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  1. Nice build if also been to romo ever since the first one never missed it such a great event. And to be driving a old car on the beach the days before the event still gives me goosebumps. Such a unreal feeling to been driving 1 km on the beach till you are finally at the water its just so great.
  2. Seems familiar ? Good work keep up the progress. Hope to finish mine one day.
  3. Just to for reference this is how the pick up looked like before the hackin
  4. This are some of my projects that have been sittin a long time. First one is the amt 53 ford pick up I chopped and sectionend it and gave it a kustom front and rear end. Second one is the monogram 40 ford i chopped it and gave it a 46 chevy grille The last one is a amt 53 chevy convertible it chopped it as wel and gave it a carson style top. Kind regards from holland. ( note the are moked up with out gleu. And i saw the order of the pics got messed up but most of you wil know what they are)
  5. My dad owned 1/1 of those his car was white with red interior and rare bucket seats
  6. would look great sitting next to my number 44.
  7. my dad used to own this 57 Desoto Firesweep. I've always loved the car and was really sad when he sold it.
  8. Hi I'm Nick Hoek a.k.a Beatnick. My brother and I did a little contest. Just for fun we build the 29 ford from revell. Mine is a 40's styled salt lake racer. My brother built a early 50's style car that had a little update in the mid 50's. Who do you think have won?
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