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  1. Thanks guys. Will just try it the old way.
  2. Hi Guys. I have a question that I hope someone can help with. I have just started the Fireball Roberts 57 Ford. I am totally confused about the decals. It says on the instructions not to immerse in water and to cut out and use white glue. ??????. I maybe ready this wrong but they would be way too thick. you you have to immerse to remove them from the backing and then attach with white glue. They look like normal decals to me. Would hate to ruin them. Don
  3. Thanks guys for the welcome. I paid a visit to the hobby shop to get some more paint a few weeks back and showed him some photo's and he said I should have started back with something easier. I am inclined to agree. I did think about having an underwater diorama and throwing it in the pool on more than one occasion, correction that was the only time, the other choice was jumping on it. I am getting to the final stages of Tim Flocks Chrysler and have been really enjoying that build. I will load some photo's soon.
  4. Hi all. Here are some photo's of my first attempt at starting to build again. I have had a lot of trouble with this kit, mainly build quality, sink marks etc. The detail is great, albeit at a cost. I have not quite finished and have just sprayed a second shell as was not happy with the first one. I did build a coupe version of this about 20 years ago. I hope I at least finish this one. As I needed a break from this I have also started a Tim Flock Chrysler. Will also post photo's of that. Would love some feedback. Enjoy
  5. Hi all . My name is Don, aka carman007. I have just returned to model building after a 20 year break. I have a partner that is in to Lego in a big way so it is easier for me to now do my thing as well. I will be posting some pics along the way. I made the mistake starting off building a Fujimi Daytona kit, only because I built it 20 years ago, and now I remember why I never finished it then. Please say hi and would love some comments on my photo's, good or bad.
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