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  1. The Lawman

    Grew up in Detroit close to the dealership listed on the car. Saw that car quite a few times there along with some of the Drag Seminars put on by the Direct Connection group of Chrysler.
  2. 2004 Daytona 500 winner

    If they did that today NASCAR would give them an L1 penalty for damage to the sport of stock car racing!
  3. Sad day for NASCAR fans

  4. https://www.motor1.com/news/303072/mercedes-actros-scale-model-debut/
  5. Battery Location on 70's Nascar

    During the 1960's the battery had to be in the engine compartment. Starting in the 1970's you could put the battery in the trunk if you wanted. In 1995 NASCAR officially rules that the battery has to be mounted behind the driver in the wheel well compartment. https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/photos/typical-location-for-battery-installation-on-a-nextel-nascar-cup-race/328015/
  6. Barris '70 Impala custom

    Beautiful...................now if you could add some woodgrain to it.
  7. Photo Help

    I have and use Chrome and have no problem downloading pictures to this site or any other site..................don't know what to tell you.
  8. Darrell Waltrip combo build

    This guy has a very large store and goes around buying out peoples collections of die cast cars, planes, military stuff , model kits..............then he sells it for really good prices. For example he will sell die cast NASCAR models for $10 - 20 each and when these were new they were $60 to 75 each..........and a lot of these are the super stars of the sport.
  9. Darrell Waltrip combo build

    It was only $22.............
  10. Darrell Waltrip combo build

    Picked this up at the hobby shop today for my next builds.................great paint schemes from back in the day. Decal sheets were stuck together so I will have to chase down new decals otherwise all the parts and pieces look in good shape and everything is there.
  11. My 2nd car build in the last month

    After being out of the hobby for over 30 years I got back in a couple of months ago. First build was Kevin Harvick Freaky Fast Ford and now my second build is the Ford of Danica Patrick..............both Revell. What a difference 30 years makes in the quality of the kit. These 2 Revell kits were awesome as far as fit and finish. The decals are great and using Tamiya Mark Fit makes a tremendous difference in the look of the decals. Danica's car was supposed to be 2 tone color but I am not quite ready to try masking etc. Hope the car looks decent to you guys. I am 74 years old and dealing with fat fingers if you know what I mean.
  12. Even though I am a MOPAR fan I always loved the look of the GM aero coupes.
  13. Sterling Marlin - Coors / Coors Light

    Going through some of my old NASCAR trading card albums and came across these 2...................the one on the left is 1998 and the one on the right is 1999. Thought you might like seeing them.
  14. Three old Texaco stations + a little surprise

    Here are a couple more from "The Old Motor" website...........