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  1. WOW!!! If I didn't know any better I would say it looks real. Excellent work!
  2. Wow what an outstanding build. Great job!
  3. I meant the one on the end with the white?
  4. Is the green one a pro modeler kit? I have one just like it that needs to be re done. Nice work!!
  5. I was actually looking at this site Saturday. Which is probably what I will go with when the time comes. Thanks everyone.
  6. Anyone know if ppvintagekits is around? I’ve sent them a few emails and no reply. Tried calling and no answer. A couple years ago I had ordered some semi fenders from them and was hoping to order another set. If they are not around anymore is there another site the does semi fenders and parts?
  7. Hello all. Well it has been a long time since I’ve last posted or even built a model. Yesterday I went to the Oregon Society of Scale modelers show in clackamas or at Denny’s. Entered two models. A 58 Edsel and a 54 Hudson Hornet which took 2nd place in factory stock. So that reignited my desire to build again. Here’s a picture of the two I entered in the show. And the project I am starting on.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys!! I will post pictures as it progresses.
  9. Hello everyone. Well this isn't really on the work bench yet as my plans are to enter in the model car show in February. But, I do need some help. This wheel be my first time lowering a model car and I would like to keep the realism of it if possible. The rear end I have figured out. The front suspension is another story. A-arm is mounted to the frame and there isn't a lot of room to hack off the spindle. I was thinking of sawing off the A-arm to bring it up some but there ain't a lot of room to do that. So any suggestions, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  10. Wow the Black one is gorgeous. Can you tell us where you got that picture of the black nova from?
  11. Yeah the backup lights are there. Guess I missed that detail. Will get it fixed up over the weekend. Thanks guys
  12. That is a beautiful wagon. The police license plate doesn't fit in my opinion. What are the colors you used? I love the interior!
  13. Hello everyone. Here is a 1958 Edsel Pacer. This is a box stock build like most of my models. It is painted Testors French Blue and Gloss White. Matching Interior with some bare metal foiling on the door panels. The engine is factory correct Goldenrod yellow 361cu v8. This being an AMT kit it went together rather nicely. Not very many fitment issues. All comments welcome. Enjoy!!
  14. Yes I am working on that right now
  15. Finished 1958 Edsel.

  16. Well its been a little while since I've last posted or even worked on the Edsel. But I am back at it. Got the engine painted Goldenrod yellow. And most of the interior is done. I have a few more parts to paint and let dry then I can start gluing parts together and get this one done.
  17. Ok here is another update. Little bit more bmf on the passenger side. I can't do much more until I get the paint for the engine so I got another build goin usually got two or three goin at a time.
  18. That is very interesting Maindrian Pace. I didn't like the color at first but it grows on ya. Here is an update pic.
  19. Well Steve dared me to be different so here it is. Testors French Blue. I think it will go good with the white.
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