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  1. Not to geek out on Camaro knowledge but its funny the convertible kit came with the houndstooth as the 1:1 car you could not get houndstooth in a convertible outside of the Pace cars.
  2. Thanks Ricky and Steve. Not much this week with it being so hot out in the garage along with a few other priorities but I did get out this morning and add a few more bars to the cage which is almost finished.. I did break down and pop the cherry on cutting the doors.. Not sure this was the best idea but Ive done it and theres no turning back now..
  3. NIcely done.. Cant wait to see more!!
  4. Not much happened this weekend. I have to say that building this cage is probably the hardest model building I have ever done.. Its definitely not the prettiest but for the first attempt Ill have to accept it. Lastly let me know which stance you guys like the best. Ignore the wheels as they are just place holders. As always comments and suggestions are encouraged. Thanks, Darrell Stance 1 Stance 2 Cage Pics
  5. Without a doubt.. The coolest primered wagon I have seen.. Fantastic job.
  6. Wow.. That is crazy cool.. Wonder how many hours you have in that paint..
  7. Completely bada$$.. Nicely done!
  8. Thanks for the info. I think the tub is slid forward as it fit before and Ill definitely check again. Heres the initial fitting of the cage to the body. Ive already had to shorten the rear bars as they did interfere with the back glass. Thanks!! Darrell
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