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  1. Had a new 1974 Dodge Dart Sport in that color with Beige interior.
  2. I grew up in Detroit from the 1940's to 1960's. I lived 3 blocks from Lynch Road Assembly (Plymouth plant), about a 1/2 mile from Dodge Main in Hamtramck and about 4 blocks from the Packard PLant. It was an everyday event to see car haulers going up and down the local streets. Around 1957 when I turned 13 me and my friends would ride our bikes down to the loading docks and watch all the cars being loaded on the car haulers and the trains for shipment. We would pick out our favorite cars which we would buy if we were old enough and just have a great time. It was really cool to see the new cars before they hit the showrooms. Most of my neighbors worked at one of these plants and the streets were filled with Mopars. I eventually ended up working at the Chrysler Tech Centers in Highland Park and Auburn Hills Michigan for 42 years in the Motorsports department. Awesome times in the auto industry.
  3. It is a "stock" car...........you have to have A/C😀
  4. This Dodge was originally a Petty Superbird.................converted to a Dodge...............and then restored back to a Petty Superbird.
  5. A lot has changed in the last 10 years. Nowadays you get kits from an actual hobby shop or a place like Ollies or Hobby Lobby or the internet. I remember when a lot of the big retailers like Walmart and Target and Meijer's and Kmarts had big model kit sections in their stores with paint and glue etc. Those days are long gone. I live in a suburb of Detroit and there is one super hobby shop on my side of town called Great Lakes Hobby and he carries every kind of hobby imaginable. I remember growing up as a kid in Detroit in the 1950's and early 60's we had a hobby shop called Lawrence's and AMT kits went for a whole dollar. But as we all know nothing stays the same.
  6. This was on the Hemmings site today!!!!!!!!!
  7. Here is a picture of the Chrysler Race Engine Group taken in 1978. There were 2 dyno operators, 4 engineers and 3 engine builders. I am sitting on the bench second from the right. We did all Race engine development, Hemi and non-hemi, for NASCAR and NHRA drag racing. Also, couple pictures of me running one of the Race dynos doing Pro Stock engine development for Bob Glidden when he ran a Plymouth Arrow. The engine is a 288" destroked 340" engine which we ran to 10,000 RPM doing testing. The last picture in color was the Race Engine Group in 2001 when we got back into NASCAR racing. I am on the far left.
  8. Got the 80 Petty Monte Carlo kit today. On the instruction sheet it doesn't give you instructions on what color to paint the parts. Is my kit missing some info??????????
  9. Silver wheels are the way to go...........can't stand the black wheels that are out there today.
  10. My wife's uncle was hit by the same teenage girl twice in one year. Both times he is sitting at a light and she runs into him while texting and chatting with her girlfriend. What are the odds of that????????? PS: I see you are in St Louis...............spent 2 months at beautiful Ft Leonard Wood outside of Rolla back in 1966 right before I went to Vietnam. Haven't been back since.😁
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