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  1. Hi, my name is Jacqueline Cheyenne Whitecloud. I live in Modesto, CA at present. I'm a California Native and, with the exceptions of Reno and Las Vegas, I've never left the state. I grew up in a "car" family. My father was a certified car nut and my mom was also very into the culture. My father always wanted a son to share his hobbies with but there was just my older sister and myself. I took an interest in his hobby of building model cars when I was about 7 yrs old. My father was always encouraging me to keep at it as, appearently, I had a talent even then. I won my first local contest at 11 with a custom 68 Falcon. That same Falcon won another first place at another local contest. While I enjoyed the wins, I was never really the "trophy hound" sort. I just enjoyed making three dimensional creations from boxes of plastic parts. I've never strayed from the hobby, even during the dismal 70's and 80's. At it's peak, my collection had some 1300 built models and the Goddesses only know how many unbuilts. I also had a promo collection that reached over 800 at it's peak. My major interest was Mustangs, anything Mustang. I had a collection that had over 1000 pieces and covered everything from "N" scale to full size. If it was a scale Mustang from 1964.5 to 1973, I had it. While I'm not employed at the moment, due to a permanent disability, I was a cop for a few years and then went to work in a "safe" job at Hertz Rental at San Jose Airport. In the seven years I was at Hertz, I went from lowly lot person to Station Manager. I left that job shortly after my mother passed away. My father passed away in 1984, my mom in 91. Those were my only two careers, other than seller on eBay. Women don't like discussing age but I will say that I grew up in the "Leave It To Beaver" generation. You know, back when society was a lot less dangerous than it is now. My partner and I just celebrated 29 years of commitment in August. Yeah, I'm the "L" word I still build occasionally, with my latest collection being 1/25 scale Hot Wheels. I now have the Sweet 16 duplicated in plastic with the exception of the Ford J Car. I also collect the F&F Post Cereal cars, specifically the 57 Fords, and the JVZ 69 Mercuries. I'm also collecting the Sabra/Gamda Koor/Cragstan 1/43 diecast cars made in Isreal in the 60's and, just in the last year or so, started collecting the AMT 1/43 scale kits that were originally from the 60's, with some just recently being issued again. I have the complete series of the first six customs from 1967 and quite a few of the stock kits made from 1968 on. I'm working on colour variations now. That's me in a nut shell (accent on "nut"...LOL) *Jackie Cheyenne*
  2. Here are my two latest Hot Wheels in 1/25 scale. First is the Custom AMX, done in "Spectraflame" Blue. This was a builtup I picked up off the 'Bay. Next is the GMC Motor Home. I NEVER thought I'd fill this hole but I got lucky and came up with a used but salvageable Hess promo. I decided to do the rarer green enamel version as opposed to the orange. The green version substituted black for the blue on the orange. While the stripes are Pactra vinyl tape, the "sun" was cut from white decal sheet that was painted yellow and the "Palm Beach" and palm tree were hand painted. It looks like the next one in this series will be the Monza 2+2, one of the last of the Redlines. I just got one off the 'Bay yesterday. I'll most likely do it in the rare lime green enamel. I also took new photos of all that I've done so far. They're the latest additions to my Fotki folder. Click here! *Jackie Cheyenne*
  3. Actually, I'd originally planned to do two more versions of the 68 Merc. McGarrett's four door was to be my second with a Monterey Sportsroof the third. In my re-engineering this "kit", I'd made it so the interior side panels would be separate, allowing for the four door and 2dr hardtop version to be an easy fit. I've made it so the AMT 66 Galaxie would be the donor kit for chassis, engine, windshield and wheel backs/tires. Everything else would be cast in resin. I'm going to stick to that original plan, modifying the convertible body into the 4dr and Monterey variants. Now that R&R has a 67 Galaxie wagon kit, I might even consider using that roof to make a Colony Park wagon. At least the thought had crossed my mind As for the Marauder, the AMT 69 Galaxie would donate the chassis, engine, etc. Like I said, the only real stumbling block there is the emblems. Pretty much everything else is handled, except for some fine tuning on the upholstery. Oh yeah, the convert is planned to have both a boot cover and up-top. I'll be including a 66 Galaxie up-top with the master when it's ready to get cast. *Jackie Cheyenne*
  4. The 69 Marauder X-100 that I started work on (what seems like) years ago is still a go. It's just in limbo at the moment. I had a person willing to do the photoetched emblems for the master but that deal never produced. The emblems are my biggest block right now. If anyone can help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it. The 68 Park Lane convertible is also still in the works, needing the emblems as well. I still have quite a bit of grinding to do on the body. TKM must get their resin cheap as they use a ton of it. I've taken at least 1/8" off the entire inside of the body and it's still too thick for my liking. But both are still in the works. Just thought I'd let y'all know. Jackie Cheyenne
  5. Hi Gregg, The painting is one done by Miaja, my favourite artist. I'm part American Indian (Shawnee Tribe) and the eagle is my spirit guide so it seemed appropriate. In fact, I also used the Miaja art as murals on my GMC RTS II motorhome model. I'll post pix later. The kitten is also somewhat symbolic to me. It basically means (to me anyway) that something as cute, cuddly and innocent as a kitten can also be lethal...LOL!
  6. Looks like I finally found the right spot. Many here know me already but, for those that don't, my Name is Jackie and I've been building model cars for longer than any woman wants to admit to being alive....lol! I prefer showroom stock although I have been known to build a mild custom or two. If I had to say, my biggest achievement was scratch building a GMC RTS II transit bus that I made into a motor home conversion. Otherwise, I'm known for my vinyl tops and baseline conversions. You know, Trans Am to Esprit, Galaxie to Custom 500, GTX to Satellite, etc. I'm also known for my 1/25 scale Hot Wheels collection, which now numbers thirty-two with more always on the way. The two current projects are the Custom AMX and the GMC Motorhome. I have all but one of the original Sweet 16 Hot Wheels done in 1/25 scale and all of the Spoilers. The one original I'm missing is the Ford J car. I'm always willing to share my tricks, give advise or, if I have the parts, share them as well.
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