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  1. Slow going but its going. Got the chassis painted and assembled. Here is a mock up. I put the slicks on but these wheels make them bulge out and doesn’t look right. What do you guys think of this?
  2. Nice job. Love the color combo. I just finished up the 67 from mpc. What a headache that was.
  3. Alright so my original plan was to keep this as close to realistic as possible, but with the chassis and wheels I have that is not possible. So I am think of using the chassis from the 66 nova pro street kit as it is tubbed and will give me much more room to work with front and rear.
  4. Your work is ridiculous... in a good way 🤓
  5. Thanks David. I spray testors and HOK. Over the years I’ve noticed that with testors if you sand it down with 3200 it lays very well. I generally don’t use primer but with this one I did as there was some body prep, which also got sanded before spraying the blue.
  6. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve got two builds going and over looked that. I also need to do a little more work on the spark plugs. I have some telephone wire for boots and distributor from Ted’s model. Will get that figured out but the heads need to come off.
  7. Second coat. Maybe one more coat and then clear. Not sure yet. Got a dust speck that needs to be sanded out.
  8. Now that’s what I call a sleeper. Nice job.
  9. Got a little more engine work done before I stuff my face. Happy thanksgiving everyone!!
  10. These are awesome!!
  11. Also like seeing cars from other countries. Pretty neat.
  12. Work on the engine has begun. Got the holes lined up right for the spark plugs.
  13. Testors True Blue pearl over black. Not quite as dark as I was hoping but it will work. Gonnna sand it down a spray another coat or two this weekend.
  14. First coat of blue. I’ve also decided to go with gun metal wheels.
  15. Soooo this one is back on the bench. 3 Years later lol. Over the road truck driver not much time to build models. But I am local now home every night yay!! Got the body sanded down and primed. Should get the first coat of paint on today. My original plan was to do all black. Black bumpers black interior black wheels. But that has changed. I've decided to go with True Blue Pearl, Black Wheels and Black interior with blue accents. As for the bumpers not exactly sure yet. Maybe a matte black or keep them chrome. Going for a smooth clean look. Shaved door handles and emblems are gone.
  16. This is coming along very nice.
  17. I also like the color. Fits the car well. Nice work.
  18. B n L made the naughty list for Christmas. Got a refund today with no explanation. Didn’t even ask for a refund. Oh well. VCG here I come.
  19. Yeah I found that one after posting but it says out of stock. I will attempt a stretch as it doesn't sound all that difficult. Thanks everyone.
  20. Well good thing I’m not in a rush to get this project done.
  21. Well still no update on shipping. I emailed again yesterday. Almost a month since my order.
  22. Anyone know where I can find a stretched frame?
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