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  1. First coat. Testors hot pink over black.
  2. Absolutely stunning. I love your work. Excellent!
  3. Well after 3 years it is finally done. And I am glad with the way it came out. My original plan was to do an all black car but I decided on blue. Shaved door handles and all molds are gone. Only decal is on the air cleaner. The wheels, interior and suspension components are gun metal. I don’t remember what the wheels are other than aoshima and I can’t seem to find them now. They basically had to be cut in half to fit. Suspension is lowered some. Tires are from the revell 1950 Ford F-1 2 in 1 kit.
  4. Yes I believe it was the monogram kit that you are referring to?
  5. While I wait for some bmf for my copo build I pull out the 59 eldorado and put it on the work bench. Nothing special with this one. Basically a box stock build. Wired engine. Hot pink over black which will give it...well let me dig up a picture of a convertible I built a few years ago.
  6. So close to calling this one done. Just need to get some bmf
  7. And interior complete.
  8. Should get the interior mostly completed today.
  9. Nice work. Man I’m tired I thought it was a mustang for half a second.
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