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  1. '55 Chevy bel air window glass

    Redoing an older kit I did when I was young, anyways some glass pieces broke or too cloudy from too much glue etc. Also need a driver side taillight
  2. I have the clear parts you need . Aoshima Mazda RX-7 FD3S Bomex. All you need is window glass? Lmk if anything else. Not gonna build it as it was given to me minus the front and rear bumpers
  3. 14 Builds for 2016

    i really like these wheels, I have two sets and I like the way they look on your build.
  4. 14 Builds for 2016

    All of them are awesome builds, love the diversity of styles and colors. On the '68 Dart , are those wheels from Aoshima?
  5. Tamiya PIAA Accord JGTC

    Built this a few years ago, forgot to put rear wheels back on
  6. Tamiya Bosch Alfa Romero 155 V6

    Built box stock except for body color. Used testors graphite metallic enamel instead of white.
  7. Aoshima Toyota Chaser Blitz

    Completed this one a month ago, and nervous about posting anything up as I build for myself and rarely show anyone what I build. Painted using tamiya ts-39 mica red and added a set of 19" SSR CV01 wheels fromAoshima as well. Accessories added were a set of photo etch pedals and Sparco steering wheel and exhaust from a Fujimi upgrade set . I like this body style, and equipped with a 1jz turbo I6 adds to the appeal
  8. Anybody else going to this show? Its in my hometown ,so I will be there.
  9. Okay, I was working on this Toyota truck kit from aoshima awhile back, and stopped because Of the phantom grille it came with. I don't like it and thought it would come with a stock grille included Like many aoshima and fujimi kits have, but it didn't and so I attempted to add some headlights from a donor kit and I don't like those headlights and I don't have anything else that would go with that shape of the grille. What would you guys do to fix this grille, one thing I thought about was casting a resin mold of another Toyota grille but I'm not sure if the chrome would get damaged doing so.
  10. OK, thanks for the replies, I am gonna skip the clear, since I got the paint polished, and shiny and didn't want to mess that up. One more question, I did a few racecars that I also painted in testors enamel, didn't buff and polish paint, as it came it pretty good with no orange peel and or runs etc. Plus they are heavily decaled. Would a flat clear coat or semi flat be advised for these type of builds ( tamiya Aston martin DTM, Toyota supra jtcc, piaa Honda accord jtcc etc.)
  11. I've got some models that are almost done and was wondering on whether to clear coat them. I clear coat the models that I spray paint or airbrush using tamiya paints , but haven't done any on enamel paint jobs that I've done. I have painted them using testors enamels and polished the paint and happy with the results, but wondering if I need to clear since I have decals on the bodies. Would i be okay if I just left them be without clear or what do you guys think?
  12. Hello

    Thanks for the welcome to this forum, I have a lot to learn still and I look forward in showing what I have got done so far . Modelbuilder Mark- no, I don't work for Toyota anymore. I worked in parts dept. and got restless just being in one place for 8+ hours daily, so I jumped trades and now work as a beverage equipment technician. I enjoy working with my hands repairing, installing and maintenance rather than selling parts . plus the internet has put a big dent in that industry where you are able to get same factory parts for so much cheaper price than a dealership
  13. Hello

    Hi everyone, I have enjoyed this hobby for a long time now, I got introduced intoScale modeling when I was about 12 yrs old by an older cousin of mine.He was a great guy and saw him as a mentor and a great friend. I had purchased about 30 different Model cars mostly being Toyota, when I worked for a dealership back in 2003-2008 and never Did anything with until when my cousin unexpectedly died from a heart attack in 2008 so I started to build them kind of as a tribute. Anyways , I have started on mostly all my kits , starting and stopping throughout the years . I bought mostly everything I needed to complete them like wheel sets, paints airbrushing, etc. I have used the skills my cousin taught me and they are valuable to me ,but I have needed to look online for tips that I have been having trouble with, and that's why I am here, thanks