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  1. Try sanding the damage out with 600 wet then go to 800 wet and clear coat it.No more damage and a nice new looking glass!
  2. The more I look ,The more I like it. Very outside of the box thinking there. Kudos to you sir! Ill be watching!
  3. Now thats good to know! I like the Nyquist House brand myself for the same reasons but havent tried the pro-weld on it-YET! Thanks for the info Bill, LOVE your builds!
  4. Man! This is my kinda thing!!! LOVE FAIRLANES!!!!! keep it up! looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!
  5. Try a 70-71 Firbird grill surround and a 70 GTO header panel,that will get you close
  6. The armrest bases are chrome too! Front and rear. Also,the windshield pillars are all chrome (the A posts) I see a lot of guys mess up on these but 66-71s are like this(see the pic of my old Ranchero)
  7. is that a slant six? Now that is different! Cool project!
  8. I picked up a tube of Ambroid glue. I remember reading about it in my old (think 60s70s) model magazines.Well hears my question,the label says "the original liquid cement, flexible,transparent,waterproof,impermeable. Did I get the right stuff? Is it styrene glue? Its in an orange/white tube.I just want to be sure before I did something stupid. Thanks! Oh and is it better than Testors tube glue?
  9. Too many Tough Guys,not enuff time!

  10. Just want to see if anyone around my are has a club or want to get one going?
  11. Sand the glass with 800 to 1000 grit and clear it,good as new!!!!
  12. Wetsand out the scratches with 800 then 1000-1200 grit.Clean the glass and shoot with clear.works for me!
  13. this one is mine and I really need to take better pictures! I called it the "Congaliner" and built it while recovering from surgery
  14. I got the 1/24 diecast and will work with it but want a plastic version,Im a bit of a plastic bigot
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