied to them -- this really makes the realism pop!
  15. Anton - -Thx for the correction, yes it is the fuel line --sorry for that, but appreciate the comments.
  16. This is the part of the build that I love, when everything starts to come together -- detail painted the front and rear wheel arch stone guards(a real pain!), the convertible top compartment gasket, windshield 'A' pillar and wipers. Also added the Plamoz photo etch lower front grill and air intake grill; added the front and rear fender air scoops. Finally applied the panel line accents and added the rear taillights --thx for looking!
  17. Thx for the kind comments, just finished up some detail painting on the body -- I'll try to post a couple more pictures over the next couple of days, Thx Al
  18. Thanx for the compliments -- a lot more work to go.
  19. I then applied a light mist coat of thinned AT Clear, to seal in the decals, then applied two more heavy coats of clear and let the body, hood and mirrors outgas for about 7 days. The clear was then 'cut' with 3000, rubbed out with 3M Perfect III compound and followed by Scratch X and polished. Appreciate you looking and any comments, thx
  20. After priming the body, it was AB'd with Automotive Touchup Arctic White, rocker skirts, front splitter and headlight bezels were painted Vallejo Gunmetal -- the paint was thinned 1:1 with Mr. Color leveling thinner. The body was then color sanded starting with 3000 grit and working up to 12000 grit to smooth the paint out. The Plazmos decals were then applied.
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