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  1. I was going through my "Motorsports-Model Cards Catalog" when I saw your post so I checked to see if the Neil Bonnet Pontiac was in there. Here is the info for your car. Hope you can use this info.
  2. I am old enough to remember when tubeless tires came out and after sitting overnight the tires would have a flat spot on them and it would take driving a few miles before it went away.
  3. This car raced at Riverside and Ontario in 1978. Then ran Riverside in 1979. He ran the #5 Chevy with the same sponsor a couple of years earlier.
  4. See the difference in rear lights between the Impala and the wagon.
  5. The wagon had 2 tailights per side and the Impala 3 per side.
  6. Mike's Decals January 1 at 8:29 AM · Happy New Year! I hope 2020 is wonderful and safe for everyone and also I hope it's a great modeling year for all builders! It's time for our big announcement. Mike's Decals in conjunction with Salvino's Models have joined forces for the initial release of the Grand Prix 2+2 kit. This kit was on the back burner for quite a while, simply because of the high cost of making the molds for the parts needed for the 2+2 and the fact that Rick would probably only be able to get licensing for maybe 2 drivers. So the investment of the tooling vs the return of only 2 releases made for only a small gain and a long period of time to recoup the financing. We really didn't want to wait another year for the 2+2 so I made a deal with Rick to have an exclusive kit run for us and I bought and paid for the entire run up front. This gave Rick the capital needed to get the new molds created and have this kit come to light sooner rather than later. The molds are finished and we have the first samples in hand. As soon as the tooling is sent to the injection company, production will begin. Our target date is the first week of March, but we won't know for sure when they will be ready until the tooling is actually at the injection company. This kit will retain the legendary "Monogram" style chassis, but will have an all new body, new glass (including a back window that fits perfectly) and front air dam options for 1986 or 1987. Also, the release will have the chrome tree run without the chrome plating. That's right, no having to strip chrome. There's no chrome on this body anyway, so why have all kinds of things in chrome that weren't actually chrome on the real cars. This exclusive kit for Mike's will be a classic "generic" much like what Model Empire and GMP did many years back. This is going to be a short run of 2500 pcs and once these are gone, there will be no reshot in this configuration. Salvino's will be releasing this kit at a later date, but the Generic Mike's version is once and done. But wait, that's not all !!! Along with the release of the kit, Powerslide is printing seven brand new 2+2 decals to go along with the four 2+2 decals that are already in stock for a total of 11 decals, and four of these decals will be multi version cars so there's going to be 15 total different cars that you can build once everything is here and on site. Wait, there's one more thing!! The Powerslide decals will be available to purchase with the kits as a package at a discounted price. And when combining the decals with kits, the kits will have a designation on the box as to what decals are inside so there will be numerous box label variations. I want to thank everyone for their support and purchases on my site. Without all your business, the funds for projects like this would not exist. Please visit the Coming Soon page of my site for all the decal previews and also all the Up to the Minute news on this project.
  7. He ran 2 races in 1976. Ran the #73 Chevy sponsored by Coca Cola at Daytona. He ran the #9 Ford at Michigan sponsored by Coca Cola.
  8. In Petty"s book "Richard Petty: The Cars of the King" it says it was a Dodge T-1000.
  9. I have this 1/64 scale hauler die cast. Maybe you could scan the pictures and make decals?
  10. Welcome to our world. By the way my son travels to Göteborg, Sweden from the United States 3 or 4 times a year for business for a company called Zenuity. He loves the area and the people.
  11. I was in Vietnam in 1967 as part of the 70th Combat Engineer Battalion and our mascot was the Kodiak Bear. Go figure!!!!!!
  12. https://www.pinterest.com/tnj1956/classic-model-car-kits-from-the-1960s/ If they ask you to sign up just click on the large X in the corner to see everything.
  13. Ramchargers High and Mighty Plymouth.......
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