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  1. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic Remove dried glue from clear plastic   

    Try sanding the damage out with 600 wet then go to 800 wet and clear coat it.No more damage and a nice new looking glass!
  2. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic ugly dodge fury   

    The more I look ,The more I like it. Very outside of the box thinking there. Kudos to you sir! Ill be watching!
  3. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic 1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442------update 12/19/11   

    Now thats good to know! I like the Nyquist House brand myself for the same reasons but havent tried the pro-weld on it-YET! Thanks for the info Bill, LOVE your builds!
  4. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic '66 Fairlane   

    Man! This is my kinda thing!!! LOVE FAIRLANES!!!!! keep it up! looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!
  5. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic 1972 Pontiac GTO to LeMans conversion?   

    Try a 70-71 Firbird grill surround and a 70 GTO header panel,that will get you close
  6. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic 1966 Fairlane   

    The armrest bases are chrome too! Front and rear. Also,the windshield pillars are all chrome (the A posts) I see a lot of guys mess up on these but 66-71s are like this(see the pic of my old Ranchero)

  7. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic 61 Ford Ranchero pickup (Update 8-07-11)   

    is that a slant six? Now that is different! Cool project!
  8. fairlaneranch added a topic in General   

    glue question
    I picked up a tube of Ambroid glue. I remember reading about it in my old (think 60s70s) model magazines.Well hears my question,the label says "the original liquid cement, flexible,transparent,waterproof,impermeable. Did I get the right stuff? Is it styrene glue? Its in an orange/white tube.I just want to be sure before I did something stupid. Thanks! Oh and is it better than Testors tube glue?
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  9. fairlaneranch added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Any clubs in the DelMarVa/Eastern Shore area? Maybe start one?
    Just want to see if anyone around my are has a club or want to get one going?
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  10. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic Challenger T/A & Corvette '67   

    Sand the glass with 800 to 1000 grit and clear it,good as new!!!!
  11. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic Using Pledge Floor Care Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine   

    Wetsand out the scratches with 800 then 1000-1200 grit.Clean the glass and shoot with clear.works for me!
  12. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic What's Your Favorite Model In Your Collection??   

    this one is mine and I really need to take better pictures! I called it the "Congaliner" and built it while recovering from surgery
  13. fairlaneranch added a post in a topic 02-05 Dodge Ram 1500?   

    I got the 1/24 diecast and will work with it but want a plastic version,Im a bit of a plastic bigot
  14. fairlaneranch added a topic in Truck Aftermarket / Resin   

    02-05 Dodge Ram 1500?
    Does anyone make one? I want to make a replica of my baby , Thanks
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